Easy solutions to make Bruisers viable tanks at end game (not a complaint thread)

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Obano, Jun 6, 2019.

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  1. Obano Well-Known Member

    Do you have parses to prove that claim? Boneshattering Combination is great while solo but in group content it does not scale well due to it only being single target while it's damage is nothing special. If they removed it entirely I wouldn't even notice.

    Monks don't need anything. Most likely they will be getting the nerf bat next expansion. Bruisers need all the help they can get.

    - Stone Deaf could definitely use some type of upgrade. It is not really all that effective at absorbing Bulwarks. Bruiser does not currently have a proper Bulwark rotation.

    - Brutality could certainly use a boost that is for sure.

    - Removing the range off mantis star is pointless change.
  2. Revanu Well-Known Member

    I’m sorry but did u really say bone shattering is not good? Wow.....
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  3. Obano Well-Known Member

    Well that is not what I said but whatever. Bone shattering combination is rather underwhelming. It is great while solo but does not hold up in AoE fights which is basically all heroic content. Turn Bone shattering into a blue AoE and maybe just maybe Bruiser could keep up with Monks and Zerkers. Even then I would still have my doubts.

    Why is it that people who do don't play Bruiser always think our abilities are so great. Why don't you betray your Monk to Bruiser? Oh wait maybe Bruiser no so good after all.
  4. Clintsat Active Member

    Bone crushing is amazing in raid and on single target. It also increases your CB for amazing ascension damage.
  5. Obano Well-Known Member

    I am sure you have parses to back that up right because there are so many raiding Bruisers right now.
  6. Revanu Well-Known Member

    Bone shattering is bone shattering regardless of brawler type. Without epic 2 buff it is still a Mack truck. Heroic content is a joke, why are you so bent o5 of shape over how bruise4s preform in them? Bruisers still hold dps weight over guards and paladin. Quit complaining.
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  7. Obano Well-Known Member

    Revanu, what part of raiding Bruisers going extinct do you not understand? There are literally none left. If Heroic content is a "joke" by your own admission that means bruisers are by extension are a joke of a class. Heroic content is basically the only thing Bruisers have right now. In raids bruisers don't have dps weight over any class because nobody plays a bruiser in raid content. If you think bruiser is so great then why don't you betray your monk to bruiser? Your actions speak louder than words.

    What I see is you do not argue in good faith and are only pushing an agenda to keep Bruisers broken. If you don't have anything constructive to say then get out of my thread or you will be reported for trolling.
  8. Revanu Well-Known Member

    No assumptions, I’m not arguing to keep any class broken. I’m merely stating your assessment of bone shattering being “meh” is hilarious. Just because there is a better alternative to bruiser doesn’t not mean it is not viable. People tend to play what they enjoy. My monk has always been a monk predating all the Changes past xpacs. I just enjoy the class as I do my mystic zerk Templar. I mained Bruiser up until tot ended for a long time and bruiser were untouchable. Swapped to heal and have gone amongst others toons for a while. While bruisers aren’t top of the pecking order, the are not at the bottom. I do not advocate for any class to remain in the trash can, I just don’t see their demise as wholesome as you do. There Are quite a few good bruisers on maj so based off my experience with them is why I find holes in your argument at times. It nothing personal nor an indictment on you.

    If you find me to be trolling well, then I pity you.

    No class should remain undesirable but as long as people have options to pick the better of the 2 that will always be the case.

    Sorry I hurt your feelings.
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  9. Obano Well-Known Member

    I find your arguments to be misleading and trollish because it not backed up by any kind fact. It is just your opinion presented as fact. Meanwhile I am out there everyday trying to make this class better while working with what we got and going over parse logs.

    If you abandoned your main Bruiser to play Zerker that is really telling. If the class isn't "enjoyable" anymore then there is something wrong. There is a reason for that. And It is not just you either. The entire player base abandoned the class.

    How do you know there are good bruisers on Maj-dul, are you raiding with them? Or is it heroic content. The content you consider to be a "joke."

    This is what Heroic "boss" content parses look like. If I bothered to click Bone shattering combination it would have lowered my damage. This is why I say it is "meh." If it got removed I wouldn't even notice. It needs to be made into a blue-AoE to keep up with savage assault. This is nothing compared to what monks, Shadow Knights, and Zerkers can parse. Even pally and guards are better most of the time because bruiser damage isn't usually this high.


    And don't pitty me.

    Pitty Bruisers the class that has been abandoned by just about everyone.
  10. Earar Well-Known Member

    did you check your defensive stance numbers with other tanks ? is only the bruiser stance broken or every tank's def stance ?

    close mind works, but it's just they created new types of CC that close mind doesn't protect from

    celestial mastery only apply now to abilities that have a threat component, not a positional component ... it's for all fighters not just bruisers

    just DBG doesn't update tooltips .. even when they change how spells work ...
  11. Obano Well-Known Member

    From what I can tell other tanks have higher avoidance than me. The issue is other tanks get their avoidance from shields which I can't use. Monks can cycle through their temps to keep their avoidance up while bruisers cannot. Monks also can self ward and get 10% constant damage reduction from their epic 2.0 . Bruisers also get damage reduction but it only lasts a few seconds with a long cool down. There is just no comparison. Every other tank has massive survivability advantages over Bruisers. This has basically broken the class defensively.

