Effects on Addronments still Missing

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    IDK exactly in what Expansion the Set Effects of the Rune set out of Magic // Power // and Thought was Changed.
    In the first set which was implemented with Kurnack Ascending
    Expa i guess it was this set was incresing NOX Damage which was good for any Class which deals Nox Damage primary like Warlock // Necro // Dirge // Defiler etc.

    In BoL i guess it was the set damage increase was changed from nox to only Physical and Magical for no such reson which cut off a huge damage increase from all the classes i mentiont + the Thauma ASC Class.

    So if your any of these Classe or Chosen Main ASC Class Thauma thier is no set effect anymore to increase your damage only classes which deal Prime Magic // Physical or Elemetal Damage are pushed by the sets.

    Growth // Live // Earth = Physical and Elemental Damage
    Magic // Thought // Power = Physical and Magic Damage

    So in the worst case your Thauma ASC + Warlock or Necro etc and thier is no such damage incrase.

    So the 2nd Set shall be changed back on Nox and Magic Damage again so all 4 typs of main damage are incresed by a set not only 3.