Episode 6 is out!! What would happen if you force your wife to play the game?

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  1. Darkbahamuth Member

    Hello again!

    Finally I finished episode 6! I hope that you find it enjoyable and have as much fun as I did while doing it. Remember to subscribe, share and give a like! More episodes to come. If you have any criticism I want to hear it!

    Keep tuned for the next episode!

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  2. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Another Great Episode :) I know you asked before about the chat thing, I do think though now after watching the whole thing I do like the other chat bubbles better. I felt myself getting distracted reading the bottom of the screen and missing out on what was going on.
    I don't want to spoiler alert but I loved the zombie part towards the end, and the sceen in the tent with all the beautiful zones.
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  3. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    You did a great job again.

    The zombie hand on your wife's shoulder and her fleeing was epic!!

    And I have to admit, it was a bit of a tear jerker you showing her all the beauty in Norrath and then telling her that you will always be there for her and that you will always be together, that she just has to believe in you.
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  4. Leloes Well-Known Member

    I agree with what both Breanna and Cyrrena said. The video was really good but go back to having the bubbles above their heads and the zombie attack was epic. The only thing I'm kind of curious about is when are you going to get her a mount?
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  5. Darkbahamuth Member

    Thanks for your comments!

    So, I guess I can use the chat bubbles again and for offscreen talking I will use the same as this video.

    And to think that I had to export the video twice 'cause I forgot to add the zombie hand...

    That would be nice. But to be honest, it will take a while.But I can already see her reaction.
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