Dungeon Maker Changes Coming Dec. 16

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. Ashkali New Member

    Although being a "3-year vet", I only played to lvl 20 when I started, and came back a couple months ago. I rolled a Necro, and realized that to reallly enjoy necro, I was going to need AA's. So I bought an AA potion, and was well worth it!

    At lvl 89 or so, things really slowed down. Went weeks looking for a SS group, which if you havent gotten the faction up, is a pain to go visit just to look for groups when you don't see them in chat. Lots of wasted time there.

    Someone was offering DM levels for like 35plat a run, so I used my loyalty points to buy some. Definitely got me where I wanted to go! Eventually I was able to do HKC, and hit 100 soon after.

    I also rolled a Channeler, lots of fun! I really didnt want to level up again, and I knew I would need AA's, which would basically be leveling a second time, so I bought the Heroic +280aa. Once again, well worth it! This time, however, I chose to slide to 100% AA and do some questing in some very nice zones EQ2 has to offer.

    I didnt realize what Dungeon maker offered in terms of xp when i bought it. I actually bought the bundle in case I wanted it later, more focused on wanting Mercenaries. It's interesting that it went 3 years before this decision. The marks and mark store really caught my eye too! Its a shame it wont be around much longer.

    I don't really see any difference between DM PL and having a friend PL grind you through a zone mentoring you. I have had friends do this for me, it was the exact same thing as the DM.
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  2. Mythicle New Member

    I am sad, very sad. DM's were one of the ways i made enough plat to buy things from SLR .... if i can not find a group to do Heroics or raid ... and i can't feel like i am helping people ... why should i log in?

    i guess i will start the process of trying other MMO's again to see what i can stomach .......

    SoE i feel you are going down the wrong road ....

    just my 2c

  3. Maltaros Active Member

    Why is SOE suddenly backing so far away from the "Play Your Way" mantra? I haven't used DMs to level and I never thought the ones built for that function were at all fun. (I game for fun so skip the things that aren't.) However, I don't understand why anybody would be upset because some people enjoy other ways of playing. Not to mention the fact that people have been discussing the flaws in the playability of this expansion ad nauseum. Instead of seriously addressing the issues people are having (difficulty, wacky itemization, lack of replay value, etc) they are doing their very best to force their customers down a path they are not enjoying.
  4. Lucus Well-Known Member

    The people or person that came up with DM nerf round 2 should be forced to level a charater to 100/350 then when it reaches cap have it deleted and then start from scratch again and again till they are a pile of dust.

    coming soon to a game near you! we wanted to increase the value of gold subscribers so we nerfed DM, so we are bringing it back for gold members with just with five easy payments of 49.99 credits you can be a gold subscriber for a whole year(we are charging you twice as much for half the true value!) and get DM tokens and DM experience thrown in!

    offer only valid between tuesday 9th dec 2114 to tuesday 16th dec 2114.
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  5. Feldon Well-Known Member

    First they took away Cow Clicker, now Dungeon Maker XP grinding. Guess you could try Candy Crush or Farmville.
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  6. Bemp77 New Member

    I want to be honest up front and say that i canceled my Sub yesterday mainly for other reasons but now after seeing this i know i made the right choice and now not sure i will be back cept maybe to log in FREE and say hello to friends.

    The letter is a complete and utter joke and an insult to the player base and you guys take NO responsibility for something you guys created. I mean how tough would it have been to make it so you could not stack 80 plus mobs together there are plenty of things you guys could have done to prevent it from being used as a leveling alternative. Also i will admit maybe DM's needed to be adjusted EXP wise but you when from one extreme to the other. You make a comment in the letter about how people are complaining about the DM nerf when others got to use it and not them. Come on - you guys have known about this for months now but it was not until players decided to skip the content that the EQ2 team worked many hours and i am guessing many hours extra away from families where you decided let's finally stop it. It all comes down to your teams pride got hurt and now the player base got a big middle finger and a slap in the face.

    Now i write this fully knowing there is a chance i could be banned or suspended but someone has to speak up against what SOE has become. We all know and realize SOE has to make money but it's become clear to me and i think others that changes that have happened in game have been done for one reason only. The reason is to generate more money via SC like when you doubled the price on upgrading spells for what seemed like no reason at the time but then became clear when you added GM spells for every spell or combat art. Now we have a change to DM's was not just cause of pride but also now maybe you will make more money for people buying Heroic toons. I say this and some are going to say -- Oh my SOE trying to make more money how dare they but when ALL of the changes are made for MONEY reasons and not to make the game better that's what is wrong.

    Last thing is i hope you guys get a clue before the next EQ game is ready cause at the rate you guys are going there will be very few that want to give SOE money when they have been treated like you have been treating your player base lately.

    I know IF this post does not get deleted some will rip into me but before you do just think about what i have said cause it's all true -- you may not want to admit it but it's the truth.

