Dungeon Maker Changes Coming Dec. 16

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. suka Well-Known Member

    uh - let me get this straight in my mind. you left eq2 because you didn't like the heroic characters, but went back to eq1, which wins rave reviews in your book, even though they, too have the heroic characters???

    kk you totally lost me there.

    but i agreed with most of what you said.
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  2. Bashem Well-Known Member

    You must mean bring back Dungeon Maker XP!!!!!!!!
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  3. suka Well-Known Member

    yeah what i hated was being told i needed to rush from 72 to 92 because they wanted me to group in veeshan, then when i got to 92, being told that my mastercrafted visionary armor wasn't good enough. they wanted me to get the withered lands armor, which wasn't even as good as my mastercrafted armor. that was last straw. i hate when people try to rush me or tell me how to play, or put down my gear without even bothering to compare it to what they want me to get. so i am with you. i don't rush anyone. if someone wants to rush through, that is up to them, but seriously i don't see the point
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  4. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Not necessarily, though I'd love it if they brought back the Tokens. :-/

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  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Amen! One of the things I hated about WoW was that sort of mentality; Da Spouse was willing to go to the Battlegrounds and do PvP for a bit, since in the old days it didn't matter how many of each side you had there, the point was to have fun going up against whoever was there. Then, shortly before we both quit that game, they changed the rules so that battles would only happen once there were equal numbers on each side. That rapidly devolved into a "We'll pick you last, if at all, kid, since you obviously stink and we don't want your icky craft-made gear cooties. Ew." (sound familiar? :-/) mentality, and it ceased being any fun at all.

    That being said, I like the idea, at least, of the player-made dungeons (where you can jump in with/without your buddies, or any pressure from any "teams," etc.), but not necessarily the gobs o' XP involved. Just more power-leveling, say I, but the tokens rocked, and I miss them. :(

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  6. Annown55 New Member

    Atleast add Dungeon Marks back, so atleast then its not completly worthless.
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  7. Krozair New Member

    I am saddened by the removal of XP and Dungeon Marks from Dungeon Maker. As a returning player I really enjoyed Dungeon Maker. It was a nice way to get my characters some experience. Yes this was easy XP, but some of us want easy XP. I mean the 6th time running through the same quests generally leads me to leaving the game due to boredom.

    I just came back today to play some after a few months off and found out about the changes. So basically what I am being told is that if I am not spending endless hours running around zones that I know every single inch of already to level up a character that my time playing their game is a hack and an exploit. I thought we all played games for entertainment? When running Dungeon Maker I was having fun AND leveling up.

    My best guess is that this is a result of people with maxed out accounts taking an exit survey when they cancelled to play other games. Somehow I doubt that the mail boxes at SOE were packed with complaints from irate people with max level character complaining that Dungeon Maker ruined the game.

    Also, I feel as if my money was stolen when they accepted my payment for Dungeon Maker as it was and then changed it to something completely useless...and then giving it away for FREE. Sure I can make a dungeon, but what is the point of doing a dungeon for NO rewards?

    I think Dungeon Maker was one of the best ideas EQ2 ever had. My sons and I have spent hours putting together dungeons and playing through them...and then getting rewarded for doing it!! It seems that when people are having fun the team has to step in and put a stop to it.....for the greater good. I will never forget the Star Wars Galaxies Combat "Upgrade". One of the saddest things is how awesome Everquest 2 is.....yet they missed the boat with it in terms of popularity and sales because they dragged their feet on making a game where you can solo if you choose. There are a lot of people out there who will never know how awesome EQ2 is because in their mind it is still the insanely grindy group only game it was on launch. Dungeon Maker was a good way to get my friends of old to give the game a try again. I apologize if in advance if I have rubbed anyone the wrong way with this post.
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  8. suka Well-Known Member

    @ktozair no, you are pretty much on the mark. except the leveling up part. there are so many paths to leveling that you really don't have to do the same zones over and over until you are around 85. after that it gets a bit tedious. i have a number of toons over level 85 and they each came up a different way and in different zones. after 85 however, they seemed to lump everyone into the same quests. but even then, there were dungeons i skipped and zones i missed that i am just now beginning to mentor down to go back and enjoy them.

    mentoring is an excellent way to level. you get to go back and see old content you missed and gain a lot of xp doing so. there is so much content in this game that it would take years to explore it all. i think i learned a lot just by visiting the chronomage when i hit 75 on my first toon.

    but yes, we all resent and regret the changes to dungeon maker. not sure why they listened to the few people who came on the forums and complained about people reaching 100 in a couple of days (5 levels - come on now). seems the people complaining were the ones who actually did it but didn't want anyone else to do it. makes sense right? so the devs felt the need to actually listen to the "exploiters" (really now, can you really call that an exploit???) and remove the ability for their competition to actively compete. because after all, the week or so it took for the rest of the people to catch up meant a lot of loot and empty zones for the ones at max.

    so the lesson we all learned is this. play the game in the best way the devs have created for anyone to play (stacked dungeons and really i never liked those at all) which existed for years, then go to the forums and complain that the way you leveled is an exploit. get all of your friends and guilds who also leveled that way to complain also. and then lo and behold, you will have the endzone to yourselves for at least a week while other people level up the slower, more "accepted" way. after all, not only will they nerf the dungeons, they will also go and nerf any other easy ways to level- like skyshrine and other zones that we used to enjoy and you can no longer get xp in if you are over 95. nice plan, right?

    tell me, which one sounds like more of an exploit?
  9. Hawker New Member

    sorry to bump an old thread but i would like to see them do something with the dungeon maker as well to give it some point they could put a quest when you zone in that rewards a chest at the end where it contains a random amount of xp , a piece of class / level specific gear or a random number of dungeon marks that is an easy solution and can help to remove exploiting the system then take a lesson from neverwinter and make requirements to qualify maybe say that there must be x number of mobs and that the average play time for the dungeon must be xx:xx duration once submitted for publishing it would become playable and the reward would be given as long as the duration stayed beyond the timer just a thought IMHO
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