EQ Next - What I DON'T Want to See

Discussion in 'Expansions and Adventure Packs' started by ARCHIVED-Neiloch, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    Vexus@Nagafen wrote:
    They did that in EQ1. you had a bunch of spells, but only so many 'slots' to put spells in. and people complained about it. actually in fact I think the PvPers complained the most about it, because basically there was no way to 'switch' spells out on the fly. so while you might be say, great at facing tanks....you'd get your rear handed to you by virtually any other archtype.
    so in EQ2, they said here are all your spells, make as many hotbars as you like. load all your spells up and go to town. if you only want to put 12-18 spells up, your free to do that. what I don't want is to ONLY have 12-18 spells. I want situational spells, I want death prevents/death saves/emergency abilities.
    I think the best compromise woudl be the BL stance setup.
    give everyone 3 stances like monks. Defense/Offense/Balanced. setup your hotbars for each stance as you want. and then have it autoswitch the spells as you switch stances.
    but if I had to choose the EQ1 method or the EQ2 method for spells/hotbars...I'd still choose EQ2, hands down.
  2. ARCHIVED-Dreamclouds Guest

    I think that the new game will be so different from eq2 that none of these things will be relevant! I am hoping its going to be a whole new ball game....
    Why repeat eq2 when you can make a whole new world?
  3. ARCHIVED-Kasar Guest

    The thread seems to indicate that people want to manually face the target and have a "hit" button that has to be pressed for every swing, since too many buttons is a problem.
    True, the individual attacks aren't as meaningful as they were pre-LU13, when most had some sort of benefit/encumberance on them. They stripped the effects and made them plain attacks, so they're really just different timers, but I know all these WoW refugees like GCD timers that would make them meaningless.
    You know you can use the keyboard to access four bars with only one taking up screen space using shift, alt, ctrl and the numbers...
  4. ARCHIVED-salty21db Guest

    Kasar wrote:
    I believe MMO's should be going the route of Tera type combat.
    FPS + MMO = Just wonderful.
    Interactive combat that isn't just a "whackamole" style play.
  5. ARCHIVED-salty21db Guest

    Thoreandan@Everfrost wrote:
    Good joke except the fact that Everquest 1 had minimal quests lol.
    That and i'ts a name...
  6. ARCHIVED-Veltherel Guest

    salty21db wrote:
    Umm, no, actually Everquest had a lot of quests, that is why it was called "Everquest". The problem was that most players were so dumb and so lacking in any sense of what a CRPG is about that they never talked to NPCs, so they never got any quests, so they ground instead, so EQ got a name for being grindy.
    And this, children, is why NPCs in MMOs nowadays all have floaty "I'm A Quest Dispenser" icons above their heads.
    Oh, and if anybody wants to be made a little bit sad, here's what the original idea of Everquest was, waaaay back in the day.
  7. ARCHIVED-Caernarvon Guest

    1. Repetitive Faction grinding on alt characters.
    I'm growing tired of continually having to tread the same footsteps over and over in EQ2 on multiple toons to gain faction. It's such an unnecessary time sink which could be much better spent having fun.

    I appreciate there's always going to be a certain level of grinding / repetitive tasks in any MMO and accept that nobody should ride for free.

    However, I would suggest that if you have already acquired maximum faction on one character (in a manner that requires completing daily repeatables quests) then your alt characters should not have to tread those same footsteps when it comes to acquiring that same faction. Instead, make a purchaseable token available to them after the main character has acquired their faction, much in the same way some DoV factions work, or have them just complete one separate single quest which becomes available to them after another character on your account has acquired the appropriate faction.

    2. Endless Daily Quests
    Personally, I'm also tired of endless daily quests in MMO's in general, including EQ2, though there are much bigger offenders out there. Sometimes logging into a game can feel like such a chore because of these.

    One example are the current tradeskill researchers and their daily quests. Granted, they're not compulsory to obtain or to partake in, but I figure many people, myself included, are spending maybe an hour or so a day, doing the daily quest / coaching on the researchers, particularly if they have all 9 tradeskillers in action.

    Again, I understand there shouldn't be any free rides, and people should have to work to achieve end goals. It just shouldn't feel like as much of a chore as it does sometimes. It can be a turn off from logging in to the game for many, and I believe it is a big hindrance to social activity, as folk are often too busy dealing with these tasks, and by the time they've finished they often don't have time to get involved with something more meatier involving a group. Which in turn is probably leading to some of the kind posts/chat I've been reading lately about various communities being quiet or 'dead' - and I don't really buy into some of the wild assumptions I'm reading in that regard, I just think it's a case of many folk are entrenched in doing repetitive daily repeatable quests.

