Enough with the infusers already...

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Rargo, Dec 24, 2019.

  1. Bleed Member

    atleast they make my bags look pretty.... all those pretty colors!
  2. CSP84 Well-Known Member

    And now there are TWO infuser of each type the "normal" one and the "quested" one...........
  3. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    I call BS.

    * I pay plenty. Since launch of BoL, at least an additional $50 and I'm sure it will continue to go up in the first few months. I'm not trying to get to raids faster at all.

    * I read quests. Raiders often don't. That's for me to enjoy.I also try and find more lore from websites and forums to get the backstory.

    * There are heroics and PQs. The more frequently people can do these and the better the rewards the more popular they are. There's something fun about having 30-50 people all fighting one mob.

    * The "raiders" sometimes aren't. The SLR raid geared people aren't really raiders. But they make a great addition to heroics and I used to love it when a tank or other would regularly run heroics because it made it a bit easier. Not too easy, just easier. It's these "raiders" who spend a huge amount to be suddenly geared. Real raiders don't need to spend a lot because each expac they geared up and are already close to the bleeding edge.

    * I hear a lot of complaining about tradeskill lately. I've even moved away from it myself because it's just getting too weird. But tradeskillers enjoy the game in a different way too. And you certainly can't say that TS lately has been "repetitive" or samey. I may not like it but it's been innovative.

    All styles of play spend money and they all have their own ways of enjoying the game.
  4. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    Someone on another thread gave the advice that Solos are easier if your potency is above 100k. I can bear witness that this is true, but it doesn't mean that the solos weren't too hard at first (that's another topic). I finished the signature quest with help from a friend, and at the end I had a full set of Resolve 155 gear. I infused it and went from about 96k to 103k. Then I got a lucky drop of a mount with a bit over 11k potency (my previous one was 6k). That was a solo reward crate. I haven't even stepped into a heroic yet and my potency is now 109k before group buffs.

    Infuse after you get to the end of the signature quest. To afford the plat, I actually sold a lot of the early rares (there are rare fish, and they sell for a lot still) and shiny's I found. About half of what I found, I sold immediately while the price was still high. Some prices haven't dropped yet, and some items that are tradeable from the landscape nameds go for a pretty pile of plat because people have alts that need gear - no tradeskill necessary. I didn't keep more than a few shiny's from solos until the second go around. But I'd sell a Krono if necessary.

    In a few months when my heroic gear is in place, I'll infuse again.
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  5. Raff Well-Known Member

    What is wrong with you people?...Use the darn things. Use every single one of them. Go back to CD and harvest rares to make Celestial Infusers...use those too. Plat infuse if you can. Infuse every single piece of gear you have on no matter what the resolve is. Then infuse as you replace pieces.

    Stay max infused.

    And watch your stats climb like crazy.
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  6. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    And money, time and interest for the game go down the drain.
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  7. Raff Well-Known Member

    Cause it is really too much trouble to right click an item and add it to a piece of gear?
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  8. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    OK look. At no time has EQ2 ever given you a weapon or item that you couldn't improve somehow. That's one of the best features of EQ/EQ2. Finding buffs is central to the enjoyment of the game for many. Even at level 20 you could make adornments for your gear. How is this different? And what money does it take? Fake money/ plat? And how much time does it take to make an adornment?

    I suspect the question you should be asking is, "how do I make enough plat to afford it?" That's a valid question, it's not too hard to make plat but it does take some strategy to get it faster. Do you know how to SLR? Here's the loot tables that we know about. Lots of those items are worth SLRing.


    I've only seen once or twice that someone didn't pay, it's almost unheard of. And when it happens the whole server hears of it.

    I'm not sure what the going price would be for a Red adorn though. Even from a solo, it might go high. I'd start that at around 250k. If no takers in 1 min, 100k. You have about 15 minutes to make a deal and complete the trade. I'd expect a red adorn to go for around 400-500k plat. Now that's way more than you could ever spend on infusing.

    But SLR is not the only way, it's just a very quick way.
  9. Treiko Active Member

    While some people are complaining about having to infuse, the OP is just annoyed that infusers make up 90% of the loot from every single thing we do. There comes a point, just like with plat infusing, that you can no longer use these infusers on your gear because they have reached max potential from that infuser. Most of the time you can sell the extras for a nice bt of coin on the broker. The quested ones however, are no-trade even on IoR. I only have a couple of them myself, but I am already feeling burnt out in this expac anyway. I can attest to the lack of variety in loot rewards though. I am about to reach a point with overseer quests that I just don't bother with them. I either get a collectible, or i get a set of those stupid potions I don't use anyway.
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  10. duckster Active Member

    Need infused bags to carry all the extra infusers....

