Epic repercussion spell + fabled bow vs our Mythical Eagle's Talon

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Corwinus, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Corwinus Guest

    I am at the very last step of Epic repercussion. The quest will be completed when I have Saib Wasseen perform the spell in "a place of solitude". But I can not still let go of my Mythical. It is not only the fact that it was hard to acquire, it is also the fact that I will have to say goodbye to zero range. So I have a few questions and I would be very grateful to get some enlighten answers:
    -Have some of you crossed that bridge (meaning got the spell)?
    - Do you get both the Eagle strike and Talon strike effect in that spell?
    -Did you, fellow Rangers, noticed a step back on your DPS at close range (can you still auto attack at close range without the point blank shot effect)?
    -Do you have to readorn the fabled version of your former Mythical?
    -What are the stats of that weapon? (+38 sta, + 64 agi, +42 int, +275 health, +275 power, +8% da, +6% crit)
    Thanks for the help
  2. ARCHIVED-Nevao Guest

    Corwin@Oasis wrote:
  3. ARCHIVED-kartikeya Guest

    Do note, the version of the bow that you get back also has 0 minimum range. For all that I'm irritated our mythical buff doesn't come with that feature, we DO still have the option of switching back to the mythical bow when we need to. You aren't losing anything but that DPS adornment by simply completing the quest.
  4. ARCHIVED-Corwinus Guest

    Thank you Nevaeo and Kartikeya, that fully answers my concerns. Still think something should be done about point blank shot but oh well. I will go for it.
  5. ARCHIVED-Seiffil Guest

    Corwin@Oasis wrote:
    Um...point blank shot was the ability that gave us the damage bonus for being within 20m, and then within 5m it wasn't anything that gave us the 0m range, they just changed it to give us the 20% damage bonus on auto attacks at any distance. The 0m range was a stat on the bow, not something that was granted because of the blue effects on the bow.
  6. ARCHIVED-Corwinus Guest

    ok, sorry for that by point blank shot i meant zero range. Still, my next concern is that aside from the Wyrm tendon longbow mentioned above which is a 165.9 rating bow, did you guys see any other fabled bow worth it compared to our eagle's talon?
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  8. ARCHIVED-Candoor Guest

    Considering you lose your 12dps adornment even the "upgrades" with 165 rating, 9 second delay etc.. are hardly significant.
    For Battlegrounds / PVP even IF you had an amazing bow considering everyone and their aunt slows/stuns/roots you it means a lot of fights are face to face whether you want them to be or not.
    Losing your ranged auto atk etc... due to the loss of 0 meter distance = dead ranger. With myth I can win some of those fights at least.
  9. ARCHIVED-macsux Guest

    Next time check how much dps you actually do in pvp from all the procs. Plus you can get your dps stat maxed with focus aim - most fights don't last 20s anyways. Finally I have mythical on hotbar when mob/pvp is on top of me for a quick switch.
  10. ARCHIVED-Candoor Guest

    Last time I checked focus aim does not last more than 19 seconds ish....
    So what am i supposed to do for the rest of the fights? Raid wise thats lose 12dps unless your in a stacked group - which considering our issues currently not many rangers are going to be in.....
    Bottom line 12dps aug counts for something and going to a t9 bow of normal raid drop stats right now = about the same dps for auto range atk with the extra penalty of losing the 0 meter distance. In my experience that sucks - not as in class cripling - but is it worth swapping your bow..... No it is not because we lose ther dps aug and lose the 0 range gain from myth.
    I can adjust on a number of raid fights to get the extra out of the t9 bows but group stuff in close proximity or BG there is only 1 choice right now for ranged wep and thats myth. SOE please fix the 0 meter crap.... honestly why are you so insistent on making us complete ***** under so many conditions? Finger wagglers are not handicaped that way and they dont pay through the nose for 30% of their dps...
    oh and my procs in bg - approx 12% of total dps... nothing that will make or break a fight. Most is CA's auto atk approx 25%.
  11. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    I've calculated it, any 165ish DR bow or higher will flat out do more damage than the myth with a 12 dps adorn, by quite a bit. Not to mention, at least with the wyrm tendon longbow you get crit bonus, potency, and a proc, and if your not getting crit bonus every chance you get without huge losses like a lot of crit chance when not close to 100% crit chance, that's one reason your parses might be lacking.

    I have yet to run into a situation where I was just wishing for the 0 meter stat back, and I have run every single group instance as well as all the Toxx mound encounters, all of perah celsis except wansu, and all of PoRT except roehn theer himself.