    So, I would suggest, to work hard at finding more innovative ways to reach the kind of end goals that daily repeatable quests lead to.

    3. Empty major cities.
    Guild Halls are great, I love them and I wouldn't have EQ2 any other way. If EQ Next has guilds, Guild Halls are still a must for me. But a careful balance should be struck up between the amenities that can be used within a Guild Hall and the services available in the major cities.

    The cities should be a vibrant hub of activity at launch and throughout the games lifespan as long as it has a sizeable population. It adds to the immersion factor and makes the city feel more believable, and makes the game look busier, where players can show off their appearance and mounts and what have you.

    So give players a reason to be in the city as regularly as they might be in their own guild hall, so folk can intermingle. I would suggest having one essential feature most folk are going to want to use fairly regularly only available in guild halls, and at least another one only available in cities, and stick to it.

    Keep the major hubs busy!
  8. ARCHIVED-Radigazt Guest

    Rainmare@Oasis wrote:
    Well everyone has their preferences, but I am squarely in the "no more than 18 skills usable in combat" camp. Once it gets above that the only people who like it really are those who are macro'ing multiple skills to one key, and in essence, simplifying it to a managable 12-18 combat skills.
    If you want to be a healer, fine, but an EQ2 Fury is significantly subpar if he doesn't specialize in a dozen heals/cures AND a half dozen attacks AND another half dozen utility spells AND a half dozen clickable items. The result is that he/she feels like he/she is playing whack-a-mole. IMHO, the vast majority of people think there are simply too many buttons to push to accomplish things.
    Limit the in-combat clicks to 12-18 total spells/clickable items and let people choose what to bring. Less spells does not mean a lower skill-cap, but too many spells will definitely alienate a large subset of players who feel overly-cluttered. Please, no piano-playing hotbar combat. Please, no whack-a-mole of 20-30 spells/clickable items in combat. :(
  9. ARCHIVED-StrainAsylum Guest

    The graphics I saw (short view, admittedly) looked very childish. I love EQ2 partly for the graphics; I don't want to play WoW or Skylanders or whatever.
    I like the crafting in EQ2 (mostly); however, I may be having flashbacks to the previous (hideous) crafting with all the subcrafting, etc.
    Faction grinding: while I, too, HATE the faction grind, I do understand it being a commitment to achieve (rather like earning a college degree; you can learn while on the job or even know the work, but the diploma can appear to show determination. HOWEVER, make the faction rewards LARGER!!! For example, Bathezid's Watch faction...300 faction per MASTER writ...really???? Since we're starting out at NEG faction in most cases, we have to earn 80,000 faction to get recipes, etc (60,000 min) - that's a LOT, considering we're ALSO doing AAs, zone quests, event quests, OPPOSING faction. At least have DOUBLE FACTION events!!!! Then people could work on just the faction they really want during that time.
  10. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    Vexus@Nagafen wrote:
    well like I said. they did it in eq1. I re-looked it up. you had like a total of 20 abilities. but only 8 slots. so 8 buttons to press. but if say, your fury gave up his biggest nukes to his heals...there was no way on gods green earth he was killing a tank/healer. he won't have the damage. if he loads up on his damage, any mage or scout destroys him becuase his heals aren't enough...but he can take a tank or a healer.
    and that of course is the pvp aspect of it...and there was no 'switch out my spells or scroll through my other hotbars in combat'. if you wanted to swtich spells, you have to sit down, open your book, remove the spells in thier gems slots and put in the new ones.
    and all the classes had these issues. in PVE it was easier of course becuase usually one setup would work for your role. and if you had to switch out, you could do that and know your fine unless a wandering mob roams by.
    and less skills to bring does mean that the mobs have to be 'easier' then they would with more skills. becuase they have to account for solo play. this isn't the EQ1 world anymore where people don't mind if there's only 2 classes that can solo effectively out of 13. (wizard/necro) EVERYONE has to solo, and be able to solo WELL.
    the wizard glass cannon has to be able to kill mob X just as easily as the weakest damage giving priest, and has to do damage that makes it a threat to a tank without making it one shot the mage. and a lot of times they use temp abilities/side abilities/situational ones to make that happen. the mage gets CC abiltites. roots/stuns/mezzes the tank might even get stuns or temps that lessen his incoming damage and the priest may get temps that up his damage/super debuffs/different 'resistance' based attacks to find a weakpoint. (that last one might go for everybody too)
    granted I'll say some of our present abilties could be consolidated...but then again I was never a fan of taking EQ1s classes and cutting them in half for the 'good' and 'evil' theme. I'd bet prolly half or more of the 'piano hotkeying' is due to them having to make up a bun of spells to distinguish a Illusionist from a Coercer, and such.
  11. ARCHIVED-Hypnotoad Guest

