Enough of the ESSENCE OF CHAOS

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Argosunited, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. dreamweaver Community Relations

    I've brought this up with the dev team, it's being discussed. That doesn't guarantee a change but I wanted you all to be aware it's being looked at.
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  2. EmJay Well-Known Member

    This has to be a joke; right? Players leveling up through the game can't even do the Requisition missions in BoL. Yet on top of the list of roots, algae and mushrooms sits our favorite Essence of Chaos. How do you spin that?
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  3. Gaptia Active Member

    Know your game. This is a feature of BoL, where you're level is far above the ones where you can use Essence of Chaos.
  4. EmJay Well-Known Member

    Thank you for doing that, Dreamweaver, but I don't believe for one second that they didn't already know all about this. Itemization is messed up right now on a lot of fronts. But I'm looking forward to it being changed in tomorrow's patch.
  5. Veleje Member

    The most important msg here is, and I hope the 'dev's get it, too many players are 'having it'. I have seen this before, it is not good.
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  6. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Gah, I just got a Superior Fragment of Planar Energy from a 1h quest and a Lesser Fragment of Planar Energy as sole reward from a 10h quest *hangs herself*
    ah, and an essence of chaos last time I ran said 10h quest.
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  7. Zynt Well-Known Member

    Giving alts/new players materials to create orange adornments when they all have access to multiple sources of orange adornments, for free, is counterproductive. You didn't give us new options for acquiring blue adornments, you did fill BoL starter gear with orange adornments that DO NOT work in BOL, and the ability to level past PoP and CD level content quickly is also available. If someone wants to level lock for that content, there are still those multiple sources of orange adornments. I've gotten several running solo PoP instances for status besides the Panda vendor, PoM loot box, Myrist loot box, Blinding loot box.

    You failed to put in new ways for returning/new/alts to get adornments they need just to be viable for current group content, the blue ones. But you put in a way for that same group of people to get adornments that have a multitude of sources that require no to little work.

    I have very few issues with having to run old content to be viable for new content. I can get to 180 ish fervor on my own, solo, and eventually I'll get the rest or I'll just stick to solo stuff. I'll never do that with my alts or any new characters though. I do have issues with a complete CF of itemization being sloughed off onto a decision being made to allow returning/new/alts to have access to outdated and completely unneeded items for both the expacs they were intended for and the current expac.

    Itemization, from top to bottom, is terribly done for BoL. Once the sig line and overland achievements are finished there's very little, if anything, that's going to drop to be able to upgrade existing gear. There's far too many upgrade pieces that are the same slots as other upgrade pieces. I've got multiple cloaks, necks, rings, that are 165+ resolve but I'm still running around in 150-155 resolve legs, chest, feet, forearms, etc... Normally, crafted pieces, whether legendary or MC, would replace those pieces as an upgrade path and give armorsmiths, tailors, woodworkers, and jewelers something to do. While wood workers and jewelers have their niche, ammo and experts, forgetting the rarity of expert recipes, respectively. Those avenues have been disabled because absolutely none of the legendary or MC gear has any reason, beyond discoes, to be made. Zero.

    Now, you want to say that the choice to leave 2 expac old materials for useless adornments was left in by design? What about the design for all of the above things? Where was the "design" there?

    Your "design" has managed to fill shared bank slots with useless materials, handicap multiple crafting classes, and completely kill 3 crafting classes.

    I've got 178 krono, between all of my accounts on EQ1 and EQ2. I have enough plat, besides those kronos, on both versions that I could play for free until the damn universe folds back in on itself, but I pay cash for my account, every month, even when I'm not playing. That's because I love the franchise, but I'll tell it like I told my last ex, no matter how much I love you I'll leave you if I don't like you.

    YMMV of course /shrug

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  8. Tangris Well-Known Member

  9. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    The Essence of Chaos should be rewarded ALONG WITH a more suitable reward. Even if it's those useless potions the overseer quests give, give an EoC with them. Give an EoC with a new quest, or a new agent, or an infuser, or a shiny collectable, or gear. Give them WITH the rewards that BoL content users would want.
  10. chattie Well-Known Member

    PQs are dead because of the rewards lol they re not worth the effort...Infusers, infusers everywhere and not even worth a ----
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  11. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    I mean people did the overland PQs once on their characters just for the cloak and some do the instanced PQs every 3rd hour for the 195 resolve charm and weapon, but other than that, you are entirely correct.
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  12. Nunja Active Member

    This is really a slap in the face to players. This shouldn't be any loot for $$. If people are needing them because they missed out there should be alternate way for them to get them ...oh like the quests like the rest of us did!!
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  13. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Thank you for being the middleman.

    However, I fully believe, 100%, that the dev team is severely disconnected with the game and it's players. We don't want easy by any means, but we also don't want to waste our time.
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  14. Gillymann Well-Known Member

    You are wrong, Sir. All of this is wrong!

