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  1. Warriousalexis New Member

    I tried several times to take down the mobs in Vul, I gave up. Guess I will not see my epic unless they change this to a regular heroic or a group zone like they did with Chardok. I R the Squishy.
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  2. Zorennon Member

    Hi all -- I am try to kill a Vul just the yard trash and getting my but kicked I am a necro with a tank pet - My pet lasts long enough to get off 1 spell which brings his health down to 99.9999 then trying to kite him i get smooshed with a crush a one timer I have no chance . I am either missing something or this is the end of my epic 2.0 .. anyone else having issues ?? or is it just me ??
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  3. Zorennon Member

  4. Illusionmage New Member

    I think we have to use our real money to buy daybreak cash for making our ascention spells to grandmaster spells. And use our real money to buy kronos we can sell at broker to get plat we can spend to buy armor at the playerauctions. Am I wrong?
  5. theriatis Active Member

    Yes, you are wrong.

    Get HP Gear, solo dungeons. Respecc to AA HP with Undeath (if you have that).

    Kite the hell out of the Named. Snare, Root, Stun... and you're good to go.

    Don't let it hit you. Use spells which you can use while running (i have a few).

    Run in circles around on the ground before the tower, don't try to fight it in the tower.

    Regards, theriatis.
  6. Illusionmage New Member

    How can I fight the first add outside the tower? When I run out the 2 adds at the door come after me. Then I panic.
    Must the first add inside tower be taken outside?
  7. theriatis Active Member

    I did fight the first add inside the tower (no AEs!). Didn't need to kite the adds,
    with the HP AA and enough DPS they died eventually.

    Then i pulled one of the two guarding the tower inside the tower and also killed it.
    After that, i cleared the whole Area, one add at a time. (which took %§$!"§ long).

    For the Named i had to refer to a Guildmember. I used Numbing Cold, which i had not
    used in years, again :)
  8. Feef New Member

    well i can get trash down but name there is no way i have 7 mil health the name is just needs to be toned down or let us bring grp in. or wont be able to get this one done it says on there sutable for grp of 3 but your soposed to solo this.
  9. Chillispike Active Member

    Ok i'm on the island of vul as well, and it takes my 4 minutes if i kill the trash in the careful way with a "strategy i used ages ago to solo heroics at in that castle in Kylong Plains when it was current content.
    As Coercer i can stun do DD hits add another stun and make sure i save time for 2 casts of mezzmerize.
    The last time i did such a hard fight solo was when i went to the mythical update on my fury alt for the epic 1.0.
    I do have a patiance to kill stuff the slow way and to use my abilites, but that is getting close to insane.

    I guess i have to look for something that can heal me somehow, but the most things are to "weak" to heal somewhat decent.
    Even with Manaward it's hard.

    Getting one of the guards from outside is not impossible .. actually turn Camera so you outside in target one of em stay at one wall of the door where the "trash" is in 9m range and AOE .. the tricky part is to get him under control.
    Alternative would be to use shockwave in the door at 9m for both of em and keep one mezzed.

    "biggest" problem is that they hit for nealy 2mil with melee .. good thing you can daze em since they don't seem to cast spells (can't confirm the casting since i went for stunning them instead)

    Reading the comments above .. it's a hard guess how long it will take to kill the named.

    "at least" the instance is saved once you kill the first trash
  10. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    I don't understand how people are killing this name..

    I did a respec, got all the mit increase I could from AAs, health, have the ward and DP from dragon tree, made a full set of max HP/mit gear I'm at 7.5mil health and 13k mit. Using Health/Thaumic Potion of Regen, Sigil of Life, etc..

    He still hits me for 2-3mil a pop and kills me before I can get his health to 75.. popped 2 DoWs and all my ascensions and only got him to 78 on my best pull.

