Elhonna's guide for Furies and new Prestige choices

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Anyaah, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Anyaah New Member

    Hi all,

    I miss Elhonna's guide for Furies. It was my home page until this horrible new board system came out. I was going to check it out to see what you thought of the new Prestige items because I wasn't sure if I went the right way or not.

    I've basically maxed everything out on the right and chosen Stormlord and Fury of the Wild as my final options. I played around switching from left to right and parsed with training dummies and found that the right was my better choice. What are other's thoughts?


  2. Ladymist Well-Known Member

    thoughts? you could send her a message and ask for a new guide from her
    they also have the old forums linked to these you could go through that..oh its labeled old archived forums

    or look in the fury thread lol she put her own guide in that
  3. Anyaah New Member

    Sorry I couldn't find a specific thread for Fury in the new forum system. I did a search on her username thinking that would've pulled up something, never mind.
  4. Anyaah New Member

    And I meant thoughts on the new Prestige options.
  5. Widem Active Member

  6. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    You can send him a pm or read a fury discussion thread here in priest section. You can find his signature that you can click and check his aa and other skills and stats. Also he and aricajade post occasionally on eq2flames. There is some useful information if you don't pay much attention to rude language :)
  7. Elhonna Member

    I still use the right side over splitting for CB/Pot conversion, but that's a playstyle preference, not neccessarily a min/maxing standpoint. As far as raw power on dps, yes, the one Widem linked works a decent amount better, but from a raiding standpoint, in my opinion, having group wards that hit for 30-35k on each person is irreplaceable on a good number of fights.

    I like the right side for the fast casting, castable on the run AoE that compliments my playstyle, because I joust like a scout on AoEs the majority of the time. It helps sustain my dps to be able to hit that nuke on the way in or out. Blue aoe helps when proccing the many procs available in my stacked mage group on multi-trash pulls in PoW as well. I personally run between 85-100k hp solo healing almost 100% of the time, and it makes a difference in keeping my mages alive I've noticed. Seeing my group never leave the green when compared to other groups spiking into the yellow on AoEs makes it worth it for me.

    I'd love if they changed the line in the ways both Widem and I have put forth in other threads, though I hold no true hope for it. As Kraeref said, feel free to hit me up any time I'm on. Not been doing well with raid attendance lately, with real life happening and all, but if you do catch me on, I'm more than willing to share anything that might help you, regardless of playstyle. I've played the class in pretty much every possible way, from pure healing, to pushing for maximum dps, to a healthy blend of the two, as well as being experienced in every aspect of the game, from soloing, to heroic grouping and soloing, to endgame raiding, and will gladly give you any help in those areas that I can as well.

    Happy hunting,
    Guk.Elhonnax (feel free to friend me so you can catch me when I'm actually online).
    p.s. I'm a guy.
    p.s.s. I didn't put my own guide on those other threads, I was simply sharing information, take it how you like, Not starting another back and forth tirade here.
  8. Aeronaut New Member

    Both those links don't show filled aa trees, all are at 0..am I missing something?
  9. Widem Active Member

    The only thing useful on the right side from a raiding standpoint is the hp increase for the strict purpose of Increasing the ward amount of protective instinct.

    With that being said if you don't run PI then the right side is just automatically disqualified.

    If you do run protective instinct here are your tradeoffs between picking dual conversion or right side.

    With right side you get about 5k more per person on Protective instinct or like 28ishK to 33ishK (also gear dependent but I think the 5k increase is pretty close to universal I'm sure it can get as low as 4k). This when going as fast as possible is done ever 40 seconds. Elhonna already conceded the rightside does less dps so I won't get into it.

    With Dual conversion you get 3 people effected by your single target regen, a 100% chance every 2min 30 sec to reset Porcupine, and a 5% chance to reset porcupine on sinlge target regen application. You also get a 7k HoT ever second for one person in your party (this ability definitley isn't amazing, but works incredibly well if you have a necro in your group ESPECIALLY when that said necro does loot distribution while out of range and is still getting hit by trash AEs).

    (I know I said I wouldn't get into it) Just b/c we can so people understand why, the DPS difference is pretty simply to understand. Dual conversion offers extra porcupine hits (this alone puts you on par or better, depends on how many mobs are hit on right side...sometimes it effectively does nothing, with the Call of Storms procs on the rightside endline), and offers depending on gear realistically from solo to raid 20CB-40CB, with the upper end I beleive in AMAZING gear getting to 45cb. Right now I get about 32CB out of it.

