Enough with the infusers already...

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Rargo, Dec 24, 2019.

  1. Rargo Active Member

    Everything is dropping infusers. The reward crates have over 150 items and 9 out of 10 times I get an infuser.
    Just finished the new PQ and sure enough got an infuser as the reward of killing about 100 mobs.
    The overseer's rewards are mostly infusers. Enough already.
    How about some decent gear to use them on?
    Where are the red adorns? Where are the accolade adorns?
  2. Dead Alt Account Well-Known Member

    Too bad we can't trade them. I'm short a few thousand potency to run heroics and I'm about ready to give up on this game again.
  3. Chrol Developer

    Because infusers fit so nicely in stockings. HO HO HO Merry Christmas!
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  4. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    Well there is one situation where the infusers aren't an appropriate reward from a crate: the merchant, Magdalen Gemdawn among others. I wouldn't want to give up 300k status and coins, and plat and then get an infuser. Maybe that should be a slightly different crate.
  5. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    Infusing is the worst game mechanic ever made, instead of giving us direct upgrades, as every other mmorpg does, we are forced to spend thousands of money and play an rng roulette. It's really annoying and certanly does not help to keep us being interested in the game.

    P.S. While writting this, I have complited a 10 hours overseer mission. Can you guess what I've got? Right, another useless 20% chance infuser.
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  6. Gillymann Abusive Relationships Aren't Healthy. J S.

    I said almost this exact same thing during the ToT expansion. I mean the mechanic is ok, but the implementation is clearly intended to drive shop sales. No thanks to all of it.
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  7. EQ_Jack Active Member

    Rivervale you can trade em...:)
  8. Tabri Well-Known Member

    I think all of our stockings are full enough with these time for the presents now please o_O

    Merry Christmas btw
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  9. Merriel Well-Known Member

    I can't tell you how many times I have mentioned my loathing of infusers and wishing they had never ever been implemented in the first place. Thank you, everyone who has posted here, as the more people they hear this from, the more likely it is to get changed. :D
  10. Cragfire Well-Known Member

    Last five overseer missions... 1 infuser.. 2 lesser, 1 super, and 2 greater planar energies...

    How to find the dang Epic Recipe Book :(
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  11. Zynt Feldon's sock puppet

    Infusers are the herpes of EQ2. They're never, ever gonna go away and they suck, no pun intended, as a reward.
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  12. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    While I like the expansion in general, I am already bored with it and questioning myself whether to continue playing the game, or not. My reasons are the following:
    1) Random rewards. Congtatulation, you've moved rng on a new level. The list includes basically everything now. Everything exept anything good.
    2) Overseer system. The system itself is boring, non-interactive, there is no strategy, no planning, no way to upgrade ones agents and so on. Plus it has cooldowns, restrictions and focused only on getting our real money. And rng is even worse here, who the hell needs T1 crafting materials?
    3) Infusing system. Much has been already said about it.
    4) The general approach to gearing in the game. Unfortunatelly EQ2 is the game where raiding is mandotory, The difference between solo, heroic, and even different raid tiers gear is huge. Moreover riading is considered something god-like in the game and it is worshiped by the majority. If a person does not belong to a serious raiding guild he or she is treated like garbage. The worst part here are developers who stir such an approach supporting raiders in every possible way, while ignoring and making life of a casual player as hard as possible. It's very hard for a non-raider to get a spot even in a heroic group.
    5) The last but not least is so called "pay to win". It has really become an issue in the game. Right now the community is split in to two parts, people without premium 18k potency mount and the elite with it.

    So more and more I ask myself, why should I continue to play this game experiencing all the issues while I can just log in into WoW, or Lotro, or Swtor and play the way I like with like-minded people?
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  13. Lanatir Member

    there is 18k potency mounts??
  14. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    There is. It is a part of Premium edition, it has 8 k potency initially, but can be upgraded to 18k for 35 tokens after one has done the signature line.
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  15. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    There seems to be a cycle everyone goes through. Come back, be all excited, and lose that quickly once back. There's a bunch of people over on TLE talking about the "game within the game" which sounds like some kind of krono botting thing. Even they are calling it "questionable practices." But I remember people doing that sort of thing years ago too. You'd find people a week after an expansion in full raid gear and you just know they didn't raid for it. SLR seems to be a cross server thing now... go to the unlocked server, buy with SLR, come back to your home server and rock.

    There's a toxicity in allowing such things to go on. I know I sound prudish but there's other games for that sort of thing.

    I also am disappointed that PVP is back. I know everyone yelled about it being gone, but something happens when there is PVP in a game. People start to think, why should I help some random person when they may use it against me later?

    Ditto server vs server competition for "clearing content" in raids.

    I"m an old school cooperative player. I play here because the story is good, but the community sometimes requires a very blind eye.

    At this point, I'm looking at a yawning void of daily instance runs which I'm telling myself... this is just he way this game is. If you want to be on Luclin, exploring it, then this is the format. The fact I have to say that to myself is not a great thing. But I'm tired of shouting at the wind.

    It's not all the fault of the format either. I made the mistake of reading some posts in EQ2Wire and it totally depressed me. Before I'd even had a chance to play the TS questline, they're ripping it to bits. Part of the reason this game loses its glow so quickly is because we're all experts in finding what's wrong with it.

    Should the game be better? Yes. Will it be better? Probably not. What's the point of all this doom and gloom then? Just venting I guess.

    Then I remind myself not to be a control freak and enjoy the game for what it is. It beats the hell out of playing some card game or board game.

    No, I don't work for DBG. I'm just getting too old to care if the world conforms to my wishes anymore.
  16. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    I got a mount in a solo that was 11k potency, if someone can't afford the Premium. It was Sanctus Seru Order I think. Not that any others couldn't drop it too. I've only done a few solos after finishing the signature quest, but we've had two drops of red adorns too. I think the loot is worth doing the solos for. Especially the adorns. In a couple of months I'll have a full set of at least one of the red adorns (you know those 3 piece sets that are unpronounceable? Pquan Diku and such). Not bad. If I tried that in a heroic, I'd have to share loot with 5 others. I'm greeedy! Hehe! My precious... oops... wrong game.
  17. Seth Well-Known Member

    that 11k mount is completely irrrelivant if you cant even hit base potency mitigation. They practically give you the best mount and familiar, two of the most important things progression wise right off the batt for a hundred bucks. you can open a random crate and get given a celestial familiar ( 1k potency ) or buy premium for the 1.8k familiar. so yah game is total yikers right now. And for the infusers, i honestly dont mind infusers and infusion, the infusion was there to curb the plat dupe by forcing people to use it, aside from that the looted infusers i find decent, some of them are 100% which is nice ( a direct upgrade ) but for sure could use a major revamp, especially for those with no platinum // rivervale i feel for you, the server was doomed before it was open. a week before it opened i was like okay but wait, if rivervale has no plat, how do they infuse their gear to meet current quality gameplay because it's impossible.
  18. Almee Well-Known Member

    I have a bank full of infusers I don't use. My gear never lasts long enough to bother with infusers. I take off gear; sell or destroy the gear; put on new gear; immediately start getting it replaced with quest reward gear. What's the point of taking the time to infuse it just to have to destroy or sell the gear within an hour of getting it?
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  19. Breanna Well-Known Member

    You don't Almee, I save all my infusers until I get something I know I will be keeping. Then I use them.
  20. Conifur Well-Known Member

    The game caters to the raiders because they are the ones who will pay real money so they can get into the raids faster. This game is no longer about the non-raider. They just throw the same repetitive stuff out there with a new skin / zone art to keep the non-raider from leaving; but there really is nothing for them.
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