Easiest classes to play.....for the wifey

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  1. Viper482 New Member

    My wife wants to try the game because it is supposed to have the best housing in MMOs....lol.

    So we are going to duo, what I am looking for is the easiest classes to play in this game. I can play whatever best compliments that one, more concerned for her because she is not experienced at all in MMOs.

    If I could get some different opinions on what the easiest ones are that would be awesome. If you have the time to throw in the best compliment for a duo along with the easy class that would be a bonus for me, but more concerned about her choice.
  2. oldskool Active Member

    Have her play an Inquisitor which is a plate wearing healer. Have her focus on the healing aspect of the class. You can play a shadowknight or some other high dps class.

    When she gets bored of just healing then let her explore the offensive side of the Inquisitor.
  3. Viper482 New Member

    Thanks, unless I get some more advice we will try that out. Not like we can't reroll.
  4. Finora Well-Known Member

    A solid healer/tank duo will be able to do most content. Insert any healer with pretty much any tank.

    The inquisitor would certainly work. Can do the same with mystic & warden (melee healers). Or fury for a casting damage healer.

    Templar and defiler both heal quite well too but generally do less damage than the other four.

    A class like a necro or conjurer can be fun too, though you do need to manage the pet. Duoing one of those with a healer can work out pretty well. Wizard and warlock could work pretty well with a healer or tank in a duo as well. They are pretty much straight up DPS casters, blowing things up with fire, ice & pestilance.

    She could try a tank too, if she's just grouping with you, she will be able to learn what she needs & not have to worry about the way PUGs can sometimes treat a learning player.

    **the only thing to remember about the classes is that a handful are alignment specific. While you can group together if you are of different alignments, it makes it more difficult & with her being brand new to MMOs you would want to avoid that**
  5. Aeriel Member

    I started playing EQ2 because my hubby did. It was my first MMO. I resisted rolling a healer class because I played D&D once and was forced to play a healer because I was a girl (this was over 30 years ago!). So I rolled a ranger and a wizard. I still love playing them but to be honest I wish I had started with a healer class as we would have made progress a bit faster. I would go for either an inquisitor or a druid. In the early days I also had a mystic but because I was so new to the game I couldn't grasp the concept of wards and so we kept dying (I have got it now :)) which was extremely frustrating. If you are experienced that would help a great deal of course as you can explain stuff but back then we were both newbies.

    If you are going to run with a healer (or merc) then the dps classes are fun.

    If your wife is interested in house decorating then training as a carpenter is highly recommended!

    I hope you have a lot of fun exploring Norrath together

  6. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    That sound familiar to me aeriel, my wife did played sometimes my paladin (as i have to go afk) and got used to. Now she plays a troub, for raidforce needs, but before she had played an brigand.
    As some above stated, heal and tank would be nice. Take 2 mercs in it and you probably can go faster with tank and dd, which then i would say paladin as tank (didn´t do that much dps but can hold agro easy without huge need of support).
    But bruiser is also a fine class to duo with a healer or dd.
    There plenty of possibilitys, best bet, would be to ask you´re wife what she gona want to play and based on that, make you´re decisson.
  7. Mohee Active Member

    My necro friends never shut up about how they only have to hit 4-6 abilities over and over to maximize their DPS.

    Sooo... to me that sounds like it'd be the easiest class.

  8. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it is wise to choose a class that is easy to handle, but i it even better to let her choose, as i sayed above. Raidforce needs a troub and not a brigand.... my wife isn´t all that happy about that ^^
  9. Thand Active Member

    Honestly the easiest class to play is Monk as you get high stock up on Block chance items and augs and life will be good. Monk/ inq or a monk defiler are a good combo.
  10. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I'll put in a good word for a Paladin + Conjuror duo. The paladin can tank and heal, while the conjy burns things. And a conjy can ALSO be soloed without much angst.
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  11. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    This was my first MMO ever, and I chose the priest --> Druid --> Warden class, and never regretted it. Warden is a LOT of fun to play. Warden can duo with pretty much any tank, but duos particularly well with a Brawler (monk or bruiser).