    No difference between day and night: Night should limit viewing range and be actually dark. If possible take in account overcast vs starry vs single vs multiple moon effects on ambient lighting. Adds tension to the game. West Karana was a hoot when a cat would jump your group as people waited to heal/get mana back after a fight. The mobs would pounch out of the night and scare the crap outta ya.
    Brightly lit abandoned dungeons. Put light/darkness back into the game. Again not being able to see or limited vision puts back tension into the game and enhances enjoyment. A mission in Secret World requires you to use a head mounted light at the beginning and then flares later on. Vision is limited to what the little light on the helmet shows and what the flares lit up. Really a tense and fun mission especially because you know there are zombies in the area you can't see.
    Racial vision: no one(least I don't) uses this stuff and its a waste of time unless implemented in a meaningfull manner. If it is meaningfull, limit it to few races and put potions and spells in for enhanced vision for races that don't have it. Limited duration potions and spells also. Adds tension when you are low on mana and have to decide if seeing is better than buffing someone during a battle or when you're in the middle of a dungeon and can't see after your last potion is about to expire. Can the group make it back to a lighted area in time? Can the group remember which way the corridors turn to get back outside?
    Maps: Let the community map makers have their day again. I miss EQAtlas.com. Also will free up screen room for the game world to be enjoyed in. Plus there used to be some talented map makers out there. Unlike the '90's people now own printers and can make print outs. People also now have multiple monitors, so maps sites can now be accessed along with the game. No reason to waste dev time dealing with maps now days.
    No food: Bring over Eq2's system. Nuff said.
    EQ2 Crafting: EQ2 crafting is the worst. Don't bring this system over. Get Brad to put in Vanguard's resource and crafting system into EQNext. For those that haven't checked it out, you can do so after the game goes FTP. I really enjoy those systems. Especially the falling tree animation when getting wood(get your minds outta the gutter!!!).
    Dead harbors. Vanguard and EQ2 have ports with no traffic. If you have a port then ships need to sail in and dock, unload, load and then leave. Put them on a schedule. Put some random delay or faster trip time in to vary the traffic. Day/night cycle shouldn't be too hard to do since ships arrive and sail at all times of the day. Tide times can be ignored.
    Predators among the prey. Shouldn't have wolves wandering around in the middle of deer. That bothers me sometimes. Deer are going to give way to any predator and will not be near them.
    No music or dance systems. Had a blast either participating in or watcing dancers and musicians in SWG and LOTRO(music). Put that in for people to have fun with. Code is there in SWG, so adapt it for EQN. Also let it put beneficial buffs on people that stay and watch and/or listen to them.
    No diplomacy card game. Have Brad port that system from Vanguard into EQN. Too good of an idea just to let Vanguard alone to have it. Buff system similar to Vanguard's.
    Pre-set classes. I like the Secret Worlds' system where you put a skill point in a weapon to open up ability trees(similar to AA trees in EQ2). So let us create our own pure or hybrid classes. Rangers, for example, can put a point into the conjuration skill and be able to buy a conjur arrows ability. Put in some 'suggested' builds for the newbies to follow. Don't worry about balance too much. Players will be able to sort it out in no time on which sets to take and which sets to avoid.
    This is kind of a bizzaro wish list thread. Hypno am glad about post.
  12. ARCHIVED-Big_Hammer Guest

    What i DONT want to see in EQ-Next:
    Loading zones: This ruins the "open-worldness" of any MMO. The only time their should be loading zones is when I'm getting teleported, or something to that affect. If their is no loading-zones the world will feel vast, and grand! You should be able to run to every zone w/o loading!
    Solo-able Game: This will be the end of EQ-Next if it is solo-able. Huge amount of MMO's now are doing this, and everyone is getting sick, and tired of this. What's so fun in a MMO-World when your doing eveything by yourself... They need to make this game GROUP-RESTRICTED. Bring back the trueness of a strong community sticking together!
    Quest, quest, quest, and more quest!: As i mentioned early, every MMO is doing this. They need to go back to their roots, and make questing an OPTION, not MANDATORY! The only questing i see necessarily lvls 1-10, and after that every 10lvls till max. What made questing really unique was when you were rewarding a bad-azz weapon for you specific class after finishing it! <-- BRING THIS BACK!
  13. ARCHIVED-Halo of G4 Guest

    Another EQNext threat filled unrealistic expectations
    Corpses runs and bland grinding places aren't happening. If the rumor'd budget is $200,000,000 then you can kiss those ideas goodbye from even being considered on the drawing boards.
  14. ARCHIVED-TheSpin Guest

    Hypnotoad wrote:
    I agree about the lighting ideas you bring up. I would like things like lighting and night vision abilities to matter.

