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Discussion in 'Mages' started by theriatis, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. theriatis Active Member


    i have my Epic 2.0 on my Main-Mage and now i was trying to do it on an Alt... and cannot see the Chest.
    My Main has every Quest Line since EQ2 started, the Alt only the necessities...

    I've read the Wiki and did everything requested.

    - Kunark Timeline (with Achievement + Secondary)
    - City Timeline
    - Class Timeline
    - Race Timeline.
    - Othmir Timeline till Osh was the New Seeker
    - 110 Adventurer and 15 Ascension.
    - Epic 1.0 including Mythical AND Epic Repercussions

    I was using Guise of Pursuit to do the Quests.

    Still, i'm flying since days over the Area where the Chest should be, Graphic settings everything on max, tried flying high, low, running around, nothing.

    Anyone an idea what i am missing here?

    Regards, theriatis.
  2. Vogie Active Member

    Did you do Cobalt Scar Timeline?
  3. theriatis Active Member

    Nope. As per Wiki it's for a later Step. But, i am frustrated enough to try it.
    Would have been a Questmarker with "you're still missing something do advance" be so hard to program?!
  4. Galarinn New Member

    If it's just a case of missing the chest you can make a macro "/target *nameofchest*". I did that and ran around the area spamming the macro. Hope you get to start the quest soon!
  5. Jhen Ro Active Member

    Checklist to START the Mage Epic - and therefore see the wandering chest and interact with it:
    1. Be level 100+ Mage
    2. Be on a current Ascension Level 5+
    3. Completed Qeynos (Verify completed: Kaedrin's Fate) or Freeport (Verify completed: Your Eternal Reward) Timeline
    4. Completed City Class quests (Qeynos Mages: In Too Deep; Freeport Mages: Of Spells and Swords)
    5. Completed Class Fabled Epic 1.0 (from the beginning - no skipping ahead!)
    6. Completed Kunark Ascending Timeline (Verify Completed: Kunark Ascending: A Nightmare Realized)
  6. Gaxx New Member

    Try chronoing down too level 100 and then look for the chest.
  7. Vulnere Active Member

    I got my mage 2.0 twice..once for an illy..once for a wizard.
    make sure you do cobalt scar timeline... on wikia it says shouldn't need to be done..but that's not correct..
    you have to do enough of it to dump you into the Othmir timeline. The second time I did it with the bauble,and was a little disappointed that it didn't do that much... mostly just eliminates the faction grind in Paineel.
  8. Rubick Well-Known Member

    The mage epic wasn't bad outside of that. The Paineel faction grind though is the worst faction grind I've ever done in this game. I was so sick of that zone and that 1 stupid quest (technically 2, but you know the repeatable I'm talking about) that I never want to see that zone again. That's why the mage one was worst imo. With the faction bauble I think the fighter one is worse.
  9. Vulnere Active Member

    Do you know what my Illy's last name title is?
    Hunter of Slugs.
    That faction grind scarred me for life.
  10. Earar Well-Known Member

    priest can be painfull ..

    all other archetype, their last quest is easy --> just go to arcanna'se

    priests still need another low chance drop item from AoM instance :( ... so close yet so far from finishing

    it does remove even less for fighters. fighters almost have no faction grind.
  11. theriatis Active Member

    Point 5: Class Fabled Epic from the Beginning. OMG. I think i did the "Skip" Thingie with the Twink, means i used the Shortcut to get the Shattered Weapon and then did Epic Repercussions. I currently have the Enervated Mythic in my Appearance Slot.

    I'll check that.
  12. ConcealFate Well-Known Member

    Is the Panieel faction you speak of Bastion of the Tranquil? I have done 34 quests there so far and have yet to see anything even mention Bastion faction. Not sure if im doing something wrong or what?
  13. semisus Well-Known Member

    You have to do the entire sundered frontier timeline so only in the end when u can get the repeatble will you gain faction , its like 78 quests or something before that.
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  14. Rubick Well-Known Member

    By the time it was over I had completed 154 quests (I think, not logged in right now) in SF and that's not counting having to do that horrible repeatable 60ish times. Yes, I was talking about Bastion of the Tranquil. Welcome to hell ConcealFate.
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  15. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Bastion faction took me nine hours to complete. NINE. And that's with having completed the SF timeline when it first came out. All to buy something from a vendor. Needless to say, I did this once and will likely never get my epic 2.0 on any of my alts of any class, because nine hours of the same quest is about the same stupidity as six months of doing the same quests for three hours to get Ascension x4. (And the reason why I didn't purchase PoP and am grateful for it.)
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  16. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Yeah, having to do quests and doing the exact same quest for 9 hours straight are totally the same thing. It's players like YOU that most people would prefer to see quit the game.
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  17. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Really, dude? You can't respond without disparaging and otherwise trolling? You do realize you are making yourself appear childish.

    As pointed out in an earlier post, the bauble does, indeed, fix the Bastion Faction, if you happen to have thousands of plat and status lying around to get it. It also doesn't do much for the other factions to grind, nor does it do anything for the grind to get your Ascension class to level 10. Both of these things are daunting and/or overwhelming for new and old players alike, especially if playtime is limited. Doing it the first time did not make me want to spend my plat to do all again, nor did it prompt me into buying the new expac for more of the same.

    Yes, this game is called Everquest 2, because it is a nice name for a game that involves quests and is a sequel to the original. Questing is not doing the same thing repeatedly with a quest attached to it, though; that is called Grinding. If I had the opportunity to do fifty different quests, I would be all over it. I recommended this several times for tradeskill timelines in the past to eliminate the grind. Heck, I would've taken doing a slew of different book quests, which includes slaying the same three things repeatedly, but at least it ends after ten and you get a house item as a reward. Grinding is not fun, and there are hundreds up on hundreds of posts in these forums stating the exact same thing.
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  18. Steelviper Active Member

    While I can understand most people's frustration with the heavy grinding involing epic 2.0 quests, one also got to understans that most MMORPGs have always been about "grinding to achieve big rewards" - those kind of games are just not the same as single-player full-fledged RPG games. You simply got to invest time & work to get bigger rewards compared vs. other players, and while grinding as work is old, Everquest II is old, too.
  19. luxxxaeterna Member

    Depends of the targeted gaming population.Just for the most part of this games history we didnt have any problems with surviving and gearing for heroics.Even in ToT you could gear for tier1 raid in a couple of days.I dont want it to be that way but atleast to be relatively easy to gear for tier1 heroics.Now they build current heroic encounters with those items in mind, wich is killing a lot of the returning and new player base, and believe me soon you will have no one to raid with.
  20. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Nobody is complaining about having to grind. I enjoy the time sink factor and having to spend a lot of time getting stuff to get that rewarding feeling out of finally attaining it. However, there's not a single thing fun or rewarding about doing the same quest for 9 hours straight as part of a pre-requisite.
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