Dungeon Maker Changes Coming Dec. 16

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. Eldriod New Member

    Still holding out hope that something will be done with this. This feature has alot of untapped potential seems a shame to just let it fade away.
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  2. s7n7a7k7e Active Member

    Me personally I would love to see future expansions maybe move toward the rebuilding of the old territories like how it was in EQ and EQOA. I think it would give the world outside of Qeynos and Freeport feel much more alive.
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  3. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    You'd love playing EQ3, then (I'll keep calling it that until I get a Cease-and-Desist Order telling me not to); from what I've seen of the maps, it's like EQ2 never happened. But that was with SONY, whom we'd embarrassed publicly over their disaster that was the Pro7 deal, so maybe Nova won't care, and will keep this game alive, too. ;->

  4. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    IMHO, virtual reality or holographic gaming should be the next big leap. I'd actually exercise if I got to play EQ2 on one of those Omni walky-thingies with the VR glasses on. Heck, why not dedicate a few devs to modifying EQ2 to work with Oculus Rift? (making it intuitive and smooth so it would get super popular again. Wouldn't that just show SONY! XD) I just hate "working out"... I feel so.. dumb... and bored.... and so many other things that are actually fun! If exercise was actually fun, I'd be a supermodel! XD I'm not into punishing myself just because shallow people want to judge me by how I look. Why make it easy for them? XD
    I still like the idea of a misty space with outdoors projectors under a roof. All you'd need is a decent sized yard to play with transparent holograms... as long as it's not windy. XD (I guess indoors would work with a lot of ventilation and scubas keeping the floor dry and mold free while it's not in use.)
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  5. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    XD TBH I wanna call it EQOA:2 or EQOA: Takish'Hiz Revengeance. Feels more like an EQOA continuation due to the world setting, the character models, and the UI layout.
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  6. s7n7a7k7e Active Member

    Are you referring to Everquest Next? The graphics alone have completely turned me away from that game. I can forgive resetting the lore back to the beginning, although I prefer a continuation from the current lore instead. But as excited as I was to find out a new Everquest game was in the works, it turned to disappointment when I saw how the characters look like they came right out of Disney Pixar films like Tangled and Frozen. I'm sure this would be a hit with kids, but I just can't see myself playing it ever. I would more than likely try to find other alternatives to Everquest Next if a better successor to EQ2 never comes to fruition.
  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Yeah, EQ3 = EQNext. They changed its name, I think, after the debacle, but I wouldn't swear to it.

    And I don't actually mind the graphics; I don't think my Elven Wizard, throwing a Fireball at an Orcish Necromancer, is gonna worry too hard about realism (realism is the computer killer). What does bother me incessantly about it is a) what I've seen of the maps ("All you saps that played EQ2 since 2004, too bad, you don't count any more, ha ha!"), and b) the actual way the game is likely to work: no one's supposed to "specialize" in any given class ("You can go raiding without your Healer, since you can all do that...a little bit!" "But, but, but...shouldn't we be able to get another Healer from somewhere...?"); there won't be any quest-giver signs (you have to interact with EVERYONE ON THE PLANET to find out where to get your quests from, and where to turn them in or where to go next in the sequence if it's not the same person), and there won't be any way to tell what critters out there might want to attack you, until you get close enough to "interact" with them...which smacks a lot of the stupid shadow beasts here and there for just the Channelers to play with, that's making the truly lowbee zones far more hazardous than is called for, not to mention the new Erollisi Day quest critters that "nicely scale to our levels! Giggle!" which means: no Stealth (they're "Not an enemy" if they can't see you), no Ranged attacks (with a bow, thrown weapons, offense spells, etc.), no Roots, no nothing that you can really do against them if you're truly solo.

    Now, I hear it's been going through a variety of changes since I last peeked at their grand designs, but for now, those are the reasons I won't be playing EQ3. X-P

  8. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    amm Snake those toons look like that because the devs were going to give the characters a face that you can express any emotion with . even wink one eye.
    but in order to do so they had to exaggerate the eyes and the mouth to make such things possible see the presentation
    at the last conference
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  9. Raeven Active Member

    I too, would like to see the Dungeon Marks re-instated. It seems like a small thing to ask, the dungeons were already set up to give them and the items are already on the marketplace.

