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  1. Tralelia Member

    Last week at level 125 in the Plateau's I was able to kill the coyotes and birds, yesterday and today I was continually dying what have they done, beginning to make me sorry I purchased the expansion.
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  2. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    You probably dismissed your familiar at some point. Make sure it's up and you'll be fine
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  3. Taled Well-Known Member

    They didn't do anything. Check your buffs, you probably don't have your familiar active.

    Just like in the other hundred threads with this same whine.
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  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    It appears that the familiar is just switching off for some people at some point.

    A couple of my friends have had to step out of a group instance, strip off all their gear, change AA specs to blow away all buffs, put the right AA spec back on, re-equip all their gear, re-summon merc,mount, familiar, etc. and rebuff to get their stats back up.
  5. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    That has happened to me on various alts and I didn't click off anything. So if you see this check your mount, your familiar and every other buff you should have. Chances are something was kicked off during a downtime or zoning or some other stupid reason that has nothing to do with what YOU did.
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  6. Tyrval Active Member

    2 different bugs that can cause it:

    -Dying with torment rune active, where it doesn't deactivate properly and kills someone immediately on ress can make buffs freak out, and make someone need to resummon everything.

    -Being moved when character is a changed movement state. So if your character is climbing a wall, or on something like a flight/horseride, or feigned, and then you are evac'd while you are in that changed state, will usually wipe your merc buff and some others.

    Used to see the latter one all the time when kurns was current content because of people getting evac'd from a bad pull while they were climbing the wall or whatever.
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