    To wit, I remind you of claims made by the executive producer of this franchise (during pre-orders for beta):

    "And that comes from my time being a designer. “Just listen to me. Just listen to us. We have great ideas. We know what the players want.”

    "What you learn in coming up that way, especially on such an important franchise is that you trust the team and you trust the players, so we’re constantly evaluating the players thoughts and input."

    "So, since 2015 , since I came on board, breaking all the rules both games have grown. So where we had a trend of the audience trickling off, we’ve now grown and we’ve grown revenue at the same time, so we’ve actually hired some people to fill out the teams because again, it’s about delivering to the player."

    "And it’s hard to restrain my passion around wanting to always do the right. That is always our motivator : Trying to do the right thing."

    "And where the team wants the studio to go. That we’re gamers for gamers. Trying to get the message out, being a little bit more transparent and humble about what’s actually going on. And I think for the most part these teams are that."

    "But it is about player quality of life. Longevity of the project. So I’m very lucky. Hugely fortunate. On both teams, that on both teams they’re very savvy business minded people as well. They want to ensure the future of the game so we need to make sure it’s financially viable."

    "We are free-to-play, so we need to make sure we’re constantly evolving that notion. And what can we do, where hopefully people want to give us their money. We don’t want to feel like players feel like they have to, or that we always have our hand out. That is a delicate dance. And we try to get it right. We don’t always get it right."

    "These teams are great at experimenting. We talk to the community. What do they want? And so we just keep exploring that. And we’ll keep doing that until we can’t any more."

    Therefore, I will ask you kindly sir, to please tow the line and correct your version of reality to match the one DBG is selling.

    Most Respectful Regards,

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  15. Tangris Well-Known Member

    Just got my 5 hour Overseer back, Greater Frag, oh wait you get a bonus crate and its an essence of chaos.....
    WOO HOO my orange rare bonus crate gives me another turd, thank you DPG, you do know what players want......
    I really want to enjoy playing but you are making it so hard.....
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  16. Fervorlicious New Member

    thats ok at least your getting something, it is now jan 23rd and raiders still cant unlock multiple different patterns for thewir work
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  17. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    So how would you feel if you got a pattern from an expansion ago that was useless in current content? Would that make it ok?
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  18. Avithax Well-Known Member

    Well said,

    At this point trying to justify them remaining in BoL loot tables when they not only have zero use in BoL and after were all stripped of the use of the ones we paid a great deal of plat for is insulting so say the very least. Understaffing, budget cuts and profit margins all will cause problems for the customers however there is absolutely no explanation for this issue other than laziness and stubborness combined with a deep contempt for us as players.
  19. Gillymann Well-Known Member

    I like your post - well said. I also feel Dreamweaver is doing a pretty good job. He's attentive and responsive, he's taking feedback to team, he keeps us informed, and he's communicating with honesty and candor so expectations are appropriate and reasonable - even if what he's got for us is not what we want to hear. We can't ask any more of him than that.

    This team has a long history of doing what they want to do regardless of customer feedback. I suppose at this point, if I had one fundamental lowest common denominator desire of the eq2 team, it's to stop these manipulative games surrounding expansions. If they have a different game design they're working toward, fine - just bite the bullet, get there, and make it really, really good. Sure, they're going to tick some people off with drastic changes like that, but they're doing a good job of that already anyway.

    The brand problem does not rest solely with DBG. Each year, the team hypes pre-orders, suppresses most of the stuff in beta that they know is going to tick people off, and then reveals said ticking-off features once the game goes live (which often means that because this stuff wasn't tested, it's riddled with bugs and other broken mechanics) - all done presumably to grab a few more expansion sales and maybe a few months shop sales before a chunk of alienated or angry customers become frustrated and leave.

    IOW and IMO, they're working toward a different game design and they expect to lose customers because of it. They're just trying to extract as much money from folks they know are bound to leave along the way. The problem is, strategies like this have the effect of causing your customers to feel like they are being manipulated and used, that their trust and loyalty is being abused and taken for granted.

    Positivity and candor are not mutually exclusive notions - one can articulate both, and I think Dreamweaver does a good job in this regard. We may not like what we hear, but we can at least respect folks who put the welfare of customers first.

    Trust is the lubricant that makes business possible. Hopefully, the team can do a better job of driving customer experience closer to what Longdale claims they are doing or want to do.

    /artfully dodges hurled cow pies and hops off soapbox
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  20. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Or put another way, the logic of this argument about including loot drops of mats no one in the xpac can use makes about as much sense as a car dealership selling a Cadillac to a 10 y/o. Sometimes, you just have to own up to the notion that not every idea is a great one and when your player base is telling you it's a bad idea, guess what--it's a bad idea. Own up to it, correct it and you'll earn respect. Doesn't matter if you're the Emperor..if you ain't wearing clothes, you ain't wearing clothes regardless if the councilors are telling you otherwise, haha.
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