    I spent a lot of time and resources creating a dungeon. I am proud of it. But I don't ask anyone, even guildies, to run it now, because there are NO rewards. How can a dungeon have NO rewards? Every dungeon, every mob even, in EQ2 has at least the chance of giving rewards. Could make the Dungeon Maker mobs drop class specific loot like the agnostic dungeons do, but seems to me re-instating Dungeon Marks would be easier.
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  10. Vampyre New Member

    I took a decent hiatus after they launched the "don't work for your levels, just buy an 85!" feature and went back to EQ1 (which is still fun by the way). I find it ironic that they are turning off one of my favorite features because people could level up too quickly with it, when they are offering an insta-85 for $$$. Hi pot, this is kettle.....

    I was the winner of the Dungeon Maker contest in 2012 on Oasis. I highly enjoyed making creative dungeons and seeing others enjoy them as well.

    When I logged in for the first time in a while today and noticed all my dungeons were unpublished, I just scratched my head and re-published them (at least 4 of them because that's now the limit=LAME). I tweaked one of them a bit and ran it. Then i noticed I got no xp or marks. Hmmm.....so I ran another person's....same deal. Curiosity hit me so I found this thread.

    I am upset. Very upset. If CoV/CoH was still around, I'd instantly cancel my EQ/Sony account and go back in a heartbeat. At least their player made mission system gave you limitless options (mobs, tiers, locations, ANYTHING you want to do really), and you could actually story arc the missions so that when you finish one, you move onto the next part of the story and so forth. Far superior in every way to DM. If Sony/EQ got their heads out of their butts, they could have easily stolen the same building tools after CoH went under. If it was that complex, people would have played them for the story arcs for REAL rewards for finishing the arc. DM was too limited on what you could do as a creator. Period. You could have policed the published dungeons that were just XP farms. I would have done it for free to keep the feature in place as it was. Put a rule in place stating dungeons of that nature will be removed, and if someone violates that rule more than 3 times, they lose their creation rights for 60 days or so. Something would have been better than just screwing over those of us in the community that ran fun and creative dungeons not for just whatever marks and xp it offered, but to also see what people came up with. Now, you can run a dungeons to see what people made, but you get nothing at all for the work you did to get through the dungeon. What's the point? Lost time you cold have been earning xp on official content?

    With your insta-85 feature, you can't honestly tell me that you are turning off the feature because its messing with playing the game as intended. It's all about money.

    If anyone at Sony had a brain at all, they'd stop worrying on how people are leveling up and start concentrating on oh, I dunno, ADVERTISING THE DAMN GAME. Honestly, has anyone ever seen an EQ2 commercial? Anyone? Ok, how many have seen a WoW commercial....or maybe a ton of them? If they spent just a tiny bit of money on advertising, they'd get subscribers. Subscribers bring money. Money is profit. Subscribers means higher population. Higher population means more groups of every level. Etc.....What. A. Concept!

    So, to conclude this nerd rant.....I spent countless hours questing for items for my dungeons (misty tiles are a good example)...I've spent countless hours tradeskilling stuff for my dungeons (soooo many just for my winning dungeon, The Lovely Bones).....I've spent countless hours making my dungeons.....I've been a non-stop paying subscriber since launch (and my EQ1 account before that)......Sony givesus the middle finger. Point taken Sony. EQNext will not happen for me. I'm done with it. I was going to buy the newest expansion today until I learned what I did here. I'd cancel my account if it wasn't for my new re-found love of EQ1. Maybe once I get bored of it, I'll go FTP. Not sure yet.

    Either way, having a HUGE sell off of all my dungeon decor items on my toons on Oasis, so those who are into that and are on there, look for some cool stuff selling cheap! Hey, at least I can now delete one of my guys that I only kept around because of some really popular dungeons under his name.

    Thanks for letting me rant.
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  11. Csipi Active Member

    You keep mentioning Sony, but they sold SOE and now the team is Daybreak. They also just fired a bunch of devs and other people so a once understaffed team is now even more understaffed.

    So um, I wouldn't really be holding my breath waiting for improvements to dungeon maker when there are far important things to deal with.
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  12. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    True, absolutely true, but there's a few things they could do, once the dust settles: bring back our dungeon marks, if nothing else (though I wouldn't mind seeing something other than literal stacks of opponents; flexibility would be nice ;->), just turn that feature back on.