    Remembering back to that time, the best advice I have is: Be patient, and if she's learning MMOs, don't do any powerleveling till she hits around 60 or 70. Things change after that, but you learn your class basics before. And BE PATIENT. I'd imagine teaching your wife or child how to play this would be similar to teaching them how to drive.

    Kudos to her for wanting to learn a hobby of yours, though. Many people wish their spouses (spice?) would do the same.
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  12. Morg Well-Known Member

    My 2 coppers worth is: You both roll a tank and a healer each. That way she LEARNS why she is healing and curing at what times. If you know dual roles it's easier to know what to do and when. Also, accounts are free to try out the game, let her try a few classes/race combo's so she gets what SHE likes and what she feels comfortable with. Or pay 5 bucks for a silver account ( better deal in my opinion ). Get 4 character slots, all the bank slots, chat, unlimited plat etc etc etc.
    Honestly, I would have her try out an SK as they are super easy or a Monk for her dps/tank class. I am particular to Furies, but that was my first character for eq2 and I fell in love with it due to being able to have AoE dps spells as well as heals and buffs. My first MMO was shadowbane, and the community wasn't exactly helpful except to call you in to kill you. So she and you can be thankful her first MMO is EQ2 where the community is great!
  13. Viper482 New Member

    Thanks a ton for all the replies! We are trying a few things out and certainly considering all advice here. Thanks!
  14. Morg Well-Known Member

    What server are you 2 playing on?
  15. Pixilicious Active Member

    My daughter was 6 when she started to play eq2 and we made her a conjuror, she is doing pretty good on her own with a mercenary even when I cant play with her :) And agree probably necro easy too but she didn't want to have a spider or skeleton pet hehe :)
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  16. Caela Well-Known Member

    I have found the conjuror very easy to play.

    I've tried healers - and just not my cup of tea. I have a high level Inquisitor - but compared to my conjuror and wizard, she takes forever to kill things solo. Maybe a group would be more exciting - but I'm afraid to group with her - afraid I would let everyone die - LOL.

    I much prefer the stand back and nuke type classes.
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  17. Brienae Active Member

    I was introduced to the game via my husband. I'd sometimes play his Monk while he was working on his Thesis. Eventually I decided I wanted to play and rolled a Fury for no other reason than I liked the sound of it.
    Now he still plays his Monk but I primarily play my Troubador. I still enjoy the Fury though. It comes down to fun I think. My suggestion is try different combinations, she may love dps but hate healing or love healing. It may take a while but most of the classes are easy once learned but if you're not having fun then there's no point.
  18. mague Active Member

    Make sure she picks carpenter as crafter class :)

    There are different "easy" classes. Both bards and enchanters can be played as buff-bots without ever hitting a button. Summoners can be played as single button class. Druids can be played as reactive healers with a few buttons. They are also nice to do some solo questing.

    If she is into housing she might also be into clothing. There are appearance tabs but not every class is able to show any visual.

    The most power to protect your wifes toon has most probably a crusader.
  19. Alanducar Active Member

    For me the most enjoyable and easy to play class would be my monk. Not only can they fight their way through trouble but if the going gets tough they have a handy ability called Feign Death. This allows a person to shrug off possible death but also makes it easier to get around in game when you need to get somewhere and are still new to the world of Norrath. I think it makes it easier to find your way around and explore personally. I also know that the Necro/Conjy are popular to play for new or learning players as well due to the fact that you have your own groups handy and at the ready at all times. Just think you can explore areas whilst having your pets do most the damage or take aggro while you are learning how to play the game. The game has gotten a bit more forgiving towards new players with the Merc's available too. So you could probably get away with playing any class and have someone there backing you up at all times. There really is no limit to what you can do now and its very easy to learn when you have someone at the ready at all times as long as you have the little bit of silver it costs when starting out to afford the merc. If your not playing with merc's however i still think a class that can get around easily and shrug off aggro would be a good bet. That's just my 2 coppers worth :)
  20. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Don't forget to look at the racial abilities that are available as well. I love my Iksar bruiser, who has the built-in racial of underwater breathing, and the option to choose Bind Wound as a Character Trait.

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