    I absolutely disagree with the suggestion to remove maps from the game. No way I'm going to make printouts, and I do use a second monitor, but it shouldn't be required. In game maps are great. The map system eq2 has is actually one of the best map systems I've seen.
    The EQ2 food/drink system is not good at all. The whole provisioner tradeskill is a joke. Cooking should be part of the game, but should not be its own tradeskill class. Crafting in general should take ideas from Vanguard, amazing crafting system in that game.
    I also agree with some of your thoughts about mob placement. I don't like that in EQ2, and most mmos games in general, that the landmass is just completely covered by mobs. I would rather feel like I'm hunting when in the wild instead of going to a spot and seeing tons of mobs around.
  15. ARCHIVED-Rainy Guest

    Hypnotoad wrote:
    I left out the mob placement part cause this is a BIG thing to type. Mob placement in EQ is fine. yes, you are going to see wolves around deer. that's becuase wolves eat deer. would you really want to have to hunt wolves, and have to find the deer first, and then spend the next 10 minutes wandering away to the place the wolves might be becuase they can't be closer together cause the deer would run?
    and now think about the rest of the game world. like it or not, we know what Griffon's eat. we know what Dragon's eat. we know how Vampires operate, we know what Drachnids do. you really want to have to run to one end of the zone to find the 5 Griffons there becase predator/prey says that there can only be 5 in the zone because they can't make a zone 2X as big as Kunark to properly show the fact that the griffons eat wolves/deer/small bears/people?
    and dragons. dragons eat everyone. and thier lairs are usually surrounded by miles and miles and miles and miles of abandoned territory. becuase people and animals aren't generally dumb...or they usually pay tribute to said dragon so thier city/town/village isn't razed.
    it's part of the suspension of disbelief to think that you could run across Gfay in a few minutes. that's actually miles and miles and miles of forest. you really think Crushbone Keep is a 3 minute walk from Kelethin? it's probably several days or more hard march.
    so yes, you see the random wolf wandering into a group of deer. that just becuase they can't make the zone so big that that wandering wolf show up the half mile or more away form the deer it probably actually is.
  16. ARCHIVED-alabama Guest

    id like to see the classes, abilities and roles in the game be original to each their own like it was in the old days. the idea that every single class needs to perform the exact same way in solo/group/raid as every other class that this game has turned itself into is rediculous and boring. (e.g. different fighters do not equally perform the same role in everything. scouts, mages, healers ect. ect.)
    make them stand apart. make them original. or give us the tools to tweak our own guys so we can make them stand apart. and be prepared for what we will come up with ahead of time so the nerf bats will swing less brutally since alot of the players seem to understand the game better then the people building it
  17. ARCHIVED-jjlo69 Guest

    i know this will happen though i wish i didnt $C shop
  18. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    Big_Hammer wrote:
    When you have and open-world type game there are downsides for a singleplayer game sure it's simple enough to accomplish but in ether case wether singleplayer or multiplayer having and open-world means it is more complex the more boundries(i.e seemless adjact zones) the more powerful your computer needs to be.
    no everyone can afford top of the line hardware the system requirements of will determine how many potential customers would be able to purchase and run said game.
  19. ARCHIVED-salty21db Guest

    General_Info wrote:
    Render distance settings kinda makes that problem obsolete unless in a packed area but that is the same in a zoned game.
  20. ARCHIVED-Big_Hammer Guest

    General_Info wrote:
    What about EQOA on the PS2??? The world was huge/massive with 50k mobs wondering around and not one loading zone. I remember just running straight for hours untill i would hit some type of city. The game was unlike any other i've experienced. If the PS2 was able to do that seamless world why cant a out-of-date computer or better yet, PS4 be able too. In todays modern world it can be easily done, but everyone never seems to take this route. Anyway what you said is true, but they are other alternatives like, degrading the graphics. Also i'm really hopeing the eqnext will be on the ps4, YES ps4! If you havent played eqoa then there is no way i can convince you

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