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  1. Illusionmage New Member

    I dont know if named is a problem, because I have never got that far. I am also an illu. I keep dying on the first mob. I mezz, root, use ascension spells, and I have changed AA to dragon scales tree.
    I agree that soe should mage the trash easier. I hate to wait till next expac before I am good enough to kill that trash.
  2. Kingrichard New Member

    I keep dying on first mob too. Please make isle of vul easier.
  3. Peda New Member

    Hello Developers of Daybreak,

    please hurry up and DO YOUR WORK fast and quickly to correct the Isle of Vul, cause its time. :D

    thx :D

    Your Coercer of Trust :D
  4. Feef New Member

    ill second pedas request tried again today and geting really tired of banging my head against the last name in vul i'll be ascension 9 tomorrow and still stuck on this step. resolve 310 solo 17 k pot and almost 4 k cb.
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  5. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    That is scary, because I don't have any where near the stats you do and I am not on that step yet. If it is a solo only zone and a mercenary isn't allowed either, then it shouldn't be any where near that hard or require the players to have such insane stats imo.
  6. Chillispike Active Member

    Ok i got the trash done, yeah once you figure out the casting order they are not to hard to kill, mezz saves you the gap you need to think about the next casting order.
    As Coercer i stun (hope it doesn't resist) followed by unda and Hemorage then mezz. With some timing Shockwave, blind shock back off stun, unda, Levinbold, hemo then mezz .. rinse ans repeat.
    All Chanters can cast while running for 30secs if specced for it, with Channeled Focus. Which i did use to sperate the mobs at top .. pulled a mob away in the following way Channeled Focus -> Psychic trauma -> run off cast stun while running if it didn'T hit mezz and chill for a moment.

    First off Greenmist is a no no by the looks of it, because Singular Focus doesn't prevent it from proc!
    Now i'm on the named and he is unpredictable a bit ..

    After talking with a friend wizzi .. kiting him seems the way to do it and damage while running.
    A decent Solo spec is kinda really needed for him, with healing better mitigation (AA and gear) + death prevent .. will see where it leads me. Good that you can cast Ascension spells while running
  7. Ellimist Active Member

    soooo.... I did Vul.

    I used the guild heal banner with a health spec so I had 6mill HP (Thanks Oxyian)

    I'm a wizzy with 15k pot.

    Took me about 2hrs to clear because I was careful. I might have been able to do it maybe only a half hr fast than that.

    To kill the named in the tower after the convo is done drop your banner and path straight between the two walls. I used all my slowing spells and roots and would take a hit when I passed him but once down I then went back to the beginning of the zone and did the beach.

    To clear the trash basically kite and pew pew making sure you keep any spells to slow mobs up. (This is what slowed me down)

    When I got to the named I did it right in front of the tower and ran in large circles only going in close when I had to reapply numbing cold. Took my time and got it down easily.

    Not sure about other classes but I would suggest a similar strat if you are low on pot. I'm not running anything overly great for gear so its doable but it horrible.

    I am voting for it to be made easier though if people are still asking for that.
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  8. Quigly Active Member

    Illy here with 17k potency, 4k crit bonus.

    Trash are tedious, but simple. Just rotate Paranoia for stun and Aneurysm for Daze. They don't seem to cast anything at all, just auto attack so a Daze is as good as a stun.

    For the named -- this one is tricky. Spec dragon tree for the death save/ward and the in combat reactive heal/in combat run speed boost when hit. The named is rootable. I started with fervor clicky, PoM, Spellbind, mimicry, ethershadow assassin, levinbolt, unda, heal potion, root (named at around 60%). Move outside the building, wait for root to fade. Once it does the named is immune to root for about 10 seconds. Just kite the best you can till immunity fades and re-root. Only hit him with your biggest spells while rooted as there is a small chance it breaks. Keep as much distance as you can for when root is going to drop so you can maximize the time it takes for named to catch you during the root immunity phase. Rinse and repeat this strategy. My death save never actually triggered using this so while high stats help, they aren't a necessity.
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  9. Chillispike Active Member

