Enough of the ESSENCE OF CHAOS

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Argosunited, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Succinct, accurate and heartfelt by every player that's doing these. I'm almost to the point of stopping doing them because it's a complete waste of time anymore.
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  2. Gharyn Well-Known Member

    Understandable. But the drop chance on them needs to be turned WAY down. I got three essences yesterday alone. Last expansion, when they actually were relevant, it took me about six months to get that many, and that was considered acceptable then. It should be even more acceptable now.

    They should be removed from the overseer and mission rewards, you can leave them in the tradeskill rewards, where I'm getting about half of them, just turn the drop chance on them down. You'll get rid of most of the complaints and there will still be more than enough around to satisfy every new player or alt that could ever want them.
  3. Rebelde Active Member

    If an alt or a new player needs them, they can get it at their tier, as we did. Give them now, when they are useless in our tier, it's a no sense.
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  4. Bloodguts Well-Known Member

    Please lower the chances to get fragments and essences of chaos. You only need 4 essence of chaos to make adornments that are valid in last expansion (they don't work in current expansion zones) and only 12 fragments to make Kunark spells for an alt.

    I have over a hundred of these items collectively and can't do anything with them when there are a lot of other highly desired items that I would rather get.

    I don't need that many essences or fragments. Please do something about this.
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  5. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    So they're there for the few hours players are 110-120?
    Why can't ALTS get them in the content they're useful in, because we can't even use them in BoL. And exactly how many do you think alts need? I now have well over ONE HUNDRED OF THEM.
    This is extremely poor imo. I have now bought my last Cobalt crat
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  6. Tangris Well-Known Member

  7. Sniper Member

    So why not put them in the overseer crates with lower values do to what you stated players leveling up? I mean if truth was know any returning player that wanted to get into BoL right away will have zero use for them and any alt will probably have gear with no orange slots on them pasted down from mains via shared bank
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  8. Caela Well-Known Member

    I would be a lot less upset about the essences if I knew they were not going to cheat me out of getting something I need - like a recipe book.

    If I wait 10 hours for an overseer mission and get a mythical crate - it should NOT have an essence of chaos in it. That's what I'm upset about. Put something worthy of a MYTHICAL reward.... Commons, 1 hour quest missions, treasured agents, even rares, last tier essences, infusers, common shinies - none of those are worthy of a MYTHICAL reward. Give me something I want... or something I can sell so I can buy something I want... So, you don't give me Shadow Sage Studies 20... how about Empyral Jeweler 20??? I can't use it, but I can sell it or trade it...

    Giving me no trade tinkering recipes is not fun either. At least make them heirloom!

    P.S. - I am one of those players that just came back... I have no use for essence of chaos.
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  9. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Appreciate you doing this. Also, add this observation: I've been doing the daily quests from Daini and two others for quite a while now (realizing some of them have been bugged and not available). I don't know what the operating reward system is, but for the last week on several toons, all I see for a "mission crate," are harvestables and literally the same Woodworker 113 or 115 book. That's it. I don't know if this is another example of an oddball RNG or something's fubared with the way the reward system works, but getting harvests as a reward just doesn't rock my boat. With 14 toons with a pack pony and plant, I assure you, regular harvesting mats are not an issue. They aren't a reward I'm interested in getting. I don't know what anyone else's experience is, but I'll be darned if I can figure out how it's supposed to work. You'd think I'd see something different by accident. Any rate, anything you can do would be appreciated.
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  10. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The gear, shinies and harvestables are given out based on the level of the toon sending minions out on the overseer missions. The Essences of Chaos should be moved to that 'varies based on level' table and only given out to toons lvl 110 and below, since they are 100% useless to toons 111+.
    Especially since the adorns they make are 1) resource intensive, 2) only marginally better than the oranges in the free gear given out in Myrist, 3) only available to toons doing Chaos Descending who will START that expac at level 110 (so they could skip CD entirely, if they wanted to)
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  11. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    It still makes absolutely no sense to me that these are quest rewards for BoL content. Put them in level appropriate content for alts to get them as rewards, there is simply no reason we need to keep getting these in BoL.

    In all honestly I do not believe it has anything to do with alts. It's simply an excuse not to change it.
    I'm still scratching my head with the 'other servers' comment. What does that mean?
    Plus if new players are leveling through the game, they can't get the quests in BoL without being max level, can they.

    With tradeskills as they are in this expansion, we need to be a thrown a bone here. It's insulting to keep receiving this garbage when it's almost impossible to get recipe books.
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  12. Tangris Well-Known Member

    Hey here is an idea put them on the PQ vendor for the PQ coins.....available for alts or new players, not annoying 99% of the playerbase that is trying to get upgrades not older items needed for previous xpacs.
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  13. Drona Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to chnage the loot from based on player level and even the servers they play on?

    Who need Essence of Chaos anyway?
    - People on TLE doesn't need it. Or do they?
    - Returning players who are playing PoP really need essence of Chaos from cobalt crates etc?

    So I don't really understand this about other servers and returning players.
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  14. Rarkevan Active Member

    Still more essence of chaos for a TEN hour overseer quest.
    Man, I'm salty :mad:

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  15. Dude Well-Known Member

    I hope this is a somewhat easy thing to execute. Getting smarter loot would be a big improvement.
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  16. chattie Well-Known Member

    Why would an alt who needs them be running BoL? lol If they're running current Expansion they need current loot..this is mind boggling.
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  17. Elkana Active Member

    Dreamweaver, I work a job of community service also, different field of course. My job is to take what the customers say and present a case to my company to in order to come to a mutually beneficial resolution. I'm certainly not attacking you or the job you're doing. I just want to say that like many of the other paying customer base of this game, we simply aren't being heard here. We need for you to take our case up the chain and come to a resolution. I also understand what it's like when the higher up leadership stonewalls you and stops things leaving you with nothing but foolishness to spew to a customer. We are smarter than that friend. This isn't for alts, there is no way under the sun that claim can be justified. Please listen to the customer base, not the imaginary people who are playing only PoM / CD, those of us playing BoL. Try and have something done.
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  18. Elkana Active Member

    I'm not bashing him at all, but again I work a similar position. I get called out often by customers. Sometimes it's legit, and sometimes they are just butt-hurt about their self-induced situation. If we were asking for something unreasonable or unrealistic I could see blowing us off. We aren't though, we are asking for a very reasonable action to be taken.
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  19. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    I dont understand how they can say alts would need them. Orange adornments doesn't work in Luclin and you get orange adornments from the gear crate in previous expansions

    And we all know no TLE server will ever survive until orange adornment either way so the argument that alts can use it is flawed in every way.

    I wonder if they know what its for?
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  20. Tangris Well-Known Member

    Again add these and frags on the PQ vendor, maybe more people will do PQ's if they have stuff people want as an option for coins or random drops, because at 5 weeks in the PQ's on AB are already dead, and we need incentive for people to run them because right now another infuser or a 111 level item ain't cutting it.
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