Dumb fire Pets / non Scout pets still broken...?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Deezknives, May 24, 2016.

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    Stop getting trolled by people who make a new forum name to get people going.
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  3. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Nothing ... autoattack will increase it portion in DPS from 1% let say to 3% ... lol big deal
  4. Nkito Well-Known Member

    With current itemization and aa's mage dps would see a noticeable increase from uncapped cb, other archetypes not as much.
  5. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    I believe if they uncapped wdb and cb then yards would be back on his warlock thread vigorously defending warlocks again for being op.its a vicious cycle.
  6. Yards Well-Known Member

    I always stated that FC made warlocks look extremely overpowered on short burn fights but it evened out the longer the fights went on. This is not the case with summoners they dominate all parses short and long it does not matter. I will state this again I do not care that summoners are completely broken with how their temp pets are just insane, because this helps raids go by faster (at least when all of our summoners participate with is close to never) and lets face it the raid content is extremely boring at the moment. At the same time when I see some summoners post saying that their class is where it should be and all is balanced in the game, that's when I'll post and call them out.
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  7. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    +1, and I always said the above too.
    All the "warlocks are OP" posts essentially amounted to cherry-picked parses that were extremely short (aka bad sample size) used in bad faith to nerf a class because jealous people couldn't beat my parses.
  8. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    I honestly believe as the new content update hits the summoner damage will be adjusted the ferv had to share with pets or the class would have been screwed as the future content hits, swarms have been biggest dps for summoners now for years I also hope any adjustment isn't over done. They are busy with the 2 new server stuff and finishing the update . I wish you all would champion to have resolve removed its is really a hindering raids if you are short 1 or 2 esp now its the tail end of an expac we suddenly find ourselves stuck on content we have cleared just because of ppl not showing up, as an Australian raider its harder to fill spots. .
  9. Veta Well-Known Member

    I'm getting Mogrim fever. People are calling to nerf summoners cause they can't beat my parses.

    On the more serious note, there are people out there that are not summoners that have beat the best of summoners on parses. I've seen (edit: recent parses) parses of scouts/non-summoner mages (yes, multiple scouts, not just one) doing up to 1.4bil on 3 mages and 1.7bil on psionists and high spikes on multitudes of others that are considered 'too short for good data.'
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  10. ethical New Member

    sorry about that post..turns out the summoner in question was not nerfed but wearing harvesting gear
    still beat me on the parse though
  11. Entropy Well-Known Member

    First off, the "it's ok to have one stupidly OP class - give everyone their turn" is a ridiculous premise and I ignore literally everything else you post after I read it. It smacks of a highly immature attitude towards game balance and you people should stop and think critically instead of defending your class with hollow arguments. Same goes for the "don't nerf me - buff everyone else"... that's just a modified version of the same unhealthy attitude towards balance. I don't want to be doing half a trillion DPS in two years, but with the recent power inflation curve, that's not too much of an exaggeration.

    Now, to the pet changes. There were two ways that DBG could have buffed summoners slightly in order to bring them in line with other T1s. They could have just directly buffed all pet damage, or they could have made pets count as players and thus give them benefit of all applicable buffs. They chose... the option that gave us more server lag. Thanks, guys, we appreciate it. Your servers were already on their knees when trying to calculate dynamic stats on 24 players, now they get to keel over like a massive brain embolism victim when they have to deal with the 30-60 "players" active at any point in time. This problem is compounded by the FOTM nature of summoners leading to more people main switching to them, leading to more swarm pets, leading to sad panda raiders who can't cast their abilities. This is like the plot of a black comedy.

    DPS tiers previously existed because classes brought various amounts of utility to a raid force. Statflation has all but destroyed most of this utility, so devs are left with some hard choices on class balance. Scouts gear/reforge like mages. Class niche roles have melted into each other. We have no clear long term vision from the Dev team. And so, we are all sitting around wondering what happened to the Everquest legacy that we grew up with for the last 15+ years.

    So, now, real talk. What "utility" remains in this game today? What is the value, for instance, of having the tools to easily solo heroic content? Should a class pay a DPS penalty on raids for having that tool in their kit? This isn't rhetorical - this is a real game balance decision that developers need to make.

    I am in the military. When we fire a Commanding Officer, you rarely see the actual reason in the news. You see "loss of confidence in their ability to lead" as the generic justification, because hey, we're too embarrassed to publicly state that they were sleeping with the troops, or they misplaced or misused a few hundred thousand in taxpayer dollars, or whatever the actual failure happened to be. Rewind a month or so; I was one of the lead campaigners in the "make Ire-Dread heirloom so we can properly swap mains" forum thread. That thread was an implicit statement of loss of confidence in their ability to maintain reasonable and timely class balance. They gave in, and in doing so, implicitly confirmed that they were going to be unable to keep up with class balance on a schedule that would appease their players. I don't know if it's due to staff cuts, or some other reason, but this is the reality within which we now exist.

    I truly want this game to succeed. I've been a subscriber (at times on two accounts) to the EQ franchise since 1999. It's the game I keep coming back to after all my flirtations with other MMOs or other genres. I love raiding. I love doing difficult heroic content with my friends (miss EQ1 dungeon crawls soooo bad). I love challenging myself to solo selected heroic content. I min/max and I push myself to do better every time.

    ...I just don't know where we go from here. I want it to be a bright future. I want it to be fun again.
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  12. Mandoblast Active Member

    I have never seen things change so drastically in 1 expac cycle. Gear resets time and time again. New servers. OP classes. Resolve. Fervor. What is the end game? I feel like DB is just taking the approach of "lets just throw everything at them and see what sticks".

    I think for me I would really like to see what this game is going to look like next expac. Stats are just flat out crazy right now so where do they go now? Obviously resolve is the way they get us out of current gear, but what else? Level increase? New AA tree? Multi-classing (meaning you can sub class another class)? Ok multi-classing is probably not happening.

    I just want to know where this is heading. DB please do not keep us in the dark. Let us know what you are working on for the next Expac.

  13. Entropy Well-Known Member

    Multi-classing is actually a great idea at this stage of the game's lifecycle. I wouldn't go so far as to offer unrestricted swapping - I would implement it as a "free betrayal" feature that is unlocked after two conditions are met: player is at max level/AA, and completed betrayal once as per normal methods.

    Would allow guilds to run with slightly smaller rosters, as bards/healers/etc could be more versatile across raid nights. Would also allow some classes to swap to a more solo or heroic-friendly subclass as they desired. I really see no negatives to this, from a fun and balance perspective.
  14. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    Neat. Since they are 'too short' it really doesn't matter. I am also willing to bet anything those same parses had 'above average' VC damage, to say the least.
  15. sycla Active Member

    Post parse from fight you got doubled by summoner
  16. Kaarkula Active Member

    Yeah guys its just about balance.. and what's fair...

    these threads are hideous
  17. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    What? did i make a post saying I got doubled by a summoner on a relevant fight? I mean they exist but I imagine they would be dismissed as 'short' since our longest fights are less than 6 minutes and 'short' and 'long' are relative terms.

    To be honest its more of a 'necro' matter than a 'conjuror' one. If both were just at 'conjuror' level you definitely wouldn't be seeing as much outrage.
  18. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    lol never mind, my bad. I was given an object lesson by one of our summoners that conjies can be OP with the best of them.
  19. Veta Well-Known Member

    o_O It was only a one night stand. Hope you enjoyed your lag free night :p.
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  20. Dotuming Active Member

    Veta lies. Conjies are not OP!
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