    These are not really new CC effects. Fear is fear, stun is stun and there are runes that can block these effects. This issue is closed mind does not work in the new content. Please explain why this stupid rune will prevent a stun but closed mind won't.


    This issue with celestial mastery is wild beating happens to be the bruiser's best aggro generator. Effectively the fighter rune did not help me at all with keeping aggro. Other tanks got a huge boost equipping their rune but not Bruisers. That is broken. If threat is the issue then they need to add threat to wild beating to make it work.

    All these things add up to make Bruisers basically unplayable right now. It is why there is not a single raiding Bruiser left. They all went Monk, rerolled something else, or quit. I am pretty much the only one left advocating for Bruisers to have their game breaking issues fixed. Everything I have mentioned here deserves fixing.
  12. matta New Member

    I'm glad someone is advocating. My 2cp would be to give bruiser unique dps utility and if you want to nerf monks give them Vital Trigger (instead of Boneshattering Combo)
  13. duckster Active Member

    Definately sucks when your Overcap is low...
  14. Obano Well-Known Member

    This is about the best I can do with Boneshattering Combination. It is still a "meh" ability on Bruiser as far as I am concerned. Works better on Monk I guess.


    I would like to see Sucker Punch get a big upgrade since it takes player skill to use and requires to be flanking the mob. It's damage should be up there with devastation fist.

    The biggest issue with Bruiser isn't DPS. The problem is the class can't tank epics and does not have the proper tools to deal with Bulwark. Maybe double the triggers on "stone deaf" and lower the recast so it can eat every Bulwark.
  15. Scalo Active Member

    None of these parses mean anything.
    Boneshattering is how you buff to ~7k CB, and on anything but trivial content, it should be your #1-2 parse ability.

    As for bulwark.. I've heard all sort of tank classes, except guardian, crying for more abilities to save themselves from bulwark. They all had one thing in common - they refused to talk to their healer.
  16. Obano Well-Known Member

    Not true. Parses are a valuable tool to compare abilities to one another and see how they stack up. Without parses you are just presenting your opinions as fact.

    Proof please. Show the parse otherwise it is just an unsubstantiated claim from some random guy who probably doesn't even play a Bruiser.

    Also note this is a Bruiser thread. So no Monk parses please.

    Not talking to the healer? You can't be serious. How is that even acceptable in current raiding. I don't raid anymore because my class is broken. However in the few pick-up raids I have done I have seen all 4 plate tanks eat the Bulwark just fine. Monks have quite a bit of trouble with Bulwark but overall they are still a very strong and in demand raid class.

    Bruisers on the other hand have no niche. Bruisers have no role to play in current raiding and that is why there is not a single raiding Bruiser left. If Bruisers could take a Bulwark and not die then that could establish a niche for class. The class needs to bring "something" to raids to be competitive. But right now, in it's current state Bruisers have nothing to offer.
  17. Sykle Active Member

    You are right to say that bruisers have no place in current raiding. Anyone who plays brawler plays monk. That being said, post 16s heroic parses as proof of which abilities are "bad/broken/good" doesnt help your case.

    For example: I can cast feedback loop on a 15s parse and hit 22 low parsing abilities, which would inflate feedback loop to be 75% of my parse. That doesn't mean that it belongs there, as an ability that is typically only 8-10% of an extended raid encounter. I believe you would have more luck with boneshattering if you had longer fights, or more meaningful content to pull examples from.
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  18. Obano Well-Known Member

    This is a 15 minute long Coirnav parse that I did with a pick up raid a week ago. Same exact result as the short heroic fights. Boneshattering combination did 1% of my damage. It may be great for Monks but it doesn't do much for Bruisers. Feedback loop on the other hand is amazing and scales very well on longer fights. It was 11% of my damage on a very long and drawn out fight. My Feedback loop isn't even upgraded to celestial yet so it will be doing even more damage in future parses I post.

    If they made the left side tree better and I could get strikethrough immunity or more stone deaf triggers then I wouldn't even bother putting AA into Boneshattering. Leave Boneshattering for Monk and Bruisers will go left side build.

  19. Revanu Well-Known Member

    Bone shattering is the exact same ona bruiser as it is a monk. It’s not an ability issue it’s a you issue.

    And while we are in topic of it, it’s either diamon skin or bone shattering or both. Neither had anything to do with monk vs bruiser. Anyone who takes diamon skin, regardless, has no idea what they are doing and quite frankly shouldn’t be complaining.

    What exactly does boneshattering have to do with monk aa vs bruiser aa and how any sort of variation would somehow rectify the problem?

    Can’t wait to read this.

    FYI don’t throw parses of monks out there if u can’t even prioritize your own cast order as a bruiser.
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  20. Obano Well-Known Member

    Revanu, once again I have reported your post for trolling.

    Why don't your back up your claims? Post your own parse showing how good boneshattering combination really is on a Bruiser. Show me a better a Bruiser cast order because I would love to see it. If am not a good player then I would like to become a better one by learning and growing. The issue is you have nothing constructive to say so you have been reported for trolling.

    This thread isn't about me personally. It is about why have raiding Bruisers gone extinct and how to fix the class so it becomes viable again.

    As for why Boneshattering combination works better for Monks who knows. Maybe it is just /bugged . I only know what I see and what ACT tells me. What it tells me is that one ability isn't all that great.
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