    It should be like that "rule of thumb" in real estate ("The three most important things to remember: location, location, location!"): advertise, advertise, advertise. Maybe now that we're not under SONY's umbrella any more, they might actually think about doing something like that (and will probably have to, now that they're an "independent" game company again). ;->

    It wouldn't need to be the uber-fancy stuff like what they did initially for EQ2, back when it first came out (which is probably why they didn't keep advertising): "Let's do it like it's a movie, with full 'previews' and 'trailers' and everything like ads for our SONY Pictures movie releases! Put them in the theaters where our movies are showing, and during the Super Bowl and Oscars and stuff! And let's make it just as expensive as movie advertising, since an online computer game is just exactly the same and will bring in just as much money as a Hollywood blockbuster, guaranteed--hey! Where's our profits...?" They could do it just like Blizzard does for WoW: saturation. Little one here, little one there, as long as it's OUT THERE, people will see it. ;->

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  13. Ucala Well-Known Member

    lol. People complain about the game not being fun Because they leveled to max so fast?
    no it's quite the opposite, people complained about the game not being fun because Other people leveled to max so fast.
    the max people get bored cause you have them waiting 2 months on 1 raid mob (who isn't even the endgame mob).
    people get bored cause the game makers idea for "new zones" is just old zones revamped.

    I don't care if that the xp to DM got turned off (since I don't play). But the developers def got the reasons it was bad all wrong.
    plus they should have known that people were gonna use it the way that they did. It's not like it was a super "hard to achieve" thing to stack mobs.
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  14. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Amen; never understood the driving NEED!!! to power level constantly (the new guild leader who kept trying to shove that up my--nose lost me as a guildie, and I'd been a member there since 2006 when I came in), and the "buy your way past all that boring content stuff that the devs busted their butts working on for over a decade!1!! :D" both infuriated and puzzled me: they seriously wanted people to play for 15 levels (now 10; what an improvement! :D), get bored, and quit the game? I see that's another thing WoW stole from EQ2 now... X-P

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  15. Finora Well-Known Member

    I'm still waiting for them to repackage the other features, but I suppose I shouldn't hold my breath now because the people in charge of the $$ are going to see that $60 is more than $40 for the old bundle and leave it all separate. Of course they should also consider the people like me who would rather not buy them at all than pay $60 for all of them (once again that was as much as I paid for the collector's edition of that pack).
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  16. Vampyre New Member

    Yes, forgive my ignorance about Sony vs. SOE.....I'm a bastard.

    I agree....what is the fun of powerleveling and such? Isn't the point of the game to.....play the game?? I'm a solo player, mainly because I enjoy that type of play, but also, due to work scheduling, it makes raiding pretty much impossible for me. It's fun to solo a good solid toon from 1-95 (as it is for me right now because I don't have the expansion). It's challenging to be on your own and to have to use real strategy to get about and take down a mob that's quite dangerous on your own.

    I understand wanting to be raiding. I get it. However, I'm sure there are other people out there like myself that enjoy casual play and not the pressure of being at a certain place at a certain time with this particular gear and this certain spell set or else everyone in the raid dies. Not my cup of tea.It's the reason my fury is really a fighter and not a healer.

    Therefor, creative custom player made dungeons were a fun way for me to run around solo and see something new and interesting, and while I was at it, earn xp. I'm really bummed they took that part of my gameplay away.

    I know they'll never bring it back. If anything, they'll limit it further or remove it completely. Like I mentioned previously, if they would have launched it with much more powerful creative tools at hand, like CoH had, it would have probably been more successful. You didn't see any type of xp farm missions on CoH. Just fun player made missions with good story lines. I heard rumor that a developer wants to buy the rights to CoH/CoV and the original servers to re-launch the game. I'm crossing my fingers on that one. ;)
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  17. Spock Active Member

    Ok beside console game do anybody saw that much advertising from mmorpg. Personally never seen any advertising from TERA, GW2, TESO, Final fantasy 14 and so on. Despite that many of those games have over 1 million subscribers or more. So it might help but it seems there's other way to get people attention.
  18. Warlyx Active Member

    oh pleast at leastput marks back! , i was about to buy the mount ....and no i cant :( /cry

    exp i couldnt care less but marks ? it was a way to get some upgrades for my low chars
  19. RohannS New Member

    While the fun is usually in the journey there needs to be a reward to have a journey. Something with no reward is something that is not worth making a journey for. That's what the dungeon maker has now become. A pointless journey. The fact is that the dungeon maker was one of the last things that made Everquest 2 so unique and now they are basically just houses. Also players can still do similar things by camping enemies in an extremely populated area full of enemies and grind exp. Players can still find ways to get exp while totally avoiding content, and another feature of Everquest 2 has been removed. Part of me understands your decision but the majority of it seems a bit unreasonable. With no rewards players won't use the Dungeon Maker, and if no one uses the Dungeon Maker you will probably remove it. Now the Dungeon Maker is nothing but an empty shell. I hope you will spend the time fixing/bringing back one of the unique features of Everquest 2 that kept many players happy.
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  20. RohannS New Member

    Bring Back the Dungeon Maker.
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