"Elements of Destruction" Signature quests bugs and feedback

Discussion in 'Quest Discussion' started by Kaitheel, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    you're welcome and I was coming to add that there is even a bartender where you can set your recall point (for those that have the stein or dhalgar call).
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  2. Kaitheel Developer

    The following changes have been made and should be in with tomorrow's Beta update:

    • Elements of Destruction: Layers of Order - Cleansing the Thudos Corestone is now possible!
    • Elements of Destruction: Pursuit of Justice - Bookworm is no longer ridiculously strong or casting AoE spells on innocent bystanders.
    Plane of Justice
    • Balgros is no longer ridiculously strong.
    Bellengere's Dark Spire
    • Fathad Zastim is no longer ridiculously strong.
    More fixes to come!

    ~ Kaitheel
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  3. Kaitheel Developer

    You'll be glad to hear that it was *never* intended to be that difficult and is being fixed with tomorrow's Beta update.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  4. Gematria New Member

    Just finished signature line. Generally, i though it was all too short.
    Only problem really was a bug in Midnight Aerie (or missing hint?) so couldnt get to end boss, but ended up resetting zone to get the rest of the quest updates, the floated to the island and finished the quest.

    Last zone, Ward of Chaos Elements i think it was called. I realise there were items to buff you and help you out, but generally the mobs seemed a bit too buffed. Decently geared monk and i didnt struggle, but mobs sure were going down slow. Especially Najena in the end took a while. I can imagine lesser geared toons would have huge troubles with the zone. (Did a feedback ingame on this as well)

    The weapon you get as reward, how about adding some Fervor to them to actually replace the epics? They have a good amount of potency, but no fervor.

    I have also been looking for the merchant that supposedly sells the epic buffs but couldnt find him. Are they additional rewards for the last quest if you havent completed it, or is the merchant just not in game yet?
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  5. Leed Active Member

    Unfortunately asking guards for directions just gives you a waypoint - and that waypoint is going to try to lead you to the NPC, not to the portal you have to take to get to the NPC. (eg the wisp trail will veer off into a wall somewhere that you can't go through because it's trying to go right to the NPC directly) That's the downside to having things off in portals rather than in the 'main' area.
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  6. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    • Elements of Destruction : Planes of Disorder
    • Maelin
    • Obtain a pure sample of Earth within the Plane of Earth
    • I'm up to taking care of the mob Heaper. The behavior isn't clear to be able to figure out what I'm supposed to do to conquer this named. Some hint/clue etc would go a long way to make it less obscure. The adds when spawned one shot unless I start kiting. The named then just heals back to 100%.
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  7. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    The Elements of Destruction achievement isn't showing in the Journal.
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  8. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    • Elements of Destruction : Flames of Order
    • a corrupted conflagration of [insert element] - for this post it's about fire
    • Obtain thermite briquettes
    • This isn't really a /bug as it is more concerning about the strats for the named in the zone. I'm finding that there isn't enough information for me to know what type of strategy to use to kill a mob. I'm ending up kiting and hoping that I'll get the kill for the update. Going to guess that's not the intention of the fights. As an example, I kited and conquered Spikesnot, but really it was a lucky kill. I'm up to Daedalus and have no idea what to do except try and kite and again hope to get lucky. Daedalus spawns flame crystals, which I can't target so maybe I can aoe them? but I can't without power so here I am.
    The post sounds like I'm whining. Not exactly. It's more about asking for more clues/clarity as to what am I supposed to try to do with the named mob strats. I don't want to just hope I get a lucky kill after many minutes of kiting.
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  9. Kaitheel Developer

    The following changes have been submitted as part of tomorrow's Beta update:
    • Elements of Destruction: Layers of Order - A tectonic fragment now drops for each group member on the quest.
    • Elements of Destruction: Waves of Order - An onzolan crystal now drops for each group member on the quest.
    • Elements of Destruction: Gusts of Order - An ephemeral gust now drops for each group member on the quest.
    • The Plane of Justice - Crafting Planar webbed Shackles progress time required has been reduced.
    ~ Kaitheel
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  10. Kaitheel Developer

    Getting that fix in for tomorrow's Beta update, too!

    Thank you, Sigrdrifa!

    ~ Kaitheel
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  11. Sakurra Member

    Elements of Destruction : Face the Chaos

    - all mobs inside there seems to bee nearly immune againt the dmg that i would do. My merc is better then me....that sucks xD
  12. Sakurra Member

    okay guys the fight against najena was epic........35 min fight and my merc with only 22million dps was better then me with 5million dps......really it shouldnt be so an easy fight but sooooo hard is to much xD xD xD
  13. Shadowscale Member

    for the step of ruins of rathe, after i killed the last named and looted the shard i ended up zoneing out before the trap had a chance to even go off... and now i guess have to redo the zone. should maby have a root/stun after looting or not open the exit portal and alow clicking. basicly looted, and then left thinking had to go back to Maelin. dident even notced missed a step untill he wouldent talk to me. a portal to send ourselves into the trap if we end up zoneing out and go back in.
  14. Minimme New Member

    Can someone explain please about signature so Face of Chaos is it really last quest in it? I've heard that you will get your epic turned into blur rune at the end of signature
  15. Leed Active Member

    Elements of Destruction: Shadow Casting in the Dark

    I zoned in, and then zoned out of the Plane of Justice: Eternal Prisons and logged off for the night. When I logged in this morning it put 'justicarium cell key' in my overflow. Then when I went to zone back into Plane of Justice from Myrist the key disappeared (no-zone)

    Same quest:
    In Isle of Vul: Bellengere's Dark Spire you have combat but aren't allowed to summon a mercenary. I generally like to have a healer merc with me so that changes the difficulty of the quest zone quite a bit not allowing one.
  16. Sakurra Member

    mayber u will get it on Live but not here.....atm u will get that blue addorn from guk collections ( 36 collection + 3 metas)
  17. Azrael's Tear Member


    Signature Quest Reward Choices:

    The final rewards for the Signature Quest Line forces mages to choose an option that requires them to replace their main hand weapon immediately while all other archetypes have an option available for an offhand item. If this did not cause an immediate drop in Fervor (35 from Mythical) for mages it wouldn't be a big deal but with the new focus on Fervor over Potency this will put Mages at an immediate disadvantage with having to choose a new weapon for Resolve purposes at the cost of Fervor while other archetypes do not have to make the same sacrifice.
  18. Brav New Member

  19. Shadowscale Member

    Ele,emts pf Destruction: shadow casting
    the quest dialog with Bellengere is off, Tayil N'velex remembers me and i have options that i remember her and even remark about Bellengere, but when i get to Bellengere he dosent remember me and i suddenly dont remember him.
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  20. Goezer New Member

    Elements of Destruction: Gusts of Order

    Upon running zone a second time to get needed dropped items, killed final boss no portal to Oeranthia Spire appeared, Just the one to return to Library.

    Also, would it be possible to increase drop rates on gusts so one does not have to run zone twice to complete the quest?

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