    I mean spending the ingame currency to get more of the same infusers is the best feeling ! Like the RNG gods feel the need to bless us with more infusers each time you use loot a mission crate . Its awesome.
  11. Merriel Well-Known Member

    I play to relax and enjoy the game after a long hard day at work. I don't play to do a second job that I don't get paid for, doing tedious, mind -numbing, senseless work. It isn't worth it to me, it never will be and I don't know whatever gave DBG the idea that it would be.
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  12. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    20% infusers. hooray. much appreciation. o_O
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  13. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I actually like all the infusers, especially the heirloom ones. Makes things a lot easier :D
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  14. dorotea Well-Known Member

    >instead of giving us direct upgrades, as every other mmorpg does, we are forced to spend thousands of money and play an rng roulette. It's really annoying and certanly does not help to keep us being interested in the game.<

    LOTRO has a very similar system for high level weapons. And they will never change it - too many have invested hundreds or thousands of hours into improving what they have.
  15. Rargo Active Member

    I failed to make my point clear I guess. They are rewarding us with infusers too much. I use them, sure but I have stacks of them and not enough worthy gear to use them on. When you can only buy a reward crate once every five hours and 90% of the time you get an infuser there is something wrong. Where is the balance?
  16. Ramone_AB Active Member

    To expand upon Rargo's comment, the amount of items in the crates should result in a 2-5% chance and I am being generous here *too lazy to do the math* of getting infusers. It's been a while since the dev's were this damn stingy on loot. You can only use items upto a certain point then the infusing items sit in the bags, as we all know when will the next upgrade come?

    ATM its a resolve chase with hopes infusing will make up for the change in gear when you get said upgrade.
  17. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    There is no balance, and I'm guessing it's more like 99% chance of getting a 20% infuser.
    It's honestly infuriating. I've stopped wasting plat and coins to try and get advanced crafting books with adventure currency.
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  18. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    When I play a game I want to see progression, I want to be rewarded, I want to feel excitement when I get or do something new.
    The curent endgame is just plainly stupid and boring: an endless dungeon crawl with little to know reward. There are good and interresting ideas in the expansion, I like additional overland achievements for example, but in general the expansion is a boring grind mess. Putting every type of rewards altogether in one crate is a huge mistake that kills the desire to play the game. If I want crafting materials, I go harvesting, there is no need for them in random crates. Crating books shall come from crafting activities. I am not even a crafter, I have no use for them and I certanly don't want to see them. And so on and so forth...

    You know what, Ny'alotha raid is out in 3 weeks. I haven't raided in WoW for years, but I strongly consider joining some raiding guild there and reducing my EQ2 activity to mimimum.
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  19. wazul Active Member

    i was a raider, and i am happy to not come back and playing atm modern game....

    i follow this forum, because nostalgia eq1 and eq2 was my unique game beetwen 2000 and 2017....

    but Ptw and poor balance class (wizard inside), and intense farming.... deleting in my hard drive all DB files.

    before altare of malice, BIS item in raid, and pre-requit for raid was only master spell and max lvl.
    In altar of malice, you need good resist.

    before POP, raid still offer BIS item, but you need CB for ascension..... and resolve exist but easy to obtain. First signs that the developers no longer wish the return of former players but only want to bleed the remaining players dry.

    IN POP, for bis item, no need raid, but plenty hours for farm same heroic, for collec. and you need plenty time and cash, (virtual or real) for obtain ancien tier for spell.

    after POP.... new tier for spell.... I haven't personally tested it, but what I've read indicates that the worst that has ever been invented has become the norm.

    in mmorpg there's morpg. The basis is choice. And therefore unique choices. Here it's the clone army, only one path, and a lot of pain.
  20. Raff Well-Known Member

    How many crafters do you have Merriel? Talk about tedious, mind -numbing, senseless work.

    That said, no game is ever going to make everyone happy. However, now that my gear (and many others) is getting better? We're starting on beginning heroics groups. Pugs & guild groups...but you need to infuse.

    And if you are getting better gear as you go along..like you should be? You shouldn't be stacking up infusers. Hell, I can't get enough of them. Always out. Which is why I'm crafting them from CD mats. All the resolve in the world without infused gear will just make you die over and over in Heroics.

    Well that and not having an Illy or Coercer (or enough etherealists) in your group...cause power drain is a real thing in this xpac.

    Hey DB...how bout you give us Defiler's our power feed back?
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