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  1. Taled Well-Known Member

    Rune = Monk, Gem = Bruiser, based on who got the discoveries.

    The GM updates are not drops. They are auto updates. Those items are for the masters. The three discovered so far are for Templar (Cleric Stored Essence) Fury (Druid Stored Essence) and Mystic (Shaman Stored Essence)

    We wont know if it is a different item by subclass/profession until two of the matching class types get theirs, meaning we either need two to disco or an Inquisitor/Warden/Defiler update.
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  2. Ejiju Member

    Monks get Brawler's Glyphed Rune for their Adept.

    Mystic got Shaman's Stored Essences for their Master. Given the brawler one was two similarly named but different drops for each sub class, I would assume the masters follow the same model.
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  3. Virtuosity Active Member

    I got Mote of Regrowth from foundation h2 and was assuming i would just speak to merchant for master ... but not joy. any suggestions?
  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    See this thread instead for the Mote.
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  5. Virtuosity Active Member


    and damn, thought i had got lucky with master update instead of a weapon quest
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  6. Risxsoul Member

    ADEPT SUMMONER'S EVERFLOWING INKWELL.. Solo Gainger last chest, was exquisite. This was the only exquisite chest I have seen in this expac. I ran the zone 3 times since last Saturday. Maj'Dul. Waiting on the wanderer now. I wonder if the Wanderer is statc, or wanders when it pops. Is it trackable?
  7. Taled Well-Known Member

    It is static, at the listed location. It will not spawn until 1PM Eastern tomorrow afternoon. (~20 hours from this post)
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  8. Bellamorte Active Member

    We just got Monk Grandmaster in Knowledge II for Jhin
  9. Taled Well-Known Member

    12/27/22: Updated with current info - Missing Beastlord Master/GM; Berserker GM; Necro Master; Troub Master;

    Researchers: If you missed the memo somehow, the timer for researchers has been figured out - They're on a 22 hour cycle; figure out the last known spawn timer for your server for the researcher you're looking for and work out 22 hour increments from that spawn time to figure out when it will be up next. (It is up for 1 hour and down for 21 hours; if the spawn time is due during a patch or immediately after it will most likely skip a spawn.)
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  10. Taled Well-Known Member

    12/27/22: NOTE: The first matching class pair (Troub/Dirge) of Master drops has been discovered, and they ARE different items, as I expected and warned about previously.

    This will almost certainly pan out across all matching classes, so as I warned previously, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR SPECIFIC CLASS ITEM IF YOU ARE GOING IN WITH YOUR PAIRED CLASS FOR H2 AND BOTH NEED YOUR MASTER DROP. (Assuming one or both have been discovered, anyway. Otherwise... take your chances, I guess.)
  11. Taled Well-Known Member

    With another classes Master item confirmed dropping in both Gift and Grange EH2 tonight (Berserker) I'm fairly xonfident in confirming they're all going to drop in both zones. Unless anyone confirms a different zone I'd say those are just the confirmed drop zones, now.
  12. Carthington Member

    I got Sorcerer's Bone Abacus out of Grave Grange H2 last night, final boss chest. My toon is a Wizard on Halls of Fate.
  13. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Checking EQ2U for MYTHICAL drops, looks like we have these Master items, though only two have drop locations in EQ2U. I looked at the classes of who discovered the various items to figure out what class each was for (though this is not necessarily perfect, there were a couple discoed by someone of a completely different archetype):
    • Bard's Deific Statuette - Dirge
    • Bard's Gambling Coin - Troubadour
    • Beastlord's Taming Bait - Beastlord
    • Brawler's Mark of Renewal - Monk
    • Channeler's Blue Diamond - Channeler
    • Cleric's Stored Essences - Templar (wiki says Grave Grange H2)
    • Crusader's Savior Crown - Shadowknight
    • Druid's Spiritual Amulet - Warden
    • Druid's Stored Essences - Fury
    • Enchanter's Bottled Spirit - Illusionist
    • Predator's Gambling Coin - Ranger
    • Shaman's Spiritual Amulet - Defiler (Grave Grange H2)
    • Shaman's Stored Essences - Mystic (this thread has Gift H2)
    • Sorcerer's Bone Abacus - Wizard (this thread has Grave Grange H2)
    • Summoner's Bone Abacus - Conjuror
    • Summoner's Bottled Spirit - Necromancer (Gift H2)
    • Warrior's Savior Crown - Berserker
  14. Ejiju Member

    Coercer Master drop: Grave Grange
    Coercer GM update: Foundation of Knowledge
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  15. Torri Active Member

    Can report the Warden adept drop "Druid's Pulsating Fragment" just dropped for me in Eye of Night. Was surprised, I'd been under the impression it would be either Gift or Storms. Only reason I even ran the zone was because it was the current daily
  16. Erin Member

    Crusader's Mark of Renewal - Paladin Master drop from Gift H2
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  17. Froakin Member

    Bit late to the party, but

    Dirge GM Update - Eye of Storms H2
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  18. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

  19. Smashey Well-Known Member

    Got Rogue's Deific Statuette and Rogue's Gambling Coin from the same run in Sacred Gift H2. Master upgrade.
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  20. Ejiju Member

    Illusionist Master: Enchanter's Bottled Spirit - Grave Grange
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