EoF Beta and Nektropos 3

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  1. Fyreflyte Developer

    I did not modify any of the class focus effects. I did, however, update set bonuses on all class sets to include some blue stats that will be generally useful to everyone - this will make set bonuses desirable even if specific class focuses no longer give relevant rewards.
    I updated the bonuses on all Legendary and all Fabled class sets. And a few of the non-class sets.
  2. Fyreflyte Developer

    I also wanted to point out one additional patch note that I posted to Discord, but realized I had not stuck here yet:
    The Statuette of Lady Tera for the Soulfire quest line can now be found somewhere in Nektropos: Tribulation (in addition to its original location).

    This means the Soulfire timeline can now be completed prior to the release of Unrest (which is still scheduled as a mid-expansion update).
    Edit: Fixed font. Stupid copy/paste!
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  3. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Thank you for replying, looking forward to EoF and a new AA tree.

    Just to point it out tho, focused casting is not a class focus, it's an AA ability and an important one at that for the warlock. There are so many things that grant CB in both class focus points and in AA it's almost frustrating. Wish you could figure out a simple fix for this =/
  4. Keldo Member

    Having played through almost all of Greater Faydark's starting quests (Nursery, Kelethin, etc.), I just wanted to say thank you. The itemization and quest rewards from this rendition of EoF are much more consistent than Stormhold. In fact, they're more consistent than any time I've gone back and leveled a character in the last 10 years. Your efforts are truly appreciated, excellent work.

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