Dungeon Maker Changes Coming Dec. 16

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. Tranquist New Member

  2. Synith New Member

    I just purchased DM on the store this past Tuesday, and now it's free? Sounds about right.
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  3. Bemp77 New Member

    exploit -- what friggin exploit

    The DMing for leveling has been going on for MONTHS now not just during the launch of last Xpac. SoE have had MONTHS to make adjustments and changes to DM but they waited and waited and did nothing until ....

    I am guessing some players whined about how some went from 95 to 100 in hours and in some warped way thought that effected them and complained for NO REASON.
  4. oldskool Active Member

    Let's be honest here. The issue isn't players being challenged by new content. The issue isn't an easy button. The issue is not enough Heroic Characters are being purchased because players PL toons in DM dungeons.

    There are a lot of gameplay flaws in EQ2. DM is an answer to these flaws - not the cause of them.

    Why should I have to go through the same silly quests for the 12th or 13th or 14th time to level? You've already got me grinding tokens mindlessly once I reach max level.

    There are so few players that are willing to go through the game that finding a group to level up is nearly impossible. And if your next toon is a slow leveling class soloing content gets old very fast. What's the answer there?

    Buy a Heroic Toon.

    And that's really the issue isn't it?
  5. Sylvain Member

    Then this feature should have been removed as a paid feature before so many recently purchased it. IMOHO I could care less about the xp, save the fact that many will never see the nice dungeons we have spent time and money to create without it. All a moot point now. Not a decent and honorable way to treat loyal customers. I think that is more the point here.

    To punish everyone because a few exploiters ( and play your way does include them too technically ) is not very honorable. I personally recently purchased this feature and have made a few (non xp grindy) but more RPish Dungeons I feel cheated, and unappreciated at best. I think this is more the point
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  6. Bemp77 New Member

    One more thing i want to be honest and say that i had 10 level 95's at the time xpac was released and 4 in the last 2 months or so i did DM pwr lvl them and 2 of the 4 were heroic toons from 85. This means that i got 6 of my toons to 95 through means that DID not include ONE single DM and most of them went most of the way to 95 through questing etc but i will admit there was alittle power leveling involved. The reason DMing was not a bad thing is after i have done the same quest multiple times i did not want to do it again so i CHOSE to DM power level and that was my right and i did not hurt anyone.
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  7. Llwellyn Active Member

    That's why I made it clear in my first post in the topic, that while I typically dismiss claims demanding refunds - this is an entirely different situation. Comparing this to any other type of gaming situation - this is a revocation of paid-for DLC. They need to come up with something - although I don't necessarily think it should be a full station cash refund - to make up for that. You can't just cancel a paid feature without any prior notice without some form of consideration. Any company that doesn't accommodate that in some fashion is begging for a PR disaster and lost business. People are legitimately hot about that point, and it's very valid - especially anyone who purchased within the past 30 days or so.

    I think they should come up with an overall compensation package for it for anyone with AoD entitlement or who has ever paid for Dungeon Maker (inclusive of people who paid for spawners and such) - and also refund the station cash to anyone who purchased within either 14 or 30 days. The people who bought recently should get both. I can't see them dropping ten quid on every player who ever had paid access to DM - but taking the high road and honoring what is typical consumer rights laws in most states and the EU as well and refunding the last month's worth of purchases would go a long way towards putting out the fires here. The alternate form of compensation would make all of the rest of us happy without giving their accountants a stroke.
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  8. Caranthir Member

    Nicely done, Sony. When I came back to the game last time and had just subbed for a year, you announced the deal with Pro7 ... I left in disgust and you gracefully gave me part of my money back (on the condition that the account I had subbed with would be locked forever).

