dwarven work boots draining mana

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Feef, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Feef New Member

    anyone else having issues with this i picked up work boots from the hq on new server, put on my illy and temp on live and now having major power drain when i cast only thing in common they have is the boots.

    switched out the boots and it fixed the problem so its defently the boots with the issue for me.
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  2. Arieva Well-Known Member

    Yes..makes temple expert event a real PITA for those that refuse to swap them out!
  3. Alenna Well-Known Member

    Have they fixed this yet? Just had a guildmate on AB tell me the was having trouble with mana when wearing the boots on fridays progressive raid.
  4. The_Real_Wurm Well-Known Member

    Strange, our Warden wears them and he says he has no issues with mana drain at all.
  5. semisus Well-Known Member

    it still happens
  6. Alenna Well-Known Member

    if I recall wardens have an AA or spell the keeps their mana up. ask anyone who is not a warden what happens. my AB guildmate is a bezerker. and I bet teh channlers and furys will be complaining about it.
  7. The_Real_Wurm Well-Known Member

    I'm not doubting y'all, I was just wondering why. I remember briefly looking at them and I don't recall the stats saying anything about draining mana.
  8. Brightlyz Active Member

    Could whatever is broke with these boots also be effecting something in the furys kit? I have a similar problem in temple and i dont even have these boots. I know the mana drain is nasty anyway but it seems to just wreck me way harder then it should. shoulder adorn, mana pots, mana stones, even a coercer in group and im still at 0 mana most of the fight. A quick glance over ACT and nothing shows up that should be causing this.
  9. Alenna Well-Known Member

    that is why we are reporting the mana drain shouldn't be happening and the OP tested by switching to her other boots and did not have the mana drain problem so it must be the dwarven workboots
  10. Leasha Member

    Yeah, it's definitely the Dwarven Work Boots even though it doesn't indicate any power drain effect on the description. My mystic was struggling for power when I had them on in Shrouded Temple especially but once I put on the Journeyman Boots, the power issue went away. Never going back! /bye DWB
  11. Alenna Well-Known Member

    can we please get an answer from one of the devs about this bug? I'm a bit far from getting my Jboots. still trying to get to level 25 so I can work on the 25 level heritage quests.
  12. Alenna Well-Known Member

    so which classes arew having the mana problem with or with out the boots.
  13. Earar Well-Known Member

    my warden wore them and had big issues with mana. Sure the tree, hierophant so I can refill my mana pool .. but still .. in shrouded temple I lost all my mana way too fast

    my illu had mana issues, my troub also and warden till I changed for the Jboots. And it's the only thing I changed from their gear ... it was a pain .. really
  14. Alenna Well-Known Member

    yeah i keep having to switch out my boots when we go to shrouded temple during the expert ethereal runs.

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