Dungeon Maker Changes Coming Dec. 16

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. Alenna Well-Known Member

    Again with the sledge hammer why cna't you just do it small bits at a time until you get the right balance?

    I will not use SC for what I have been able to by with dungeon marks I'll call to my guild hall from now on when i need repairs and there is no repairbot. and use my CoV or have one of my group call me which means I will never do a PUG since I will not be able to guarantee someone will have a repair bot and I refuse to make folks wait till I get back from repairing at my guild hall. I used the DMs for more then xp. again you are using a sledgehammer where a surgical knife and small change will do. Why is it you have to use the sledge hammer all the time.
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  2. Golddigga New Member

    You hit the nail on the head: They want you to spend more $.
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  3. Squirrelex New Member

    Want to delete a feature I recently paid for eh?
    Where is my FREAKING REFUND?
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  4. Paddyo Member

    Everyone paid money for the feature. Whether they bought it seperately, as a bundle, or when it was originally called an "expansion" before they realized they could change the semantics to "feature pack" and force people to continue to buy it.
  5. Mindsway Well-Known Member

    I understand removing the xp (although like others I see it as a cash grab as well, it was cutting into your heroic character sales), but why remove the tokens? Can you please reconsider this? The repair kits are great, the quickness tokens are nice, and I love the quivers. It was also nice being able to get some ammo on the fly when midway through an instance my tank would realize he was out.

    Methinks you are taking things a bit too far.
  6. Charlice Well-Known Member

    Basically every option for higher level players to level has been taken away in the hope of steering us towards AoM.
    It is not miraculously going to make players want to do the content, or should I say lack of it, in AoM, it's more likely to steer those players away. AoM is a grind fest, look at fixing that instead.

    Stop taking stuff away and fix the problems. I've never seen so many nerfs in this game, ever. I don't even care about most of them, but you are driving people away and that effects me.

    Players paid for this feature, I was one of them. You may as well just take it out of game which I'd say is on the cards anyway. You have turned what could of been a fun feature, into rubbish.
  7. CaptainVexcelPoisonFang New Member

    We who paid for Things such as Spawners and the feature it self better get a refund, Yeah you where right SoE a few of us would be pissed, But to give no compensation for something we players bought. That is just messed up. As me and many others said at least give us a refund
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  8. Oakmist New Member

    I just finished all the new AoM quests on my conjuror and only got from 95 to 98.93 and that was with 40% veteran bonus added on. So now if I want to get to 100 I have to grind something, overland areas, dungeons, dungeon maker, what's the difference. SOE must like playing wack-a-mole they nerfed chelsis, then the hole, then skyshrine, now DM. There will always be something why are you worried about it. Let people play the way they want.
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  9. Ethini Well-Known Member

    My point was that I do not get a monthly allotment of SC, I have very little disposable income, so when I buy SC, I consider very carefully where I want to put it, as I did in this case, since I never know when I may have extra cash to put into the game.

    I would like my SC back, or a comparably priced feature added to my account.
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  10. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    If you are trying to force people to group, you are working on the wrong end.
  11. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing a year or so down the road, Dungeon Maker will be removed from the game due to low traffic. May I ask a question? Does SOE have insurance on this game? If so, I think I smell arson. -.- Soooo many ridiculously bad decisions in the last few years regarding customer satisfaction. I keep thinking that it will get better, they can't be ok with how much the population shrinks each year.. and then they pull something else like this....I can understand removing XP, since fixing exploits has taken a lot of time and resources, lack of time invested = more likely to leave the game, etc... but the tokens too? really? People used to belittle the DMs for being nothing but housing with a few mobs sprinkled in... now it really is. What adventurer is going to risk death for nothing? How many decorators feel like grinding mobs to see the next room?
    And I'm sorry, but this constant "Oh hey guys, we're gonna do something you don't like and we don't care" is not exactly going to bring in new customers. -.- I've listed the grievances on other threads... XD I thought after bringing back the Euro people, SOE would "make good" on that fiasco, but I guess once you are on a roll........
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  12. VeilShard Active Member

    Why not just call it what it is ? There's no point in making excuses that you don't want anyone bypassing content and not being with their friends. My friend bought an 85 character and left me in the dirt! (sarcasm). If this was the reason you would also address the heroic characters.

    Why not just be transparent and honest as a company and admit that the reason is to sell more your heroic characters. It's pretty simple. SOE wants to be the ones paid for the characters not some guy who charges 150p an in a 10 minute run.

    I've never cared for dungeon maker and don't care that it's being removed but the reasons for removing it are kinda silly considering you can already bypass the content by swiping your credit card
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  13. Llwellyn Active Member

    This is... wow. Interesting. There's an expression where I am from - closing the pasture gate after all the cattle have escaped - that seems to apply at first glance. However, for the long term good of the game, this absolutely had to change. Removing this as an issue will let them focus on tuning the rest of the content appropriately. It will allow us, the players, to have a true feel for the type of leveling curve we really want and expect without the externality of the disproportionate DM experience pulling the curves out of shape.

    As far as the feature itself - it now feels like Dimensions in RIFT - something that player housing was still lacking a bit of for the huge subset of decorators that play this game (like the Dimension fanatics in RIFT) just for that reason. You can now have a totally separate, freeform playroom for other players to play in, without having to let them come in and play around in your houses - although being able to have multiple houses has already made that issue nearly moot.

    I do think that if you are going to make this free going forward that you owe anyone with an Age of Discovery entitlement on the account and anyone who directly purchased the feature with Station Cash some type of compensation. I don't think it has to be a full-out station cash refund - since we have had the opportunity to use said feature until now - but this is a very material change to something that you very clearly stated was always going to have a cost attached. I'd feel the same way if Freebloods were suddenly free, or mercenaries, etc.