    Rooting works for a short time but once it gets dispelled due to damage that's it :(

    Talked to a couple people earlier and did some tweaks to my pulls but as I said 78% was the best pull I got before rage quitting. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    How much potency do you have?. Not sure about the necros pet tanking specs but on conj I have a saved tank pet aa for survivability my tank pet was fine it had to be healed a few times but it's death save never triggered.
  12. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    Doing it on my Illy not Necro right now.. but I had about 14.5k (had to swap everything out for raid and not swapping back right now to check accuracy).
  13. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Damn still seems a tad on the hard side for chanters then.
  14. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    Yeah.. and unfortunately I don't have a lot of raid gear yet and still missing some 1k pot pieces so my pot is still a bit low for what's considered the "norm"

    would be nice if a stun or even a daze worked, but to no avail :(
    suppose I won't be getting the epic any time soon..
  15. theriatis Active Member

    I can just say it again: Don't let it hit you!

    With my gear and Skillset, i think the threshold was 4 hits and then i was dead.

    Take all your spells which stun, root, snare, slow... test the spells, which ones do have an effect and which ones do not?

    I cleared one of my hotbars and arranged those spells in their order of effectivity and i did it like "The Doctor": RUN!

    As a Wizard, i have no spells which where really effective against the named, he was running (sliding on the ground) to me when hit by Ice Comet which should normally stun him, so i tested other spells.
    Numbing Cold was one which i had not used in years, but one which was surprisingly effective, slowing him down to a mere slow walking speed.
    Then Ethernere Chains, Ring of Ice and that one single-root (forgot the name) at least slowed him.

    After i got 150 stacks up, i could use E'ci while running - this and the other spells which had a really fast casttime helped to bring him down. The Essence: DON'T let him hit you! Whatever you do... just don't let him hit you.
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  16. Chillispike Active Member

    That last named got changed according to the Update Notes.
    HP doesn't matter big time, but of course it helps as treshhold if you do get hit. which should be avoided anyway in that zone.

    Stun debuff DD mezz does work on the trash .. debuff normaly does help since mezz checks against that as well.
    I'm glad i have unda for that .. the 19m range is tricky, but 9m do it too.
  17. Ebarel Member

    unfortunately it is still pretty much unbalanced. It is designed around the 4 damage mage classes, not chanters.
    Apart from that, the "real" DDs have even more utility/survivability through the wards and pets or even the slows.
    I do understand that it may be a challenge to design a "mage instance" to be challenging for all classes but if that cant be done, dont try. It is plainly visible how hard the nerfbat hit the chanters with KA as the disparity was far less between the chanters and other mages during the last expansion. you just need to look into parses from AoM and KA. Also there is no more utility left as all the buffs are uselss due to low values compared to state of the art values or the stats being completely useless or capped anyway. And i strongly doubt a bit of fervor on Timewarp will make up for that, even less in solo content.
  18. Chillispike Active Member

    Well Chanters do have the utility for it, at least we can take a break with the mezz inbetween. Part of the problem are the dots .. at least when you cast em.
    These mobs seem to have some resis which makes some mezz miss.

    Tbh i'm somewhat happy that we can't oneshot the trash in there, but at the same time it feels it's going a bit "to" hard.

    Reminds me about the last fight for Channeler epic 1.0 at "i think" current content, I took me several trys as well to kill that named, in the end you need play "perfect" for 6mins there, with a decent Solo spec
    The vul zone is like play perfect for hmm ... 20? trash*4 min= 1h20min + prolly 10min to kill named .. so 1h30min at least with all the dieing and retry you may end up at a few hours.

    Anyway i wish one of the following:
    - the health of the trash get's like halfed
    - resits get reviewed and i actually hope the mobs don't have combat mitigation in Vul o_O
    - Amount of trash mobs get's halfed .. or just the one on the beach removed
    I don't think it would make it to easy
  19. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    Trash is no problem.. the problem is the name. Root only does so much before the 5% chance to dispel happens, and by the time I have a chance to root him again then back away it dispels, rinse repeat till splat, I fall over dead
  20. Mezzemana New Member

    You keep saying trash is no problem. As an illusionist I hane no spells to cast when running. Only etherealist spells. I can not even get the first "trash" mob down.