Epic Spell questline

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  1. Clintsat Well-Known Member

    None of our summoners have received the update from that mob after multiple attempts. I'm going to suggest the mob is still "unknown" for now.
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  2. Taled Well-Known Member

    I can confirm it is the correct mob, but it does seem like the chance to get the update is pretty iffy, unfortunately. (Both via a player who got the t2 and t3 updates after I corrected the mob and via Gninja confirming it for us)
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  3. Terrius Well-Known Member

    Can confirm, the T2 mob for summoners is Tsmang.
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  4. Falreth New Member

    I can confirm that Paladin ancient checkmark (t2 mob) is Malformed prophet.
  5. Jest Member

    Sleujess Pride Guardian (Desert Wildcat Matron) T3 update for Conjuror
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  6. Taled Well-Known Member

    Updated the Adept and Master posts to note that the updates for both *CAN* drop in the Summer Jubilee solo zone Triad of Elements.
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  8. Beee Well-Known Member

    can confirm it did T2 update for our necro, bu again not for conjurers (even with 4x cast shardstorm which is really booooring for the whole raid)
  9. Taled Well-Known Member

    With my disco of the Guardian ancient this evening, all ancients have now been discovered and all mobs are listed for T2 and T3 updates now.

    They aren't all 100% confirmed, but one of the two (or both) matched subclasses has confirmed the T2 or T3 (or both) kills for every Ancient update, so the Ancient list is now complete.

    Will continue updating the Celestial list as I get updates, but the easy answer is: All of your updates come from Sultan's Mahallah, so cast your epics on every fight in there. :p
  10. Taled Well-Known Member

    By the way - Congrats to Vigilance o. Maj'Dul on getting the Sultan kill and confirming the auto updates for Sultan on the second step for Celestials, at least for those who were ready for it!

    I'll finish updating the first step celestial mobs as folks give me the info, but otherwise the list should be mostly complete - though there are a few not totally confirmed ancient updates.
  11. Arclite Well-Known Member

    The guardian ancient has not updated for me at all, not even the first part of the update on Lockmaw. We hardly go to that zone anymore and the kill time currently allows me to use the spell may be once or twice on it. Is there like a hidden kill check after which you get the update? Certainly feels like a chore. This should really be "on-kill" update as soon as you reach the raid mob part of the quest.
  12. Taled Well-Known Member

    There is not. Gninja discussed potentially adding a check for 'has killed boss <x> times', but as far as I know they can't update the ways the quest updates like that without resetting quest progress, so it may be something they can't change the way they'd like mid-content, unfortunately.

    The best bet is to find a guild that runs the zone still and run with them if they'll take you - that's what a lot of the guilds who are in Stone/Mahallah started doing, is having their players who needed the lower raid updates 'tag along' with guilds that were 'lagging behind' to help them kill stuff and hopefully get their updates. The kills tend to be slower, and you are more likely to get your updates.

    The only problem is your guild has to not be doing that zone, and as a tank it's a lot harder to be able to do it, since you can't skip lockouts like a DPS can and you don't really provide as much 'oomph' to a guild behind in progress, usually.
  13. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    The First Update to ancient on Channeler is The Boss Before the Poacher the Ghost on top In Hunt Raid
    the 2nd is the The Cat T3 Encounter in Gulf Raid Takish.

    First on Wizzy // Warlock is the Crocodile in Delta Raid
    2nd is the Jelly Fish in Gulf Raid Takish

    And the chance to get the update chance increases with the casts of the EPIC spell during the fight on theses Bosses so on classes who have a reuse like Illu about 4min the raid should slow in DPS and extend the fight for more time to cast the spell as often as pos.

    But the Mojor point in this Epic Spell is the Mechanic it self
    DB made updates random instat guaranted if kill a specefic boss or clear a Zone Solo , Heroic Or Raid according to the Tier you are supposed to find.
    The RNG thing is one point many players are RID of EQ2 farm things 100 times or grind to claryfy is pain in the *** mechanic and not realy satisfying the fun in game. Better Way done it was EPCI 2 BUT only with less conditions > do a time line about 5 or 6 little Quests may on some stuff need help and JOB done and UPDATE 100% a thing you can work on with guaranted succes is much more game fun than run same stuff 100 times without any success which hurts players feelings alot.
    This RNG is like trying destroy a wall whith bar hands and in the end you see only bloody hands for no success anyway.

    hooow i have SPOKEN :)

  14. DENSER Well-Known Member

    Let's stop being surprised, it's been the content of live for a long time.
    Rng, grind at its peak.
    To each 'new content' its share of absurd repetitions .
    The only way to keep us going, with a small team at the maneuver .

    Prepare for the same for the upcoming expansion, etc etc.
  15. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Spot on with regards to tanks not being able to run those zones outside of guild raids and getting a lockout for the time you do happen to go in those zones with the guild.

    I understand the need to incentivise the players to go back to the raid zones but the way the content and itemisation has been handled in this expansion, it is just another thing you have to do out of sheer frustration then the willingness to be able to get your update out of fun exploration. Updates of this nature were done in the past but were better where sideways progression mobs also offered the update in case you missed it on the easier raid zones before. No reason for them not to add the update for Ancient on the first Stone or even Mahallah zone boss. There is little to no reason to go back to those raids if you are in the last tier of raids currently. May be if they were to add the H3 shards for the weapon quest, it could dull the pain of running T1 content...
  16. Anastaise Active Member

    Confirmed Fury 1st Celestial update is off Poacher Paol the Persistent
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  17. Miaga Member

    Anyone seen the fighter npc on Thurgadin recently? Have been checking quite a lot over the last week and no sign of it.

    Also given where we are in the expansion is it about time that the npc’s were made to be up all the time? It’s not going to break the game but it really would help alts and those new to the game to progress their quests.
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  18. Priority Well-Known Member

    SK celestial from Aldys. Idk where i got the pseudo update.
  19. Taled Well-Known Member

    The fighter *was* tied to the healer recently, on maj'dul, but apparently is not now. Not sure who it is spawning with now.

    (Edit: I do know you asked specifically on Thurgadin - I'm just pointing out that it has been changing it's spawn times for us, so whoever it has been tied to for you is likely changing as well. It has always been tied to the spawn times for one of the other three, though.)
  20. Miaga Member

    Guess I will just have to keep checking every 2 hours when I can (have checked at least 7 slots a day over the last week so it’s either hiding or not working), whoever thought this was an engaging and fun part of the quest line deserves to loose all their cookie privileges.

    Seriously after almost 8 months of the expac it’s time to just have them up all the time.
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