    I don't say the above lightly, as I'm usually the first one trying to temper the pitchfork-wielding crowds screaming for refunds, but that is really leaving me with an odd feeling.

    Secondarily, any and all of the loot that is available via marks needs to be available via an alternate method if you are going to no longer issue marks as part of dungeons. Allowing people to roleplay in the dungeons and still earn marks while earning no XP doesn't seem like an outright issue to me, but apparently there are equivalent items for marks to actual station cash items like consumables. Things like the mount need to perhaps shift to loyalty (non-All Access - since this is now a free-for-everyone feature) and all of the other cosmetic items should perhaps be given to crafters to make. Removing all access to them and making them de facto exclusive by virtue of that removal really would hit me the wrong way, especially after making the DM access itself free with no compensation offered to those who paid.

    I paid for the DM access, but I've never ended up really doing any of them to earn marks. I am pretty sure that I can't realistically grind enough marks between now and when this happens to buy anything and everything that I may want to have before you can't earn marks anymore. I never ran any of them for the XP, either.

    As far as heroic characters are concerned - they are different. It's a subtle difference, but a difference nonetheless. They don't allow you to ignore or trivialize current content in an ad hoc way like DM does. They offer a specific gateway to a specific level with a preset gear package, which leaves you with the rest of the XP earning to do on your own. That gap is now 15 full levels, and unlike other games - gives you zero tradeskill levels. Now with the removal of the DM XP, they have actually lost a bit of the attractiveness they held for some people, as you will actually have to play them now. You won't be able to just run them through 10 - 15 DMs and then out pops a max level, albeit undergeared, character ready for you to be "bored" with because there is "nothing to do" after you skipped 15 entire levels (now 4 expansions worth!) of content in one afternoon via the DM.
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  14. Terrius Well-Known Member

    It is extremely obvious that they are nerfing this in order to "boost" Sales of Heroic characters. They already severely nerfed post 95 EXP for dungeon maker resolving for the most part the AoM leveling.

    I agree that those who at any point purchased the Dungeon Maker feature should be compensated, as this nerf is absurd.

    While it may have been unintentional that people could level up via DM (please note that originally DM DID NOT GIVE EXP, YOU ADDED EXP TO MAKE PEOPLE USE IT.) this feature has been in use for THREE YEARS just as you point out in the OP. You have had THREE YEARS to realise this was a mistake and you let it continue because it was causing no real harm, until you chose to sell LVL 85 heroic characters, then you realised people would rather Level in dungeon maker than waste $30 on a lvl 85 character.

    Something to realise also is that Dungeon Maker alleviated the constant farming and zone lockdowns of contested zones by PLers, Fortunately we will not have to deal with this as you have also completely nerfed and ruined all of the EXP in older contested zones.

    You've gone out of your way this time to nerf something that shouldn't have to be utilized in order to level up if you had done your duty as developers and offered a few decent leveling paths to characters of all levels. Instead you are forcing everyone into you're cookie cutter ideology of how leveling should happen. What does it matter if I wish to grind in Dungeon Maker or Grind solos and Missions? Both are tedious, boring, and have no effect on other players.
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  15. DenMicLaw New Member

    I have to admit, it irks me that something I paid for a couple of months ago when I came back is getting put up for free, and a lot of features removed - I haven't even tried it out yet. I wouldn't mind a refund of the SC I paid for, either.
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  16. Ratza Well-Known Member

    Why remove dungeon marks??? And I agree....where is our refund?
  17. VeilShard Active Member

    You can also buy redwood patchkits that will repair up to 50%
  18. Sylvain Member

    REFUND please.

    Personally I feel cheated and disappointed. I recently purchased this feature. I do not exploit it for xp. I will get my Isle of Refuge this month so I have been a player for a very very long time own three accounts and my main is only lvl 90.

    Though I do not make / play the DM system primarily for xp, I would not have saved my member SC for 3 months to purchase it if there were not "some" XP involved. I feel SOE should refund some of my SC as I did not get the system I paid for with real $$$.

    For the Dev team at EQ2 to punish everyone for the faults of a few is pretty childish IMO. Why should you care how anyone plays if you get paid.

    There will always be those that exploit the system, but to take away from those that have a moral compass shows a lack of leadership on YOUR part. I suppose the only way to make this point is with my money and where I choose to spend it on my gaming budget. I will have this consideration before recommending SOE to peers, friends, and coworkers in the future and when it comes time to re-up my yearly subscription.

    I regret this, and again suggest that you some how compensate the false advertising, for those purchased this feature in the last few months. I realize that you have the right to do anything, including close the game tomorrow with out an explanation (you have done this with so many SOE MMORPG communities in the past), and there is no "legal" action that we can take, however how about treating your loyal fan base with the same sense of honor and decorum that we have shown you with our pay-checks and time invested into your product and online communities.

    Do you not feel you have an obligation to stand behind a quality product and if you took hard earned money (in the form of SC) from individuals that do not exploit the system? Perhaps in the form of a SC refund for those that just purchased a system you decided to make free because you did not have enough control over those that choose to cheat the system?

    You have the ability to see how people play and who is exploiting the XP and who is not. The fact is you will kill this feature if you take away xp and offer nothing in return for this. No one will play them, in turn no one will see what we have spent time and money to create. We already had housing.

    I must wonder about the maturity lvl, and business savvy of those making these decisions.
  19. Foretold Well-Known Member

    Yeah I'm in the refund camp, too. You better do something to make this right for the people who paid for this feature.
  20. Lizabethan Active Member

    As long as it's not removed as a source of storing items for the decorators (many of us have multiple dungeons just for tiles, Frostfell items, Moonlight Enchantment trees..) then I'll be alright with it.
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