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Discussion in 'Raid Discussion' started by mitsybitsy, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. mitsybitsy Member

    lets start by saying we know this is not set in Stone yet and is Subject to change.

    Could you give us the Rough Number you are currently working with in relation to entry lvl T1 raid mobs.

    this way we can see how much gear we need to change/farm to be close to viable for first raids.
  2. Gninja Developer

    Resolve for Tier1 raid starts at 1200ish
  3. Version New Member

    So this is a 100% gear reset, as 45*21 gear, + 45 mount as a baseline is 990?

    upgraded to lvl 10 weapons/ranged can go to 50+, but that'd still be in the 1k-1100 range.

    Will there be *any* carry over from this xpac to next, aside from class spells and most of the ascensions?
  4. semisus Well-Known Member

    Can you also share the entry lvl resolve requirement for heroics?
  5. Uncle Active Member

    crafted is 60 resolve.. i haven't fired up my crafter's yet to see the stats of crafted gear as of this post

  6. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The MC gear is significantly low on potency.. even when compared to the quest drops.
    Quest boots have 747 pot 40 resolve
    MC boots have 672 pot 60 resolve

    Given the hit our potency is taking in CD, that is a significant amount, especially when added up across many slots.
  7. Gninja Developer

    The idea isn't to cause players to go down on DPS you should be getting equal portions of fervor to how much potency contributed toward your DPS. If that is not the case /bug or /feedback it.

    We will also be taking a look at some of the more difficult to obtain items from last expac and potentially increasing the resolve values on those items only.
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  8. Clintsat Active Member

    That would be fantastic. Thinks like the recent Guk frenzy/collection items and t4 raid armor/settings should probably be ok to use getting into t1 raids.
  9. Anatha Active Member

    Cow helm and collection DC neck would be the 2 I want to keep. I guess with the new mount that can be leveled, it makes the craft quest one obsolete this expac. Some of us don't have T4 gear. I would also like to see the ethereal armor last for a few months! At least the adornments will be viable until better comes along next summer.
  10. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    I am currently leveling my craft mount from PoP while in Beta. It appears it's not specific to the mounts attained in the new expac, but all mounts?
  11. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Mounts don't get better when they level, they just unlock more equipment slots. It works pretty much the same as merc 'levels'.
    And ALL mounts get the slots, not just CD mounts.
  12. Earar Well-Known Member

    then why fighter offensive stance gives 25 fervor until cancelled (instead of 20% of base potency)

    scout's dragon claw gives 13 fervor for 10 sec (used to be 25% of base pot)

    priest's cloak of divinity is now down to 5.8 fervor for 10 sec (used to be 20% of base pot)

    coz one of our only way to boost priest dps (even for few sec) is really nerfed compared to other classes. And priests should also be allowed to have some burst dps for brief amount of time
  13. Vilento New Member

    I agree with this. going to a pretty small, flat amount of fervor (when you are dumping tons of static fervor on us anyway) from 20/25% of base potency is a major nerf! especially punishes those who are able to incorporate it well into their rotation.

    I know you want to shift away from pot to fervor for the most part in a way where the additional fervor makes up for the lost damage. that might work for static stats, but maybe you could consider removing this particular change on these temp buffs?
    Keep in mind, that unlike before dragon claws and cloak of divinity is now not combinable with cel. gate anymore which will lose a lot of value on its own already cause the relative fervor increase will go down and we might get less temporary fervor from it depening on what happens with fervor cap/overcap

    /edit: i know this isnt exactly the purpose of this threat, should i make a new one just to repeat the exact same statement?
  14. Sakurra Member

    okay and why my shields will lose mo re then the half of hitpoints? it seems that the wards from shaman are not affected by fervor. I have, to gain 1200 resolve, geared my char up with the new MC gear. at the end i have only 55k pot left, will lose 35 fervor cuz i must change my weapon ( classweapon) and have only 3200 cb left.......
  15. Uncle Active Member

    SO with T2 heroic going to 1334 resolve today are t1 raids remaining at 1200 or are they changing as well
  16. Darchon6 Member

    With the adjustments they made to resolve, not even top tier raiders with the best equipment from PoP will meet the resolve check for T1 heroics, much less the raids.

