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    DO NOT accept quest 4 if you are lvl ascension 8 Into the Maw it should be Key to Curing Spellpox. It is bugged and according to the devs on Discord it will bug your toon and have to do a rebuild. WAIT for a fix and all clear to continue. If you got Key to curing spellpox you are good.
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    Ok stuck again, so if any mages find the explosive item, shield spell or umbrite crystal used to explode it with sound waves please post it, got a few ideas, so going to look soon after I take a break, need some food.
    Skyfire server
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    Maybe I missed it. Has anyone posted spoiler to find the Wizards Magical Grasp? I know the Illies and Necros have found the item they needed.
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    Tunaria Library. Ty Johex
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    Ok I'm at a loss...I have all the faction your spose to have an City Quest done.When I go to Osh in GD he won't talk to me.I can not see what I'm doing or not doing.
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    You probably haven't done the Cobalt Scar otter quests yet, he won't talk to you till those are done
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    That's what I don't understand.... I have done it.I have the gloves you get at the end of it.
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    Hand of the Maker is TS line, not the adventure line; are those the gloves you are talking about?
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    So the wiki was just updated to say the alternative location for the blackscale rune cube is in Halls of fate. However the loc given isn't a valid one that I have seen. Anyone found it in Halls of Fate that can elaboriate? I cleared the regular and Fabled Version and didn't see it anywhere.
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    The location has been been written after a dash so the first coordinate is positive not negative. If you put in the /loc and then head down into the zone it should fall in one of the large circular rooms.

    I got the update today, it was in a different location but still on the floor at the edge of the same room. Large white cube with a rune pattern. Look around the edges of that round room and you should find it. I got mine from the regular zone, not the fabled one.
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    Thank you so much Ellah, that is very helpful! I updated the wiki so it would be more clear.
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    I can't solo/molo it to confirm but third item from quest #3 may be in masters chosen heroic (ToT).. there is an invisible captured dhalgar with feather on head on map behind servitor of yothshaval that may only be visible once nameds are killed.

    (The two items that were found thus far are a scroll for a shield found in a zone involving a shield and a crystal from a zone with a script involving a crystal so going with the idea that sonic waves = psyonic? I've been running kratlet heroics. Nothing in ill seen, tepid or rtp, and guildy confirms nothing in doa. )
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    The captive npc is indeed part of the existing Timed Quest in MC
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    Anyone able to run Master's Chosen yet? It's hard to gather people for something for which we are uncertain, especially that zone.
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    So I am on this part and have completed the timeline here but Assistant Shortspanner is not talking to me other than to say "Thanks for all the help, Assistant Jrox! I think we did a bang-up job here!" Is this bugged? Or am I missing another pre-req not mentioned previously? I have guildies that have gotten past this part and we can't figure out why he won't speak to me to further the quest.
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    If you did not complete the ENTIRE AoM sig line, including Phantom Sea, where you get the mount etc, then you will not get Shortspanners update.
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    OMG!... Thanks