    The 0 range should have never been put in. It taught a lot of rangers VERY bad habits, such as being closer than 2 meters is EVER a good thing and shouldn't be avoided at all costs. If I ever wanted to fight at melee range I wouldn't have made a ranger. Yes sometimes its unavoidable that your target be melee range, thats why you could be spending that time trying to make distance instead of being 'melee ranger' and gimping your DPS.

    If your talking PvP/BG's, I don't care, nor do most other people.
  12. ARCHIVED-Candoor Guest

    You may not care but dont presume to speak for "most people". If you don't PVP/BG then I agree the impact is limited to certain raid mobs and the occasional mob movements (which btw is also f'in annoying and imo simply bad game design that it impacts only 1 class like that...).
    Im simply giving some feedback to the OP so he can make an informed decision depending on his play style and loot available to him.
    I know a t9 bow does more dps.. but it is not a significant amount - at best its incremental and most definitely not worth swapping to in BG as it leaves me a sitting duck for every single melee class in close quarters (yes I understand you don't care but others should know that including the devs).
    You might think that the 0 range should never have been put in but that does not make it a fact only your opinion. My opinion and many others is it should be there.
    Frankly I fail to see why rangers are punished in game mechanics so damn much - its hardly like its needed to keep us in line with dps or utility seeing we are not competing with assassins, wizzies, locks anymore (oh and half the t2 dps lot are alos out dps'ing us now).
  13. ARCHIVED-Sydares Guest

    Neiloch@Crushbone wrote:
    Yeah, I care so little that my myth is permanently on my hotbar.

    Wait, that's caring.
  14. ARCHIVED-kartikeya Guest

    Ah. Yes. Bad habits. Bad habits such as playing in a way that you personally don't like.
    Look, if game mechanics allowed me to stand way back and plink away without tanking my DPS, I would do that. They don't. Therefore I'm stuck in a very annoying, relatively small area in which I can perform max DPS. No other class is forced into staying between two to five meters for max DPS. Zip. Zero. None. Melee DPS can't be too far from the mob, but they are not penalized for being too close to the mob. Mages can stand anywhere with the single exception of a few spells that require being up near the mob.
    I will say again, if SOE wants us standing back being pure archers, SOE needs to revamp the class to be this way, and SOE needs to keep this in mind when it designs encounters. Revamp the class so that we're doing max DPS without having to stand up on the mob's butt, don't put in encounters that require us to stand on the mob's butt, and take away minimum range from the bow, at least for rangers, and I absolutely positively guarantee you that rangers will stand back with the mages and the healers and will not be up in melee range.
    Minimum range has nothing to do with whether or not rangers play at range. It is merely an extremely annoying mechanic that needs to die. The reason you are not playing at range is because you must be within the sweet spot for your damage. This existed before the mythical and obviously exists after the mythical. You are pointing fingers at the wrong mechanic to blame for your pet peeve here.
  15. ARCHIVED-Neiloch Guest

    What impression do you have that they won't, other than devs who are no longer there not doing it? It's well known for years they wouldn't do such such a change outside of a GU, yet people act like mechanic changes, increase in DPS or some removal of minimum range, should be thrown in with a hotfix. I'm sure they have 'something' coming down for the next GU for us but I doubt it will be everything we want, since we, or rather vocal rangers, have a laundry list.

    Actually some of the devs agree that the 0 range shouldn't have be put in, I'll edit this post later if I manage to find it but unfortunately I think it was said in the beta forums.

    Its annoying at most and frankly doesn't justify so much complaining unless you simply haven't adapted to handle it. If some ranger said his DPS was lacking because mobs kept getting too close when they don't have 100 aggro I would just laugh at them. Only thing I can think of that would make this such a huge problem is if there are rangers playing without having their left hand on the movement keys at all times, that would annoy me too, then again I would adapt and start playing so I could move at a moments notice pretty quickly.
  16. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    kartikeya wrote:
    /agree it isn't the bow that forced us to get into melee it was the mechanics that a certain Dev who shall remain nameless put in becuase his vision of Rangers were melee/range not Ranged wth abit of melee. heck Neiloch and others who are saying we never should have had 0 minum need to ask a few questions of those who broke us. If we are supposed to do our major dps ranged why do the ranged CAs take so long to cast while the melee cas are a 1-5 seconds or instantly? when are we going to get a flurry that works with ranged auto attack etc? . until they fix those and the encounter mechanics we are going to have to be in the sweet spot you say is a bad habit to get the most dps we can.

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