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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Fyreflyte, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Fyreflyte Developer

    Update: We likely won't have a beta for EoF content, due to technical reasons (the server used for beta testing has a different set of data on it currently, and migrating it all to another server and back while we do a beta test would take up a lot of time), and also because the short time frame often doesn't give us a lot of usable data. That said, I'll be paying close attention to feedback both before and after the EoF content launches, and will attempt to correct anything I feasibly can in a timely manner.

    I've also seen a number of questions about Nektropos: Tribulation. That zone was slated for release with the Fallen Dynasty content, but it was never properly itemized, and we've decided to release it alongside the EoF content. Item stats have been tuned to that expansion. This should help supplement the somewhat light amount of level 70 heroic content in EoF proper.
  2. Lenarr Member

    Does this imply that we aren't going to get EoF March 6?
  3. Fyreflyte Developer

    We still have it scheduled to release on the 6th. I'll post an update if anything pushes that date back.
  4. Lenarr Member

    Thanks for the update!
  5. Tru of Guk Member

    Thanks for the update Fyreflyte
  6. kozmic New Member

    So with that mindset does that imply that we wont have any future beta testing for expansions after Eof either?
  7. Adoninilol Active Member

    Oh, so you mean not including the actual gear for KoS in the KoS beta didn't give you feedback that was feasible?

    Also the fact that no place to actually put feedback in the past few beta's didn't produce any feedback that was "feasible" and have any use?


    I'm glad the beta's were just a guise to keep us happy.

    Thank you for being honest, and keeping a flippant attitude towards TLE.
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  8. Fistpower Active Member

    Well you are gonna be busy...

    Not only are there fabled class sets in EoF that should be BiS, the legendary sets should be updated too. Then you got the 7 heritage quests where you also gotta make 90/100 versions on live servers. Then theres the 5 signature quest rewards and finally, just the 6 contested/heroic zones that should have updated gear.

    Is DBG collapsing on them self? Are you overburdened? I dont understand how you cant have a beta for your server, where u got nothing but paying customers.
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  9. Zenji Well-Known Member

    -Ok so we don't get an EoF beta, because you all don't know how to look at a calendar? The tentative EoF release date has been known for at least 9 months.

    -That is brilliant, if 1 week of Beta is to short to get much usable data, so just cancel it all together. I am sure you will get more usable data out of that. The alternative would have been to make it a 2-3 week beta, with era appropriate items, and a proper avenue to post feedback, like a TLE Beta Feedback forum.

    -So yes Nek 3 was due to be out during KoS, but the inability to look at a calendar and plan ahead failed you all again.

    This all is just added on to a long list of things that show that the TLE servers are very low on the priority list of DBG.
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  10. Atan Well-Known Member

    I think this is an unfortunate turn of events, basically no check to see if content is tuned appropriately. Given the history of your previous TLE efforts, I (and I'd assume others) have concerns that this could be off resulting in a week or more of unplayable content after it goes live. Or, alternatively it could all be meaningless too easy content cleared in 2 days, which is probably even worse results.

    As far as itemization, quite honestly you could share a spreadsheet of the items and players could identify where there are some issues, play testing would really only serve to identify broken effects.
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  11. Fistpower Active Member

    EoF raids the first week is either going to wreck tanks and we wont be able to summoner tank it like on stormhold. Or be cleared within one raid week.

    Welcome to the next 12 weeks lads.
  12. Mariebella Member

    So on a totally unrelated note-- city fests, will they be active once eof comes out? If so is there anyway to get the neriak city fest a few days earlier so we have it for the full week?
  13. kozmic New Member

    they've been active, just havent been in available cities. check your in game calendar to see when and where they will be. they are the first week of each month and they rotate to each city.
  14. Mariebella Member

    The only city fest we have had on FG is New Halas and that was an fluke (it wasn't active on live so they pressed a button and everyone got it.) Trust me I would know if they had been available.
  15. BulletCatcher66 Active Member


    I hope your able to find some happiness in life instead of always finding the things you don't have. You're outlook might improve and become more positive.

    It's like you don't realize you have power here. The power to not participate. You don't like what devs are doing or you don't like the direction of the game? You can choose to not participate. But you choose to participate, then complain with an insatiable hunger beyond reason. You're stressing yourself out you know? How many months are you going to continue posting about all the negativity and your own perceived faults with the game? Then to see your toon in game. Who wants to grp with such a negative person / guild?

    Thanks devs. Looking forward to getting into EoF as soon as possible. I'm sure there will be a few bugs, but when does that no happen? its all good.
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  16. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    they are only active on live and possibly SH, they were not enabled on FG. as marie said, FG getting New Halas was an accident and unintended.

    once all the cities that have it and all zones that have moonlight enchantments are avail, it's us addicted decorators' hope that we will have both on FG.
  17. Fyreflyte Developer

    I don't have any firsthand knowledge of how city fests are controlled on TLE servers, but from what I've gathered, they should be running as long as any content relevant to them is enabled. Typically Live events are run by special scripted controllers that manage them across all servers, so it's doubtful that any particular city festival could be run sooner/longer on one particular server without rewriting things (meaning it's unlikely that we can turn on the Neriak fest early).
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  18. Fyreflyte Developer

    While I'm not going to reply to any of the specific points in the responses about the lack of beta, it has nothing to do with poor planning or lack of caring; it's mainly a factor of poor results in the past. It takes a lot of time and effort to set beta servers up, and we haven't always had enough TLE players log in and give useful feedback to make that effort pay off. That is not an accusation against anyone, it's simply a function of the short timetable. From an itemization standpoint, I end up getting far more useful feedback once the content launches and you all are acquiring the items naturally. During beta a good portion of the feedback I receive is made using cached versions of items that have already been changed.
    In a perfect world, with unlimited time and resources, we'd love to do a beta before every content unlock. But we're operating on a 6-week cycle, and trying to get beta servers up and running that frequently and entice players on to them for testing just hasn't been working out. That doesn't mean we're blanket canceling all TLE betas; if we have points where they'd be useful, we'll certainly try to run them. But for EoF and its mid-expansion content, we are not planning on running betas at this time.
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  19. Fistpower Active Member

    Thanks for taking the time to let us know what is happening Fyreflyte. You rock!

    Thats the kind of posts we could use more of from the developers.
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  20. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    i've tried a few betas, unfortunately there's always been some sort of issue that prevents me from doing them, usually /beta or /copy or whatever the command is not working at the time. the last time i tried, i think i finally was enabled the day before the expac was due to come out, i stopped trying after that. these situations can hamper players testing.

    even if we miss neriak (i can see marie plotting to kill me, next time she tanks, for this), hopefully we will at least have moonlight enchantments... as we will have all the lands available by then that they are in.

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