    Killed the named today on my Coercer in a 15min fight, took a few timeouts inbetween by mezzing him.
    I made full solo survial specc to get him down und used 1 healing potion other wise he would have killed me 2 times in that fight.
    main things are:
    - incombat run speed, with Deceptive Discretion rune.
    - mage ward and death prevent
    - speccing for mezzing him when you get hit
    - run speed when you get hit
    - making stupfy instant cast when peace of mind is up, and have peace of mind instant cast too.
    - take him down to the beach .. but watch out he resets when you get to close to the water
    - some pathings there are off by a small bit, he doesn't run of like insane but those extra 3 meters can be timesaver
    - heal potion or an item that heals like every 3 secs.
    - be aware that stun, mezz and root don't work all the time
    - channeled Focus with the addition that you can cast while running for 30 secs
    - a bit better mitigation, i had 9k 66% reduction i think
    - puppetmaster combo with -1 hate poss while running, to make him go for em. small timer saver too.

    I pulled with a mezz, worked 2 out of 3 times on pull. When it ain't worked i just runned down to the beach and let him reset.
    6mio Health helps for sure on it
    Mana Ward is pointless since it wards for to less tbh like 3mio which is just 1 hit of him + you need to manaflow (5% health used) to cast it.
    root + fear is a nice small timesaver as well.

    Takes a few trys to get him down, hardest fight so far i've done. other classes prolly have it a bit easier ( and i don't mean peace of cake easy ) since they can slow him.
  10. Chillispike Active Member

    The 3 Nexus items should be no-trade.
  11. Simien Active Member

    I have the mount, completed shattered seas timeline, I have the stone in my inventory, I can speak Uruvanian, I am ascension level 7 and a level 100 crafter. Shortspanner sill will not progress for me. getting the same message Jrox quoted. Any ideas please?
  12. Chillispike Active Member

    Sorry it sounds stupid, but .. did you start the quest?
    Do you have the waystone and the Jewel equipped?
  13. Simien Active Member

    Got it...so stupid. Forgot to go back and talk to Bellengere! Duh! :)
  14. Yu7777 New Member


    Do not frighten the magicians. The fight is less than 1.5 minutes.
    It is necessary to run fast. 60% speed will be good.
  15. Feef New Member

    only if your lucky i have tried for 10 days an still can't get that name down some are lucky enough to get it but not me i gave up they can eather nerf it let us have grp in that zone or my illy will not get epic its making me seriously rethink playing any mage class at all even considered deleting all my mage class toons. if this is the road block for epic 2.0, and my illy is one of my fav classes to play on this game.
    With all the road blocks they have on the epic 2.0 form hqs, sig quests, time lines, fraction and ascesion levels u have to do making this fight just way to hard on top of the other things is just to much alot of people are going to end up giving up, and keeping up with alts with all the road blocks is next to imposable.
  16. Conifur Well-Known Member

    Here is what I did as a Conjy - was fairly easy (neither pet or I died) - took me about an hour because I went slow on purpose. Not saying this will work with everyone, just that it worked for me. I understand my pet and heals gives me a great advantage over other Mages who do not have that choice.

    - I went with a tank pet spec and did all the personal AA everyone is talking about.
    - I went 7 STA purple runes. I was going to go the 3 new purple for the 25% HP and 250,000 health increase but decided against it. Used both Bolstered runes as well, I took off my Etheral for one because I was told it was about staying alive so gave up the reset. I did not use the rune that makes you run fast, I just used totems - but I never kited.
    - I went Pitfighters rings (band 12.8% Mit each), ears, and waist. I had the 24% HP increase wrists just in case but did not use.
    - Used the 10.6 Mit shoes I always get from the PQ, I had not melted the last pair so I used it.
    - I got the temp adorns (+12% HP) from the PQ Quest guy in Thalumbra. I used 5 of them though I bought 9. They last an hour and mine wore off during last fight.
    - Used the Lifetap banner from guild - though not sure if it did any good - not sure where to look to see on ACT.
    - Went STA food and replaced my INT potion with a tank one. I also used the regen potion and had a bunch of life stones. I only used the potion 2x because I felt like since I brought them I should use them, did not use the lifestone. Used Transference to heal me if I needed it, seldom did I use it. Pet took most of the damage.

