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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Bunji, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. Bunji Developer

    Looking for feedback / suggestions on the Dungeon Finder system. This is accessed using the "Dungeon Finder" tab on the Zones window. Currently supports levels 10 - 110.

    • Incentive / XP Bonus to make it worthwhile?
    • Enough information provided?
    • Useful filtering options?
    • Additional functionality?
    • Never use it / didn't know it existed?

    We may be asking for feedback with other systems in the future, so please keep your feedback and suggestions limited to the Dungeon Finder system (or related flow). Also note, not all suggestions will be implemented into the game, and remember to keep in mind technical limitations and scope of work to accomplish such suggestions. Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions you’re willing to give! The team and I value all of your feedback.
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  2. NrthnStar5 Well-Known Member

    We need a dungeon finder that works up through max level. Ideally, it would work cross server to increase the pool but I doubt that is within the realm of possibility.

    I think all anyone really wants is a dungeon finder that works (i.e. puts together a logical roster of classes - x1 tank x1 healer, mix of dps/support) and can be used up through max level.

    People don't use it because a) it doesn't put together logical groups and b) the game is completely top heavy
  3. Alarra Well-Known Member

    • Incentive / XP Bonus to make it worthwhile?
       →XP is useless to endgame players, token bonuses or a separate rewards system should be used to increase interest.
    • Enough information provided?
       →Waiting around for an hour or so for a group without knowing what is going on turns people off, if they could see how big a pool there is or see the group being built it would lessen attrition I beleive.
       →Setting stat minimums for zones such as resolve or potency for a group to do a zone within a certain time would be helpful unless you intend to buff lower stat members up to a minimum stat.
    • Useful filtering options?
       →The points under the tree list root should be based on Expac then have zones underneath rather than the scattershot zone list.
    • Additional functionality?
      →The current algorithm for forming groups is TERRIBAD. 5 healers and mage groups are just shocking. They shouldn't happen. Should be a base of Tank, healer, then all other classes.
        Either give player control over groups or always ensure a base state and then move into group creation.
      →Whether you will implement as is stats or buff the characters up to a certain point is up to you, however people are put off by groups that take more than a certain amount of time due to lack of stats for zones. A general zone time frame should take 15 mins or less if you know the strats.
       Some players also play their toons in certain ways such as dps-only tanks and the like, an option should be given for such.
      →Cross Server Grouping would be awesome
    • Never use it / didn't know it existed?
      →I used it at the launch of the feature, however, for the reasons below I do not currently use it:
       1.The group creation algorithm is terrible
       2.It hasn't had zones updated since forever
       3.The rewards are not worth it.
       4.No one else uses it in its current form.
  4. Alarra Well-Known Member

    I would also recommend some form of server based bot reinforcement feature for low peak times.
  5. Raff Well-Known Member

    Probably the easiest way, I would think.... would be to provide the originator of any group a list (or drop down) of available classes (or people) with the LFG tag up...then leave it to him/ her to inquire with the available classes if they would like to join this/her group.
  6. Gaptia Active Member

    100-110 are hell and boring level gaps because of the low xp from mobs/dungeons.
    It should be welcome to be able to use again dungeon finder as alternative to skip the boring timeline (expecially on the 10th alt...)
    I use the dungeons finder as an alternative for alt experience, until one dev thinks "look, people enjoy a feature, let's nerf it".
    Time vs reward was removed from this feature.

    To make a real dungeon finder great :
    - make it cross server (disable trade between member if needed)
    - give a reward to anyone, no need to share chest and a useful reward. What about give us Master drop again ???
    - Let us see if tank,healer, etc are needed, or queued.
    - Use a real coder to develop the pairing system
  7. Hartay Keeper of the Server Hamsters

    Not sure if this is considered a necro, sorry if it is, but here is some feedback.

    Currently the Dungeon Finder feature on Antonia Bayle is nonexistent. I was queued up on my warden for an hour and not a single pop-up. cross-server dungeon finder would be ideal. The reason Dungeon Finder was so amazing when it was popular was you could skip a quest timeline if you didn't want to do it for the X time.

    • Increase XP flow to a more moderate level to create a baseline incentive.
    • More role queue information.
    • Cross-Server dungeons. [Tank McTankerson (of Antonia Bayle)]
    • Update the rewards to a more tuned version of what the game is like now.
    • Make more zones for Agnostic Leveling. Currently the spread is so stale and has no flavor to it.
    • Pop-up rewards instead of chests.
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  8. Noxnoctis New Member

    cross server grouping needs to be implemented asap and also raise cap to existing cap of 120. Allow for grouping in existing current content dungeon/heroics.
  9. Maynards New Member

    Look to how FF14 has their dungeon finder. It's gold standard. Then work backwards from there and see what's possible.

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