    I came back again, sub for a year ... and now this? I might be a slow learner, but I doubt I'll be back another time.
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  9. Laita Well-Known Member

    I approve of this message... PLing is still way too easy, but the number of people at max level who have no idea how to play their class, is annoyingly high... maybe this will help out in that department!
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  10. Tyrindel New Member

    Refund or remove 85 / 280 aa potion. Soe did this to EQ 1 to they rolled out the heroic toons then nerfed all abilities to pl , said that the power leveling was destroying the game content. when in truth all they wanted was the heroic toon purchase to sell more.
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  11. Husband New Member

    You can pay to bypass content with heroic toons.... this is just stupid.... remove heroics from game too then.... and while ur at it remove the sc spell upgrades ..and remove the vitality pots and xp pots from sc..... most of the people here pay a premium... pissing them off seams counter productive!
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  12. Laita Well-Known Member

    They aren't cancelling the feature, they are slightly altering it, just as they have done with everything else in game... your legal argument is there /invalid... what next, people going to demand a refund because they no longer start on the isle of refuge?!
  13. Zarik New Member

    Wow, four and a half hours and 6 pages of questions/comments later and STILL not a single developer has replied. So when are you guys going to let us know when to expect our refunds?
  14. Caranthir Member

    I can see why power leveling might be seen as a problem - but I'd say that folks who level in DM learn more about their class than those who buy a lvl 85 token.

    AND: DM is more than power leveling ... I like a couple of the things you get for Dungeon Marks ...
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  15. Sneakle Member

    This is going to be bad for business I'm sure.

    Why dont you let All acces members continue to do their leveling but flag said power leveled characters with DM and if tehy do not sub they cannot use said characters or they have to buy a heroic upgrade for them. This way you keep those yuo like to plvl alts in the game but still keep some profit that cannot be exploited, think SoE think.

    If you are to do this the DM need to grant rewards for housing and rares that you can't get any other places including the market place. Ie, speciel items for housing tat looks very good, effects etc. And perhaps a few totems or whatever is in Everquest 1 taht you can place in your house/lot that grants you adv stats. Here you can add tradeskill stats too. Think a little SoE, or Who ever made this call. Just make this an all acces feature aswell or SC to use said items if they get the drop they want. That means some an farm a few items without paying alot.

    What you are doing now is on edge with the consumer law and you'd end up giving all players a refund which could cost you legal fees. And you know it, you change something radically this much and it wont go under "gameplay can change"

    First surgestion will benefit you more than this move, 2nd less, both combined and you'd make even more money.

    If this ruins population a good deal then I'm out, sorry to say.
  16. Fippyderpderp New Member

    I think this is a great change, except for the merchandise going away. There has to be some point beyond mere decoration to encourage people to actually do a DM zone, and getting some tokens to get gear or whatever with was nice. It seems now the only people who will have an interest are the decorator crowd. At this point, complete removal of DM would be perfectly fine with me, and who knows, maybe the game would run a little smoother without it.
  17. Veta Well-Known Member

    Ouch =(. The only thing I cared for about dungeon makers were my free repair kits.
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  18. Charlice Well-Known Member

    We shouldn't have to do that. And I wouldn't even mention them tbh, next step might be locking all 95+ toons out of anything but AoM.
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  19. Cuelaen Well-Known Member

    You guys have made a great game, and you seem like nice folks-but are you trying to sunset the game? To say that only a small percentage of players level through the dm, is laughable. To say that using an "exploit"(last i checked, DM was a "feature" that we paid for) to get levels quickly, is insulting-you SELL levels on your own marketplace, ie. Heroic characters. Furthermore, either the folks in charge of noticing exploits are tremendously incompetent, and havent noticed all those people leveling up in dm's until now, ...-or, all those folks leveling up characters quickly is cutting into the heroic character sales(why pay 35 bucks, when you can buy a Krono for 17, and level several characters through a dm pl, or do it yourself for free) and that's why the sudden urgency to shut down dm leveling. In my opinion, this was the wrong decision-and people can argue as to whether or not dm exp'ing was right or wrong till they're blue in the face-the fact is, we are going to lose players over this. Paying players, who buy stuff like krono's, and marketplace items. Obviously, i don't work for SOE, so I have no idea as to how many people still log in and play this game every day-but as a player, I'm seeing more and more empty zones, less busy general chat, etc. I can't help but feel like lately, there have been some really unpopular decisions made in the name of the "health of the game"-akin to cutting off an arm , to get rid of a splinter....
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  20. brokenshieldd Active Member

    I agree with you 100% and the Biggest thing I feel with this xpac is they have taking away the fun factor and when the game is more like work and not fun people wont play.
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