    I did not pay much attention when I went in so I did not know there was 2 mobs outside the door. After I killed the one inside I got both of them when I went out; just had pet get both of them. I thought the two by the tree would be an issue later but they seem to have a very small aggro range, I body pulled one - the other stayed.These seemed actually harder then the named.

    For the name I thought I would have to kite him so I parked my pet outside the tower and rooted the final mob and ran to pet. When he came out the door pet picked him up and I just fought him at the door (I placed the banner here at the start), I never moved. Hindsight being 20/20 I would have just fought him in tower by sending in pet.

    One thing I did notice, my pet would never move - even on follow. He stayed wherever it killed the last mob. I would have to call him to me to start the next fight. Not that it matters but I used the baby dragon illusion.

    Once again, I understand every class is different, but this is more then doable with a Conjy. I just wanted to let those Conjy out there having trouble know my route - which will probably differ from others. Thank you.
  17. Warriousalexis New Member

    For Coercers/Illys here are some things you can do, the standard banner from the bearer in your GH has a soul-leach banner which restore some life. Respect your AA dragon tree and any other tree that will give you HP and mit and run speed. Use two Uzulu stones (from mushroom merchant in ToT). Also grab some health signets, from the signet person in your GH, health pots, ward pots, also there is the PQ vendor in ToT that sells I think it is 5% hp temp adorns that can go on all armor slots, I used 5 myself. Go slow, use all your stuns, kite them and root when you can. Also, if you kill the first mob next to the first named you talk to in the tower and grab the items off the cot looking things, it sets the use timer on the zone, so if you die, you will not have to re-kill that mob. I died on purpose after that cause I could not take the two guards standing just outside the tower.
  18. Armageddoux Active Member

    Thank you Ellimist you direct me on the right path ... I did Vul too and without too many difficulties, finally it was not so difficult as everyone said !;)

    My toon Globuleblanc is a wizard :
    Resolve 258
    Crit chance : 1640
    Crit bonus : 3202
    Potency : 14669
    Ab Mod : 232628
    Mitigation : 12986
    elemental defense : 282605 (not useful there is no spell from mobs to support)
    Noxious defanse : 281060
    Arcane defense : 280760
    HP : almost 4 000 000

    did not change my AAs, did not use guild banner (I kept them for the final blow, but did not had to use them). Used 1 scroll of Prowess, 2 gnostic essence of health and died 3 times.

    I am level 8 in Ascension (Etherealist).

    Strat :
    back to the wall for the first mob at end of the story told by Fathad Zastym. one shot to kill him with a simple macro (which send Spellbind (+25% potency for 10 sec) and Levinbolt Journeyman)
    rush outside while sending implosion just outside the door (2 NPC waiting) down to the beach
    for each mob : Shckle (30 seconds root) and then Spellbind + levinbolt sometimes an other ascension spell, was a bit long as I casted each time ethereal Conduit + Sphoned Fervor, one shooted most of them, died three times though mainly when they were 2 mobs too near each other
    1 hour and a half for the whole

    got the hammer and the blade then up to the named first try : Shackle then ethereal conduit, siphoned fervor and levinbolt, rush to the beach as said by many this was an check as he finally reinitialised and get up to his room.
    Second try I did all the fight upstairs did not receive so much damages, same as previous : root (Shackle) a bit more with Numbing Cold (not sure it was useful) as he remains all the fight standing where he was, used 2 health potion at 20% of my health , the whole final fight was not longer than 6 minutes




    easy fight finally :p
  19. Chillispike Active Member

    the Damage makes me curious .. some show 5Billion Dealed on the named and you dealed with Globuleblanc 18 Billion.
    I wonder if the HP of the named depend on the class.
    Just akward that ACT shows the 5Billion kills in red for failed in stead of green.
  20. Yu7777 New Member

    My apologies. I accidentally took the first battle after the stripping of the island. I have removed the data from the archive and made a mistake.
    In fact it was so: