Dungeon Maker Changes Coming Dec. 16

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Dec 11, 2014.

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  1. Nantoh Member

    Oh I haven't known there has been custom dungeons.I guess next tuning will come in a few monthes,so I will ignore those dungeons atm anyway.
  2. Zarik New Member

    Any word yet on what, if any, reimbursement we will be receiving for those that paid for what they now consider an exploit?
  3. Noguchi Member

    hope soe take this article out if someone writes people use bots to play it but is removed soe says dm was an exploit will not do anything atm ... soe devs out of power .... let's bring you a bit of santa claus redbull
  4. Sylvain Member

    Don't forget to spend your DM marks that will be useless in a few hrs.

    This morning I was attempting to spend all my DM marks as they become useless tomorrow. There was not much there I could use so decided to buy lots of the "Box of Endless Usefulness" 48 slot crate from the container section of the DM market. Logged out for lunch and to run errands. ( I decided I would redo all my alts banks etc.) Now I log back in to finish the renovation and they are missing from the container store! o_O

    I checked with other guildies to make sure it was not just a bug. there is no point in a /petition *** tomorrow they will be gone anyway. Why were they removed? ... All I can come up with is spite ... please say it isn't so.

    I really thought I was done posting in this thread but come on guys.
  5. Greedon Active Member

    I just purchased Dungeon Maker less than a month ago. I would like a refund of my Station Cash. I suspect you knew well in advance this was going to happen. Dungeon Maker should have been take off the Marketplace. This does not build customer trust or loyalty.

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  6. Descord Member

    .. This is very sad .. Really liked Dungeon maker .. I made like 7 diiferent dungeons with wandering and static mobs and named them all just to be silly. I had some of them saying things too. Never could figure out how to use the Actor item in there .. never seemed to work . Where u put the actor box next to one of the mobs and they turn into a non agro npc .. never talked or did anything after publishing just stood there. /shrug I really enjoyed runnin thru dungeon makers other peoples and my own will miss that . I liked that i could run thru it and not have to sort thru a ton of junk i just got marks i could spend when i wish at some time so not to clutter up my bags.
    One question why would u make an achievement to get soo many marks and not expect people to try to get that achievement of getting that many and then take them away ? Really not right. I feel like im being forced to spend all these marks in this short time or they are gonna be next to worthless.
    Why not make it so we can only use the Dungeon makers with the activators ? You know the creatures you let us become to run a dungeon in possibly, that way we can keep are marks and you wouldn't have to ruin a very great thing you created for us. i was hopin at some time id be able to buy the Chardok set up , and for the Dungeon maker to get better. That maybe ud spend more time with it cause its really awesome in my opinion. Lets people show how creative they can be with making dungeons too.

    I think by making it so people cant stack the mobs might solve the problem. I know in eq1 we had a similiar issue with ogres in thurgagin entrance u couldnt pass them if they were in the entrance .. some ogres thot it funny if they sat in this hallway there was no way in or out then. Plz find a way not to destroy the Dungeon Maker.

    Fast solution for now .. make it so people can only use the activitor mobs to run thru them. I would think that would solve it? Trying to help with a solution, dont know if itd work but rather not see the whole thing ruined entirely.

    Thank you
  7. Llwellyn Active Member

    Other people have posted (and it may or may not have been in this thread) that there is some type of hidden limit on that particular item - somewhere around 12 or so. Once you hit the limit, that character doesn't see the item, but they are still in the store. You can try unchecking hide unusable, but it may not help for this particular case.

    If the marks are account wide or heirloom, try buying more with a different character (the boxes are heirloom IIRC).
  8. Pixiewrath Active Member

    How will this affect my Dev Pick dungeon "Scars of Love"? Will it be removed?

    I think it's available on all servers unless that was removed...
  9. Caranthir Member

    As far as I remember, the Dungeon marks will not be useless tomorrow. They will be phased out at a certain time in the future, but we don't know when exactly.

    What I find interesting is that there is no real reaction by SOE even now, some days after they announced what they intend to do and got a lot of constructive (!) criticism.
  10. Mizgamer62 Well-Known Member

    -Tuesday, Dec. 16 with our update, this is summary of the changes:
    • Turning off experience in Dungeon Maker
    • Dungeon Mark rewards will be removed
    • Standard decorating items, like layouts, spawners, will be available for free in the DM toolbox and removed from the Dungeon Maker store category
    • All Dungeon Maker dungeons will be unpublished so that decorating-focused dungeons can be republished (vs. the dungeons created for maximum experience gain)
    • The Dungeon Maker category in the store will remain for the time being for players to spend leftover Dungeon Marks
    • The Dungeon Maker feature will be included free for all players as part of the Free to Play experience
    I guess since the dungeon mark rewards will be removed with the update Tuesday, Dec. 16, the tokens will no longer be useful.
  11. Alenna Well-Known Member

    there are other things you can get like a 48 slot box, some consumables(unless they take those out) and even a mount. my understanding is those will remain so folks can use the DMs on them.
  12. Llwellyn Active Member

    You should (most likely) read that as - dungeons will no longer reward marks after this update. I say that because of the line further below that says this:

    The Dungeon Maker category in the store will remain for the time being for players to spend leftover Dungeon Marks.
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  13. Sylvain Member

    Thanks, I did check the hide that was not it I also logged on other toons and still do not see it. of course only my main has the bulk of my points. I figured as there were heirloom that would not be an issue I put them in my shared bank for distribution but seems that was a bad idea as that may have caused me to reach that hidden limit you spoke of on all my alts as well.

    This is all a bit of a bummer as it was really a very limited number of players that supposedly exploited the system. ( I am not reopening that can of worms) and really only those of us that just paid for the feature are hurt by this. I digress...
  14. Bashem Well-Known Member

    Ya maybe I misread my comment was just assuming he already paid for the merc capability and was then mad having to pay for merc slots on top of it and saying how that worked and what options he might use!
  15. Gudum Active Member

    For those who can no longer see the Box of Endless Usefulness in the marketplace, I'll repeat my previous post:

    In short, if there are any in your inventory, bag slots, house vault, bank vault, or shared bank, the box can disappear on the marketplace. The old trick to buying several boxes was to stand by a merchant, and sell them off as you bought each one, until the merchant buy-back was filled, then buy them back from the merchant. That at least let you get a good amount before having to go through the shared bank.
  16. Sylvain Member

    Thanks for posting and reposting ;) I will give this a try. ....

    That did work. I also noticed that when I bought them with my alt after buying 9 boxes it would still allow me to purchase more, and would subtract the cost from my total DM marks but would not place any more than 9 in my inventory. So be careful of that folks.
  17. Vroya Member

    There's a trick to getting as many "Box of Endless Usefulness" as you want. First transfer all of the Dungeon Marks you wish to spend on the (100 DM each) to a character that has no/zero boxes on him or the shared bank. Creating a new character for storage helps :p. Then, buy away - without closing the marketplace until you have the desired amount. It took a while, but I just bought 4 bags full, plus a couple Pegasus (for yet unborn alts). Was the only useful items I could think of getting. Just remember before buying that that character has no boxes already - even in the shared account.

    Hope this helps ya'll - my poor tailor ain't gonna be selling many bags for a while - lol.
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  18. Azari.Lite New Member

    1. Turning off experience in Dungeon Maker

    I understand your need to do this to be able to sell more Heroic Chars. We all understand that Sony needs money to pay the bills on making these games. (You just NERFed the fun players were having doing this.) But sense you consider it an exploit so be it.

    2. Dungeon Mark rewards will be removed.

    NERF 2. You do know NERF is a 4 dirty letter word to us players? I realize some of the items you can purchase are available in the SC store as well they should be. Don't remove the Dungeon Marks just raise the amount of Dungeon Marks we need to buy thoes items. Give us something to work for or opt to pay SC.

    3. Dungeon Mark Rewards being removed will kill Dungeon Maker.

    No one will bother to come see my dungeon if they can't get anything for doing so. I decorate houses and I have to beg players to come see them. I play through some Dungeons just to get a few Dungeon Marks to buy stuff to build with. I don't want them just given to me. Please don't take that away. That was fun.

    4. Standard decorating items, like layouts, spawners, will be available for free in the DM toolbox and removed from the Dungeon Maker store category.

    Please! NO!! Big Mistake! I do not want all that stuff cluttering up my Dungeon Maker Tool Box. I just want the stuff I buy with the Dungeon Marks in my DM Tool Box.

    5. All Dungeon Maker dungeons will be unpublished so that decorating-focused dungeons can be republished
    (vs. the dungeons created for maximum experience gain)

    Probably a good idea

    6. The Dungeon Maker category in the store will remain for the time being for players to spend leftover Dungeon Marks.

    Gee you are so kind... I buy Dungeon stuff with my Dungeon Marks. Oh you are going to give me them all for free anyway. So in essence you have just NERFed another currency for me as you have done with all the other out dated currencies.
    Thank You!

    7. The Dungeon Maker feature will be included free for all players as part of the Free to Play experience.

    So this means you will be refunding players who just purchased the Dungeon Maker. Please tell your bean counters that Azari said this is Not a good business move it only makes the players mad that did not get a refund but, it costs Sony money in the long run.

    On the other hand if you have ripped DM apart as much as you have said above. Then what are you giving away? Nothing.
    So probably a good call.

    You are basically taking away everything that players liked about Dungeon Maker. And you are expecting us to decorate dungeons that no one will bother visiting much less vote on.

    What do players like?

    Players like fun prizes they can find or buy.
    They like finding things in chests.
    They like mob drops and they like the end prize DMs.
    Players also like XP


    David Georgeson said, "We are testing features for Landmark and EQ Next in all of our games as much as humanly possible."

    I believe that Dungeon Maker is obviously one of these tests for Landmark. At this point it looks like a failed test that you now want to get rid of but don't know how, because players are going to want their money back. I don't want to see this test fail just becasue you don't have time or the man power to make a few changes to make it work. You guys NERFed it 2 years ago probably figuring it would fail and it could quietly die and the players found a way to revive it by exploiting it for XP.

    At this point why do I even care? Because this crazy Dungeon Maker is awesome. I am a Decorator/Builder I decorate players houses in EQ2 and I build in Landmark. I want both games to grow and flurish. In EQ2 I use Dungeon Maker as my Wearhouse to store all my building supplies.

    Say I have just been invited to a raid I want to go my backpacks are full of building supplies I open DM Wearhouse drop the supplies and leave DM Wearhouse and I am right back where I was when I was asked to join the raid. I need to meet with someone they don't want to leave where they are to come to me or I to them. I go into my DM Wearhouse make them a trustee and tell them to open their new Dungeon and hit the edit button. We meet and we both leave dungeon and go back to what we were doing. No interruption.... My biggest fear is that Dungeon Maker will be deleted for lack of player use.

    You want new content Dungeon Maker can be new content. In Landmark I set up chests on my claim I make items to put in the chests. I set the permissions for players to take from the chests. Players come shopping for free items. They have fun doing that and some times they leave items in the chests or a thank you note. I fill the chests back up every day or so.
    Please it is all about the fun. Don't take the fun away.

    Vexrm Member Said,

    "Neverwinter has player made dungeons.
    Neverwinter allows those dungeons to drop loot of your level. I think it's a 90% drop for whites and then everything else is very
    rare. However, you could, in theory, get a dungeon drop. They also include a daily quest to run these dungeons rewarding you with level appropriate tokens."

    If something like this could be done it would make the Dungeon Maker rise again to being some new and great content for the EQ2 gaming community.

    Exploits or Pay to Win
    Buy a Heroic Char with SC
    Buy 320 AAs Leveling with SC
    Buy 280 AAs Leveling with SC
    Buy or earn XP Bonus Potions
    Double XP Weekends
    Mentor down to PL in Lower Level Dungeons
    Buy Debt Forgiveness Wands
    Pay a player to be PLed
    Leveling AAs in DM
    Leveling XP in DM

    All of these by-pass content
    Even Normal leveling by-passes content

    If a person by-passes content, they have no gripe. They need to go mentor down and have fun.

    What happened to Play it your way? (Oh that was Sonys way not our way.)

    Bottom line it is all about the money. The game needs to make money to keep going. I think we are all of one mind set. We all want the game to keep going and be a lot of fun to play and we want a fair shake in the process. We are all here to help.

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  19. Peace Member

    Exactly. Why does it seem that whenever there is something good and fun in the game, it ends up getting the nerf sledge hammer. I enjoyed the change and distraction an occasional DM run would give me. It was convient also for occasionaly running an alt through for a level. (I have over twenty, will have to count them sometime).
    Only a few posters here seem to be against the idea that we should have diversity and be able to play the game OUR way, not be forced into a tight, narrow grind fest and have to slug our way around. And to repeat myself and others here, I have NEVER heard anyone complaining about someone beating them to level 100 unfairly. Seriously getting to level 100 was not a race /contest for most of us, just a nice end result. Im still not maxed on my main yet either. I stopped using the DM to do the main content, its new after all. Now im woundering if I should have concentrated on the DMS instead of the new content with this inconsiderate overnerf. Just would prefer to have had the choice for MYSELF to make. Now a lot of folks will not be putting their dungeons back up, and the incentive to explore will really not be there.
    REally, who wants to die a lot without having the ablitiy in that dungeon to earn it back.

    What I see here, with the lack of adknowledgement by anyone that just maybe our views should be addressed that the management is going to go ahead and do just what they said they were going to to and the player base be d*****. Good way to add to the anger of the players. Just like the attitude of management back in eq1. I had hoped for better. You, EQ2 management promised better. Promised to listen to our input, promised to work on the game for us and introduce stuff we liked. Well we like the DMs. We don't like Nerfs, expecally with key features.

    If this is the future attitude, I will not be bothering with eq next or landmark, as I don't need the aggravation. Seriously, I absolutely HATE NERFS! Especially ones that are so heavy handed and tone deaf.
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  20. HarmonyThurston Member

    I had posted earlier in this thread but have been giving the issue more thought.

    Removing Dungeon Maker experience will not solve the problems of power-levelers. In every single mmo I have played (and I have played quite a few since starting SWG in 2003) there are always a group of players that choose to get their characters up to max level as quickly as possible and pay other players to help them do it. This is just a fact. The reason why the heroic characters are so appealing is also due to this fact. Some have the patience to slowly work at it but others do not.

    I actually have a heroic character. It was level 50 something when I purchased those other levels for her. I could have just left her alone and would have if I hadn't been curious about how that particular feature worked. I am not upset at SOE for putting in that feature - the reasons were sound - new people to EQ2 wanted to play with their friends and that made it possible. That I was able to purchase it having an older account was just a perk for me. Being level 85 doesn't mean they are max level though - having been around EQ2 long enough I know that while buying those characters are loaded with perks - it definitely doesn't mean they can stop there. I still have a long way to go with my templar to reach max level and it didn't help at all with her crafting levels. I personally don't care though when I get to max with any of my characters.

    I have a very limited understanding of why games like EQ2 are designed the way they are or what their bottom line is. However, I would think one of the bottom lines would be to have the players financially supporting the development company of it for as long as possible whether through subscription or through things like the Marketplace. Therefore it does seem counterproductive to allow people to level in 30 days or less in any way. This means the onus is on the companies putting out the title to create content that people find interesting. So why not ask them? It's easy enough to start a forum post asking for what people find fun.

    This thread was started to let the playerbase know about a change to one of the ways people are using to level up their characters. Others have put in their opinion and it reminded me that the power-levelers always existed and will continue to exist. Really all this change will do is change the venue of where they do it.

    I want to suggest a change to the core mechanics of EQ2 so that power-leveling can not be done instead of nerfing a way to gain experience. The more things to do that give experience add variety to game-play. I also want to say that perhaps the problem isn't with mechanics but with player attitude (as some people are not using Dungeon Maker to speed through leveling). That is also a bit more tricky.

    I can not honestly say that anyone that power-leveled had a negative effect on my game play. I have my personal opinions on it (I do not approve of it) but to say its ruining my EQ2 experience? No. People complain regardless - and if it wasn't about this it would be about something else. I guess that is a question I will ask though.

    Which people do you want to hear complaining? Those that are enjoying playing the game and all it has to offer or those that are here only to reach max level and then complain that there is nothing to do? Which gets me back to one of my previous points. Players like me are enjoying all the content in EQ2 - the content you are putting in is fun. I have been in EQ2 for 3778 days now and only now have I begun posting on the forums. I am doing so now because I feel this topic is important because a fix for a problem that has always existed and will always exist in an online game is going to negatively affect the fun I have here while logged in. The ones that are having fun are going to be the ones that are loyal - the ones that are just here to reach max and complain - well I just don't have the same confidence to say they will still be here.
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