    In the transition from Kunark Ascending to Planes of Prophecy, players did not have to replace their T4 raid armor and jewelry with solo / mastercrafted gear to get started on the heroics or raids. While signature and heroic rewards were somewhat superior to the old raid gear, they were not mandatory to raid the new content.

    For the sake of comparison, KA T4 raid jewelry had 23 resolve and 2.3k potency while mastercrafted jewelry had 24 resolve and 1.7k potency. The minor difference in resolve was not mandatory to start grouping / raiding in PoP -- players only had to level up their adventure and ascension levels which took no time at all.

    T1 and T2 heroic items in PoP have 26 and 29 resolve respectively with similar / superior amounts of potency to the best raid gear in the previous expansion. I found this to be acceptable -- while it provided an edge, it was not necessary to begin raiding in PoP.

    Now looking forward to the transition from PoP to CD, top tier raid jewelry of PoP has around 3.5k - 3.7k base potency and 35 resolve while mastercrafted gear of CD has 2.6k potency and 60(!) resolve. Even with the enhancements to planar ethereal shoulders + BP and crown of hatred, top tier raiders are not going to have much more than 870 - 900 resolve while T1 heroic content requires something in the ballpark of 1070--don't quote me on the exact amount as I haven't stepped foot in a heroic zone since the change was deployed on beta.

    The point is that players will be forced to replace their hard-earned raid gear from PoP with solo / mastercrafted gear in CD. This does not create a natural sense of progression as you're sacrificing potency to gain resolve on gear that is far easier to obtain in order to gain entry to even the most basic of heroic content the expansion has to offer. Raiding? Forget it -- you're not going to start until you have close to a full set of heroic gear.

    I can draw the following conclusions:

    1. The devs want everyone to be on the same page at the start of CD regardless of their playstyle during PoP -- a slap on the face for the raiding community.

    2. They want to artificially increase the amount of time it takes to progress. Finishing the raid content will take longer if players have to take the route of solo / tradeskill content -> T1 heroics -> T2 heroics -> T1 raids -> so on and so forth. Nevermind the fact that the majority of raiders want to raid, not solo or group.

    I tried to illustrate this point on discord, but the result is that I am now posting it here instead -- I'll leave the reason for that to your imagination.
  17. Gninja Developer

    I think if you do a fresh copy and run some zones you will find it takes a lot less time than you might think to gear up to entry level raids. Is it more time than previous? For sure. But not by a whole lot. I wouldn't be surprised to see players killing some of the entry level raid content a week or two into the expansion.
  18. Darchon6 Member

    I'm not disputing that it won't take much time to become raid ready in the expansion (it'll definitely be faster for those with the planar shoulders / bp and crown of hatred). The heroic content is generously rewarding from what I have seen, and the reset timers for those zones are small enough to run them multiple times a day.

    The issue lies more so in the fact that top tier raiders from PoP will have to go backwards in order to move forwards due to resolve differences between the old raid equipment and solo / mastercrafted gear -- that doesn't quite feel right to me. I know it's just an opinion, but I know that some of my guildmates at least feel the same way. I think the general expectation is that top-of-the-line raid gear from PoP shouldn't be replaced until at least the heroic level of CD. Thanks for the response, btw. It's good to see that forums are being actively utilized by staff members.
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  19. Arieva Well-Known Member

    I personally think a 100% forced gear reset isn't a bad thing. I'd like to think there's a purpose behind it, like maybe we'll see some real look at balance continuing after launch? Raiding hasn't been "right" for a while..since it started requiring items like a meta neck and heroic gotten gems for raid progression. Adapt or quit I guess. Incidentally I created a thread on the general forum about the need for heroic gotten gems going forward in raiding and how it effected my guild in PoP. I'd appreciate it if Gninja would have a peek if he has any sway on those type of issues.
  20. Earar Well-Known Member

    The problem is that you’ll get worst stats just to get better resolve.

    They forced us to grind like crazy in PoP. To burn players out with all the grind. To even add more grind in summer ... just in caE we’re bored just to force us to reEt everything right at the xpac start.

    It just makes me wanna stop grindibg, stop trying. Or i hope they change the required pkaystyke. Coz bo way i’l gonna gribd myself that way this xpac. Not if the benefits ladt so little

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