    In summation I do not feel the extra 5K in wards or (for me) 16% increase for Protective Instinct is worth losing the dps increase of dual conversion or the raid wide mitigation increases from the extended duration of porcupine combined with the radiation of the single target regen on hard fights. (2% DR really matters sometimes check out Drinal).
  10. Widem Active Member

    The only one that was asked was the prestige tree so thats all I did.
  11. Anyaah New Member

    Thanks so much guys for your feedback.
  12. Dalzhel New Member

    I applaud you Elhonna for trying to help the other people that play furies to make them better some times i think this information falls on deaf ears.

    As for my spec i took the entire right side, after trying out both during beta and then again on live servers the left side is a waste for furies unless your solo or stick to Heroic content if you raid then this is worthless unless you happen to be in the MT group and as a fury we should not be.

    I agree the right side damage of Stormbearer's Fury is only half of what it should be with my current gear the damage of this for me is main hit 2717 - 4485 and the extras is much less not even half at 779 - 1447 the extra hits i would think need to be at 2717 - 4485 and the main hit could be between 30% higher to 50%.

    Control the Storm is fine how it is imo since this applies to each mob hit it can translate to a large group heal, it was never meant to take the place of a heal.

    The greatest ability of the right side that i have seen is the ability to cast both new spells Stormbearer's Fury and if you took Lightning Siphon on the run. The damage of Lightning Siphon is fine it is comparable to our Thunderbolt but the reuse time even with 100% reuse speed still is 20 sec recast time for me way to long considering thunderbolt is only 7.5 it needs to be reduced to close to thunderbolt i can live with 9 sec because of the heal attached to it that will go raid wide.
  13. Anyaah New Member

    Again, thanks all for the wonderful feedback. I've done a lot of looking at this and for me I think it may boil down to playstyle. I'm going to stick with mostly right-side I think using protective instinct. Thank you for posting the trade-offs Wildem, that was very helpful. Porcupine I love to cast a lot, but on big fights I have to turn it down along with infusion because without a coercer (our guild is a little low on them at the moment) I find myself having power issues. I do have a hotbar set with all my mana clickies which does help some, but still.. you know.
  14. Widem Active Member

    The deaf ears comment is ironic as most of this post revolves around the dps output of the right side as evidence for chosing it, when in fact the body of this thread concedes the right side in fact is inferior from a dps standpoint.

    A 50% increase in damage to Stormbearers Fury still would not put it into spell rotation, unless it is a signle target fight, which is ironic in and of itself. The reason for this being is even if the raw damage to is higher on lets say 8 targets than compared to raging whirlwind you lose the ability to reset call of storms, which furthermore complicates things b/c the end line is built around casting call of storms as much as possible.

    The way the right side has been designed is you are being forced to cannibalize dps between Raging Whirlwind and Stormbeaers Fury. By casting Stormbeaers Fury, ever, you are giving up a reset chance on your best AE (which not comes with xtra proc chances), or 2 other AEs which do more damage single target than 4 AE mobs (for natures wrath) and 3 AE mobs (for starnova), that is assuming you have no linked mobs, which in a raid setting (which was your ascertation) is rarely true. This cannibalization as has been previously stated and conceded, which makes a discussion whether those abilities are useful from a dps perspective moot, as there is a better build for dps.

    If you want to promote your entire hypothesis as "I like being able to cast a nuke and PBAE on the run and I value a 16% increase in ward to PI", thats terrific.

    Or like with what Anyaah said, her guild is low on power feeding classes, which I can forsee to cause some pretty serious issues when relying on power hungry abilities to do the major increases to dps.
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  15. Kraeref Well-Known Member

    I am going to try and test Widem's double conversion even specced for melee and using two-hander. Increasing both cb and pot from each other will be very interesting to see in term of dps. For example, i raid on coercer and most of the time i am in mt. We have very nice buff EV which increase pot by roughly 30.. if there is no high dps scout in my group i put it on myself... with conversion of cb based on pot i as a caster can get up to additional 30-40k dps boost. I wonder how much double conversion can help a fury to increase dps and hps for the heck of it...
    Thanks Widem for such an interesting idea to test!
  16. Scythe New Member

    As a more casual player, my prestige choices are pretty simple: I usually run left side for soloing and heroic content, right side when raiding.

    I find the regenerating ward useful when soloing. I don't lose too much DPS because I almost never have to waste time casting a heal on myself when force of nature is running. I also thank the regenerative ward is useful for things like training all of WE to get to the last HM boss.

    For Heroic (PUG) grouping I usually solo heal, so again I choose the left side. If I know the tank is decent, I may go the right side if I feel that the trip to my AA mirror is worth an extra 10-20% dps.