Empyral Zou Kunnen - red Rune Set

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by mR_vAiN, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. mR_vAiN New Member


    i need some clarity about the Set "Empyral Zour Kunnen" frm the Red Runes Ascension of Magic, Firmament of Power and Foundation of Thought.

    I'm a Warlock with Asc Elementalist.
    My Spell Apocalypse does naturaly noxious Damage. With the Asc. Buff Elemental Avartar the Damagetype changed to Cold.

    Works the Set Bonus for my Apocalypse or Not?

    I'm confused, at Asc. Spell Frost Pyre the Spell will increase Fervor of all Spell that deal "naturaly" Elemental Damage. This Spell won't update Apocalypse. The Rune set don't have "naturaly" in text, so i 'think they don't work .. or?
  2. mR_vAiN New Member

    Was that a stupid question? Or is my English too bad? I have to translate them all with Google :) I'm german.
  3. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    It's not a stupid question. My warlock is an Etherealist, and everything is putting out Magic damage, except procs from gear, Acid Storm Cell's Acid Burn, and the Netherlord.

    The way to see what is happening is via Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT). After a fight, in the tree view, find yourself and look at the Outgoing Damage. The Resist column will show you what kind of damage each thing is doing.
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  4. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    It's a good question. The buff from all three adorns, together, will improve the fervor of spells that deal magic or noxious, but not elemental. And they must be above level 111.

    I play Warlock too. I use Thaumaturgist, because for one thing, most people use Etherealist and there are combos, for another thing, the buffs are synergistic. However, play what you like You can prevent the changing of the damage type by not activating the Ascesion form. Or just turn it off. In the Runestone Isle PQ I turn that off because it's better to hit the Akheva with magic.

    Since you have that adornment set, you could choose either magic or noxious as your ascension class, and that would make the most of that particular buff.

    You'll have to decide if that is better than the Elementalist using your best judgement or using ACT as Sigridfa suggests.
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  5. mR_vAiN New Member

    Before I buy the rune set, I wanted to check whether the set works for my Warlock. At this moment I can't parse it out in the ACT :)
    Deactivating Elemental Overloard would cost 11.2 Fervor and 10.3 Ability Doublecast. It is not an option :)
    With some buffs, spells, procs there is "natural professional" damage ... these also modify the damage despite the ASC buff.
    In the meantime, I only need a rune to the set. I'll parse it out then .-)

    Thx for answer!
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  6. Melkior Well-Known Member

    As far as I know the Red Rune buff only works on natural damage not modified damage. So if your ascension changes it to cold damage but it naturally deals noxious, this buff set should work.
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  7. Zynt Well-Known Member

    This. The runes work off your spells/CAs (profession arts) natural, unmodified, damage type.
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