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    After playing my mage for years on EQ and EQ2, I decided it would be fun to write a Conjuror Guide specifically for EQ2. Comments are turned on, so feel free to provide any feedback in the document itself or here on the forums. I'm posting the into here, but the rest is at the Google Doc below.

    Conjuror Guide
    By Mazser Lafinet, Antonia Bayle
    Updated 5 Sept. 2021

    New players have a lot of questions when they first start playing EQ2, and it’s not always easy to find out what spells and abilities do until you level up a character for yourself and learn through trial and error. What I present here are my thoughts and opinions on the best and the worst of the conjuror class. Other conjurors may disagree, and that’s fine. We’re ultimately all here to have fun, and everyone has a different play style.

    Take the below as one mage’s opinions about the good, the bad, and the ugly state of the magician in EQ2 as we approach the end of the Reign of Shadows expansion. This isn’t meant to be a peer-reviewed thesis, but I’m happy to make changes when I see errors and add great advice when others provide it.

    Here’s to hoping that the next expansion, and its level cap increase, will bring even more options to us!


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    Great guide Mazser. Made me start myself a conjy! Thanks for all the effort

    After giving it another look the one thing I would ask is maybe an example of how you have your UI set up. I did a coercer guide a lifetime ago and that was asked quite a bit. Gives folks an idea of how a vet player sets it up
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    Thank you, Mazser! Will be revisiting my Vah Shir Conjuror's AAs based upon your most excellent guide!
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  4. docdante Member

    Great ty - „forgot“ to play my tourist conj for nearly 1 year…this motivates me to make him vetrovia rdy.
    I know some people dont wanna talk about casting rotations in public but this would also be very interesting…
    precast, petbuff pet , heavy dps , swarm pets….
    Maybe some toons want to share their experiences…tried several rotations, none really showed dps as seen from other conjs in Act…
    But my conj is a tourist and misses a lot of musthaves…
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    This is gold, thanks so much. Over the years I've come back to EQ2 so many times. I got to the early 90's and start to feel overwhelmed with all the aa choices and skills we have that I get a little discouraged and lost. Then shortly after I stop playing a given class, or stop playing all together.
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  6. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    The problem is, your cast order can change depending on [1] the quality of the spell (Apprentice, Journeyman, Adept, Expert, etc.), [2] your personal stats (Resolve, Potency, Crit Bonus, Ability Doublecast, etc.), [3] the number of mobs in the encounter (damage from green and blue spells is greater vs. a group).

    A while back, someone put together a sorceror cast order calculation Excel worksheet. This works Just Fine for a conjuror, you just replace the spells with conjy spells. To fill in the values, you get all geared up and buffed up, and then open each spell from your Knowledge Book (Ascensions, too!) and transcribe the values from there. Some things, like pet damage, you will have to get experimentally using a guild hall training dummy and Advanced Combat Tracker. Once everything is in, sort in order of decreasing efficiency (big numbers on top).

    Once you have the efficiency order of your spells, this becomes a guide for developing a cast order. Where buffs, debuffs, etc. fit in the cast order will be something you have to figure based on your experience with the class. I have all my damage spells in order of efficiency, then my swarm pets grouped, and spells to do with the pet grouped.
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