    BTW -- SOE -- forward this to all who is in charge cause i think many feel like i do even if they will not say it to your face.
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  7. Naiha New Member

    I have spent thousands of Dungeon Marks in builders, spawners, layouts and other things that will be free with next patch. Those marks could only be used by DM feature owners, but now it will be free for all and many players have stacked up thousands of marks doing exp runs they could not use before. Well done! But don't go crazy now and remove them in a panic attack, please. I feel I a bit decieved with this change. If I had known before, I would have used the dungeon marks getting repair bots or maybe I would have bought another feature that is worth what I paid for it instead of the DM feature.

    Dungeon Maker was already deceiving when I bought it and it only gets worse with any change.
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  8. Poinsettia New Member

    Add me to the list of refund requests, you have removed every single reason that I purchased this recently.
    I am saddened by the trend influenced by greed that has become blatant deception.
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  9. Wanic Active Member

    Hey I'm curious, did you use the Dm to grind to 100 to use the nerf bat or?
  10. Widem Active Member

    That is a lot of hubris calling DM grinding an exploit. It worked EXACTLY as you intended it to work until it didn't fit the model that you now want. Just b/c you changed your mind doesn't fool anyone here that you are scapegoating this.
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  11. Hartay Keeper of the Server Hamsters

    Eh, Dungeon maker didn't even give me the "EQII" feeling.

    Don't really know how to explain that. :p

    After reading the people who've purchased this, In a way, they "paid" for the Dungeon Maker and it should have been a Pay-to-Access in the beginning. By that I mean without DM you cannot even go into one without buying it.

    IDK My 2 cents.

    at least can we have a Dungeon Mark -> Gold converter :(
  12. Gnaff Active Member

    Im not one to really use the DM feature a whole lot, but i feel that as a whole the idea of making it pretty much nothing more then a glorified storage place is abit harsh. Yes the EXP should be removed, but the dungeon maker marks should be left in as a reward for people who make/run them. lets face it the items DM marks can be used to buy are minor and would hurt no one by being left available. and there is afew nice items that make for good appearance gear.

    Now wheres my bloody coffee.
  13. Pauly Well-Known Member

    Do the right thing SOE... delete every toon that was power leveled in DM
  14. Adaac Member

    I agree 100% with what Widem said. Now that you have gutted
    DM you may as well take it completely out of the game as it serves no useful purpose
  15. Naychan Member

    I'm actually pissed about this. I don't mind grinding for levels I played eq1 and this is nothing on comparison. I bought DM and then shelved it due to people making xp only dungeons and mine was shot down to the bottom after an hour of being up. Ok its a quick xp grind. But I paid for the feature and I paid for a lot of the stuff I was putting in there. I truly would like a refund on this if your are boxing it up and packing it away.
  16. Altamonte New Member

    1000SC should be credited to every account with the dungeon maker feature active.

    I just bought it last week, thinking that if such a broken mess remained in game as long as it did there was little chance of you removing it in the future, due to the fact it was paid for by customers.

    Removing paid DLC that has already been purchased is very unprofessional. :(

    So the fastest way to level will become just to pay 3500SC I guess, this very much seems like a decision about the bottom line and not about the health of the game itself.

    Please consider removing Heroic characters well if this is truly about the "experience" or integrity of the game.
  17. Table Lamp New Member

    So, I finally decided to go all access, in doing that I found out that I couldn't do dungeon maker dungeons unless I not only paid for the AoM expansion with a subscriptions, but I had to spend 1,000 station cash to be able to play it. I literally bought the dungeon maker feature less than 12 hours ago. Only to find out you're giving it away for free. I'd like a refund.
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  18. Jrel Well-Known Member

    I actually used the Dungeon Marks for alts and myself. Could we put those back please?
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  19. Loch Well-Known Member

    A little notice would have been nice before people paid for it in the last month or so.
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  20. Cleaner Active Member

    IMO what i forsee is going on here is they are going to "pay to win".
    i can;t help but wonder if this is an excuses to take down dungeon maker rewards (repair kits, debt removers) so they can sell it.
    Dungeon makers was the best thing ever added to the game because those " Power levelers" left the contested zones for those of us that want to play them at level. Since the exp changes our tier leveled contested zones have become unusable again as the mobs stay dead. i literally had to camp a quest update and beg the "BOT" powerlevelers to let me get the kill for a quest. some will, some ignore you and run in and kill everything. Me personally, if your going to do this just take the darn thing out of the game all together because now ((( it will never be used ))). more empty useless content junking up the servers. Reporting does no good btw i have reported many "Bot'ers" with no results.

    I will not lie, with MASSIVE server depletion, we had been forced to power level some guildy alts to fill in raid slots for the simple fact that people are dropping like flies in this game. the first 3 weeks of the expansion the populations jumped up to amazing numbers then started dropping rapidly, currently on some servers you cannot find a group there are maybe a very very few groups looking for people in channels. I REFUSE to purchase transfer tokens from a dead server ill find something else to do...seems EQ2 is trying commit marketing suicide. Someone is leading them down a path they might not ever recover from. even in prime time i have been monitoring the populations and its not improving as i watch the numbers trickle down i wonder why not have maybe a survey or something to cut out some of the complaints on some issues and go with the popular vote then its a done deal. Majority rules not the complainers or the elitist that only seek superiority for themselves, lets face it the casual players are the majority, or as it seems where the majority.
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