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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Zenji, Apr 28, 2020.

  1. Zenji Well-Known Member

    So who thought it was a good idea to not only put CMM in with the kill list, but a SPECIFIC named mob in Catacombs, a contested zone?!?

    Player feedback has been given dozens of times on Hunter Quests, and it is obviously being ignored.

    This is poor design. It just shows how out of touch the developers are, when it comes to the TLE servers.
  2. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Get your /target Macros ready!
  3. Vulaz New Member

    Forward thinking is hard m'kaaaaay... grats to the 36 groups per reset that will get it when he's in rotation lol

    Genius idea!
  4. Xulos Member

    Three groups stacked up in the Exterminator room, all waiting for updates and spamming blue AoE's to try and nab aggro first.

    This game has been going for 15 years and you put in an obviously negative experience that players have complained about for a long time, every time it happens.

    It really feels like this mob was chosen just so you could do some dumb alliteration with "Exterminate the Exterminator."

    Please fix this. You will kill this server if you keep doing things like this. There's 6 more weeks until the next content and this is how people stay busy and have fun until then. That's literally what it was designed for, right? People won't log in to do these if you keep doing this.
  5. Rayzor Member

    In Discord they said they're removing all contested hunter's updates.
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  6. Zenji Well-Known Member

    It is fantastic to see a quick response from them on the matter.

    It is a shame it took people raging in discord to get it done though. Only if there was a way to collect and review player feedback. Then make design decisions with that feedback in mind.
  7. Chrol Developer

    These missions will all have instanced targets going forward.
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  8. Nathaniel New Member

    Going forward as in the next tier, or going forward as in you're changing them so that it won't happen again after today?
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  9. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    So is the hunters gear gonna be made good.

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