"Elements of Destruction" Signature quests bugs and feedback

Discussion in 'Quest Discussion' started by Kaitheel, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Yado Active Member

    Yea I have had this happen to me as well. I have run the sig line 5x now on various toons. Its only recently where the items seem even more random.
  2. Kaitheel Developer

    While it is possible to get enough drops on one run through of any of the zones for these four signature quests (as other players have attested), it will not be typical. It may take you a couple runs of the zones, either on Beta or on live. To help increase the drops for Gusts of Order and Layers of Order, some bosses have a much greater chance to drop the needed items, too. And all of the drops, for all four of the quests, are group-wide so it definitely pays off to run the heroic versions with other players.

    May the RNG smile upon you!

    ~ Kaitheel
  3. Celan Member

    I'm sorry to say this, Kaitheel, but in my opinion this advice is kind of questionable. My understanding from the past of the solo adventure signature line is to tell the players the story of the expansion and then the players can to move through the expansion step by step, from solo content to tier 1 heroics, to tier 2 heroic and so on. The instances involved are:
    • Eryslai: The Midnight Aerie
    • Vegarlson: Council's Stronghold
    • Doomfire: Elements of Rage
    • Awuidor: Marr's Ascent
    In their heroic versions, all of these are Tier 2 heroics - with a resolve requirement of 1058.
    My main will start into the new expansion with 756 resolve. So I will be just a measly 302 resolve short to run these heroics to help me get through the solo signature line. On beta, when I got the achievement "Vanquishing the Chaos Descending", for finishing all quests in the Great Library, all quests in the outdoor zones and the complete solo adventure signature line I had gotten some rewards/drops that helped me to raise my mains resolve to 950ish. So even at that point tier 2 heroics were roughly another 100 points of resolve away.You saying "it definitely pays off to run the heroic versions with other players" to help me through the solo adventure signature line makes me think you're in cahoots with the mender in the Great Library, and he'll be the only one that gets paid. ;)
    In my opinion this is a flaw in the concept of the new expansion at least.
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  4. Mermut Well-Known Member

    That's going to be rough if it's 'expected' that people will be stuck for 90 minutes, repeatedly, while doing the sig line... People are likely to get frustrated if they're stymied, repeatedly, doing a solo quest line.
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  5. Oranorn New Member

    Not 90 minutes since you will be running 4 solo zones and the first zone's timer will count down while doing the other 3. But yeah, it will be discouraging to those that need to wait for that zone to be available again.
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  6. Yado Active Member

    Yea the point I was trying to make exactly. There isn't even an added bonus for having to run it 2x's cause it isn't like you can log the daily again for another 18 hours.

    You still have to run the entire zone to its completion killing the last named in each zone. This all takes time, even if you stop in your 1st run of the instance say your missing 8 item updates and you know you only have 2 named left to kill and 4 flagged trash mobs because you know you're not going to have enough, you are still eating a large chunk of gameplay.
  7. Chellema New Member

    Is something still up with Balgros? I've run 6 toons past this boss but my squishy Wizard can't seem to dent him at all. Has it been changed ?
  8. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Something is up with Fount of Power in Plane of Justice: Eternal. The buff isn't on as I zoned in (on an alt) so I clicked it from knowledge book. It casted but immediately turned off.
  9. Chellema New Member

    Ah thanks Xianthia I didn't even think to check Fount of Power. You're right it's bugging out. Won't stay on.
  10. Chrol Developer

    There's a bug with Plane of Justice today which causes Fount of Power to be removed shortly after casting it. This will be fixed tomorrow, but until then, the workaround is to cast Fount of Power, then attack the mob within 5 seconds. As long as you remain in combat the buff will stick around throughout the fight.
  11. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    ah nice workaround, thank you!
  12. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Elements of Destruction: Waves of Order
    Elements of Destruction: Layers of Order
    Elements of Destruction: Flames of Order
    Elements of Destruction: Gusts of Order

    Especially if you are forced to run a solo zone more than once, you can easily end up with excess tectonic fragments, onzolan crystals, thermite briquettes, and ephemeral gusts in your bags.

    Once each of these quests has been successfully completed, any remaining tectonic fragments, onzolan crystals, thermite briquettes, and ephemeral gusts should be automatically deleted.
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  13. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

  14. Monstuhr Active Member

    Yeah, I am not a fan of this. There has never been a sig line that I can recall where you had to run the same SOLO zone more than one time. It is one thing if I could auto-reset the zone and run it back to back (like on beta) but on live, stopping my sig quest for 90 minutes to allow a zone to reset is just a waste of time. This is especially true as was pointed out above concerning the resolve numbers needed to run the heroic versions of these zones.

    Now, I will say I just re-ran the sig line last night and got all 19 updates in all 4 zones on one run. Assuming that is the standard, this is fine. If it is anticipated that you are to run these zones more than once, you should reconsider that.
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  15. Godelpus New Member

    Elements of Destruction: Starpyre's Flames

    Only a cosmetic issue, but on the last step when you place the runes on the mural symbols in the middle of the main stacks, the clickies don't align with the circles on the new floor graphics and once placed the 4 floaty things representing the 4 planes don't align with the corresponding floor mural.
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  16. Vanhallen New Member

    • Quest name Elements of Destruction: Shadow Casting In The Dark
    • Quest giver name: Maelin Starpyre
    • Current quest journal entry: Kill the shadowmen and gather the Void Shard Key
    • Any other details pertaining to the issue you are encountering killed the Shadowmen but there no clickable Void Shard Key. Zoned out to EL & back in it was there.
  17. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    I just had the exact same problem. Came here to see if there was a fix, read the message, zoned out to EL, zoned back in and here it was at 89, 45, -108

    Additionnaly, the Fount of Power buff doesn't work in the zone and I had huge troubles killing the mobs (with beta scaling gear)
  18. Kaitheel Developer

    That is really odd. I didn't have any luck reproducing this. The Void Shard Key doesn't have a view predicate and is spawned immediately (in one of many possible locations) when the zone is brought up. Perhaps the particle appearance was just not loaded for you, yet? I am not sure.

    ~ Kaitheel
  19. Kaitheel Developer

    Ah, that is intended. The Fount of Power buff only grants additional power in the Celestial Realms. The Isle of Vul is on Norrath.

    ~ Kaitheel
  20. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Quest: Elements of Destruction: Face the Chaos

    When fighting Blazeanger, he emotes "Blazeanger, the lavawurm golem ill temper is back". There needs to be a possessive in there: "Blazeanger, the lavawurm golem's ill temper is back" or else something like, "Blazeanger, the lavawurm golem becomes ill tempered again"

    Similarly, Cinderstench's emotes need some grammar help:
    • "Cinderstench, the smoke archon smell wafts through the air" s/b "Cinderstench, the smoke archon's smell wafts through the air" or maybe "Cinderstench, the smoke archon has a smell that wafts through the air"
    • "Cinderstench, the smoke archon toxins fill the air" s/b "Cinderstench, the smoke archon's toxins fill the air", or perhaps "Cinderstench, the smoke archon fills the air with toxins"
    • "Cinderstench, the smoke archon fumes spread" s/b "Cinderstench, the smoke archon's fumes spread" or better yet, "Cinderstench, the smoke archon spreads fumes"

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