EQ or EQ2?

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  1. Braxxton Member


    So, I am unsure what to play... either EQ or EQ2... does anyone have any suggestions, and why??

  2. Lucus Well-Known Member

    why not both? you can get an all access pass $17.99. if you have enough download quota download one try it if you like it keep playing if you dont try the other one.
  3. Hachi Member

    You can play both for free to get a feel for them, then continue or not as your preference dictates.
  4. Braxxton Member

    I have all access... wasn't sure if I should stick with one or another. I'll try both...

  5. jblackfox Member

    With all the above said
  6. jblackfox Member

    With all the above said, the games are quite different, at least in my view. EQ is much more group intensive and EQ2 is much easier for soloing. That means the play differs significantly so you would probably be drawn to one or the other based on your own play style.