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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Sep 9, 2014.

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  1. Jumjumbandito Member

    Welcome Roshen!
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  2. Armageddoux Active Member

    Welcome Roshen hopefully you will spend a long time with us
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  3. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    More mythical critters as mounts would totally rock! And we have duststingers, or whatever they're called (they're nice and non-aggro in the baby zones in The Commonlands [just up from the docks], and aggro in other places, like Mok Rent and The Feerrott); those ARE manticores, basically (the wings, the scorpion tail, the "human" face...kinda cute, actually). That would make a fascinating mount in any color! :)

    +1 for the other choices, as well! :)

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  4. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a hint of things to come 'soon'. :D

    Hmm Hero Festival is coming up soon. What better time to introduce the duck mount? Didn't Daffy Duck used to run around playing super hero?
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  5. Kinya Active Member

  6. Chama Member

    Greetings Roshen,

    Welcome to EQ2.

    No fb or twitter for me - i am a forum user.
    EQ2wire is my 2nd source of info for this game.

    If i have the time i watch EQ2 Insider and i like the chats.

    I have no idea about improving community relations since you are limitid in many ways.
    I mean you are not the boss and you have to work in SOEs interest.
    So i won't bother you with fairytale wishes like honesty etc.

    I like to see information in time and some love for the people from the community manager.
  7. Lynxxi New Member

    I had never thought of getting involved in this here stuffs even after playing 11 yrs BUT I have to say Lodrelhai made me laugh til I peed my pants Keep it up Lord knows we need more laughter oh wait I signed up for this all on my own didn't I? omg I kept reading and I have to say I am now wearing depends I knew it would happen someday
  8. Wesmo New Member

    Welcome @Roshen, is good to have you. Just helping you catching up @ttobey is trying to make us a duck mount against our will, so far we are able to resist his arguments, but we need help. :rolleyes:

  9. Tylia Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome!
    I use FB (because my kids and grandkids do). I don't have a clue how to use Twitter, but I read the posts in the sidebar on the main Forum page. I read the forums regularly, and I have not yet seen EQ2 Insider.
    I don't play any other games, so no help there.
    My request is to just keep the forums updated and do not assume that people will see announcements made on FB or Twitter. ;)
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  10. blueangle Member

    In eq1 we had a command something like "/output_inventory" that would ouput to a text file of all of a characters inventory. I could then import that text file into a spreadsheet parse it. I then had a record that could be sorted by item. I could find any item in any characters inventory in a matter of minutes. Please could we have that command in eq2? With the personal bank, shared bank, broker and house storage it sometimes can take a lot of time to find that one thing you know you have but simply can't remember where it is.
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  11. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    And a Search function in the House Item list in our homes!! One as good as the one in the recipe list (especially helpful there when we're doing Rush Writs; type in a few elements of the name of the thing, boom, there you are, quickly) or the Broker! What with all the old types of names ("a pristine abondanza cutter" will show up elsewhere than "abondanza cutter" or "an abondanza cutter" in a purely alphabetical, no Search function list) for old items showing up in old houses, it's nearly impossible to find anything, especially if you don't remember the exact name and its configuration. Having to wade through a list like that in a place with hundreds, if not thousands of items now with Building Blocks, is a major waste of time and very frustrating. :-/

    who, no, is not gonna give up the old stuff; a lot of that isn't obtainable any more...and who figures giving US a Search function would make it infinitely easier on the DEVS...who probably don't want to go around changing the names of every single item out there... ;->
  12. Katz Well-Known Member

    I do use Facebook but not every day. It is useful to get information if the games are down and the forums are unavailable. I don't use twitter. On facebook, other than getting breaking news, I like the highlights of players, housing, news about the game, what the EQ2 devs have been doing, etc. Oh and I check forums every day so it is by far what I use most. I also check EQ2Wire for news each day.

    EQ2 Insider, I really like the format that it has had lately. I like having several people there who are highlighting different things, I like the Question and Answers part, and I like the Housing showcase at the end. I would like to have a little chat about lore each time.

    What else do I want to share? We want duck mounts. Oh and we like to joke around and banter a lot. We also get irritable if we are left alone too much. Or maybe its bored. Then we get into trouble and that makes us irritable. Or maybe I just imagined that. :D
  13. Roshen Well-Known Member

    I don't think I can help you there. I learned during my PAX Prime trip that sometimes things happen when people want to ride the ducks...

  14. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    LOL I knew that was coming!! I'll throw my vote in for those. :D
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  15. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Still gonna need some--dare I say it--tack so important limbs (and other bodily regions) don't get dissolved... :-/

    A nice cushion, perhaps? ;->

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  16. Talaen Member

    Welcome to EQ2 Roshen. I hope you're ready for us!

    For news I tend to rely on what's linked on the Launchpad - not kidding. Between work and life, I don't have time to keep up with Facebook, twitter, or go watch long videos most of the time. Well, not if I want to actually play anyway. I try to check in on the forums every couple of days otherwise, so I hope that news will continue to come here as well as all the other places that people care about.

    You all do a pretty good job for the community but what I'd really love to see is more dev blogs/diaries - we go a pretty long time between releases, and so it's nice to sometimes see a dev talk about what they're working on, whether it's quashing a particularly troublesome bug, or building some new quests or a zone, or animating a duck mount. Maybe ya'll are doing this in the Insider, and I just haven't seen it happen. But you did ask :)
  17. Grundge Active Member

    Welcome to the Norrath of the future. :)

    Glad to have you here. Can't wait to see you posting the updates in the Official SOE Duck Mount thread. Godspeed my friend. :D
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  18. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    This is all about that silly Duck Tales alternate opening, isn't it? :-/

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  19. Naramsin Well-Known Member

    While we are on the search function: I would like to see the ability to find a list of recipes in my recipe book by entering the name of a resource. So if I enter "cobalt cluster" into the search box, it will generate a list like:

    Cobalt Vanguard Breastplate
    Cobalt Flamberge
    Cobalt Tower-shield
    Cobalt Broadhead Arrows
  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Hmm...can't we do that now just by typing in "Cobalt" into the recipe blank line? I know there are items that use Cobalt that don't have it explicitly in the name, though, and that would be nice. ;->

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