Dumb fire Pets / non Scout pets still broken...?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Deezknives, May 24, 2016.

  1. Mrmacky Active Member

    guys .. my guilds doing too much dps can we please fix this
  2. Vogie Active Member

    Replace all your raiders with Swashbucklers . . . problem solved. :)
  3. -Soteria- Well-Known Member

    I don't disagree with you on principle, but come on...They inadvertently made summoners stronger than intended when they weren't even TRYING to adjust class balance, and now you want them to somehow bump 24 other classes to match... and that's gonna go off without a hitch? Hah! Even if there was a miracle where it wasn't a disaster and everyone agreed that all 26 classes were perfectly balanced afterward (lol), scaling every class to the power level summoners are currently at would trivialize content even more than it's already been trivialized by the breakneck stat inflation we've seen.

    I understand why hackles go up when people think they might get "nerfed," people are invested in their class and that's a really good thing... but sometimes you just have to do what makes sense.
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  4. Therein Active Member

    In normal circumstances I would agree with balancing around OP classes, but in this case it means doubling or tripling raidwide dps. Just doesn't make much sense.
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  5. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    So your suggestion is 'git gud' + ad hominum attacks and you don't consider what you made a mindless post? IF you take the time to read you can see i'm not the only one saying there is a chasm of difference in DPS, If i'm so obviously wrong it shouldn't be hard to prove.

    Buffing instead of nerfing really isn't practical unless its a problem that has half of one role too weak or another half too powerful. Obviously nerfing 1-3 classes is going to require much less work than boosting 5-7 classes.

    Swashies would make sense to boost because pretty much all DPS perform better than them. Leaving summoners alone while boosting ~6 other DPS classes really doesn't make sense especially since that would mean anything related to DPS would also need to be tweaked significantly.

    Been a while since i've seen something so perfectly represent 'easier said than done.'
    Things like power feeding, dispels, 'special' detriments and needing stealth/see invis/visions to see enemies were all attempts at this. There honestly isn't much more outside of that to make players learn more about their class outside of just higher offense and defense checks, but thats also a gear check as well.
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  6. Yards Well-Known Member

    Honestly they should take the lowest dps, cut that in half and balance everyone else around that. The dps and stats are so inflated now its dumb.
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  7. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Imo stat inflation is out of whack specially with GU100, let me correct myself. Driving ALL DPS classes into the mage template CB/POT/AMOD with universal damage multiplayer fervor is wrong.
    All builds now rotate around brining POT as high as it gets. CB for scouts around 2k for mages to the cap 3k AMOD as high as it gets and fervor as high it gets ... Or yeah mages have edge with double cast which somewhat offset with 100 fervor proc rune for scouts. Haste/DPS/Multi/Casting Speed/Reuse all of this inferior to 4 main DPS stat.
  8. Easiette Member

    In our defense, we were on heat vision duty and cured the slow ones where needed. The day after on Forge golem both necro's were a close tie with that same BL.


    But i got enough of this thread, and what sickens me that people that are respected by this community come here and highly over exaggerate to try to get things balanced (err. reversed), or write trolling posts with no real contribution.
    Being in a or the top guild does not make you a measuring pole of what is or is not balanced.

    @Neiloch, i prefer to actually "play" this game instead of living on this forum liking every other post that fits your rants.

    So, all.. please go on with dictating how every class should be identical in every situation so i can get bored enough with the game and can go back to playing FPS games or pleasure my wife more often for that matter.

    EZ out
  9. DoomDrake Well-Known Member


    Lets face the fact - unless equally geared/buffed summoner really slacking they will always top the parse by good margin. All you guys need to do just keep dumpfire pets rolling as soon as they become available for recast - everything else fillers. It's most certain helpful for raid :) and for facerolling instances in group but creating very same disbalance everyone were complaining back in AoM time about warlocks - (get 180 increments and go nuts with Focused Casting). And problem is that all DPS classes ARE the same - CB/POT/AMOD with Fervor nothing else matter. Toss here fact that most damaging attacks for most classes comes from AA rather than CA/Spells and you got picture - all variety of DPS classes degrades down melee DPS or ranged DPS and hence this already happened having summoners far outperform rest of DPS classes because of single skill ... you know what is coming and if not ... please see what happened with neurotoxin and then with focused casting and then with mimic and then with RO/VC or even FB of wizards ...
  10. Yards Well-Known Member

    If you notice there is not many summoners who deny that their temp pets are over-tuned , only the select few terrible summoners will argue that their temp pets make their class balanced because they need that crutch to parse like a decent player.
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  11. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Seems a lot of ppl here are getting into one person who has made some very valid points . I do rem a certain person defending warlocks when they were broken/op and another demanding to know what the devs had done to change hemo so you aren't exactly the best ambassador's .
  12. Yoube Active Member

    Obviously not enough to kill Kraletus :rolleyes:
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  13. Yoube Active Member

    Strange, you say that using a or the top guild is not a measuring pole of what is or is not balanced in regards to DPS, but what are we supposed to use to measure these things? Are we supposed to use the 20th ranked guild as the measuring post? How about the 25th ranked guild? Please tell me what we should be using...

    For those guilds that are either the 20th or 25th ranked guild I mean no disrespect, just using those numbers as examples to make my point.

    If you think that summoners are exactly where they are supposed to be in regards to the parse or the DPS chart then you are sorely mistaken or misguided. Two months ago we were struggling to keep up with the T1 DPS'ers and now we are absolutely decimating them. This isn't right at all. We should be ahead of some T1's on certain fights and we should be behind some T1's on other fights.
    I am not advocating for a balance of classes, nor am I advocating for summoners to be "nerfed", I would just like to see things fixed and working properly for once in this games lifetime.
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  14. trix New Member

    There is always a OP class every expac and i dont see any reason why it should not be summoners this expac
    Its true we do good dps now ..as we are supposed to as T1 dps class.
    if you go bitchin on forums every time a class is doing better you might as well quit the game as this OP stuff is always temporary.
    Where were haters on fourms when BL's were handing you your **** on the parse at start of expac..or when warlocks were doing twice what any summoner does.
    stop bithcin deal with it
  15. Safirah Member

    It's fine that there's one op dps class, but with summoners its a little different in my opinion. Summoners are not only topping the parse and doubling scouts, they're also able to go solo heroic content, and have an excellent amount of utility. In AoM were warlocks soloing Ossuary Event heroic? No, they weren't, but I know a few necros that can solo Masters chosen currently. The point is, a class that can solo as well as a summoners shouldn't be facerolling every other t1, or class for that matter, on the parse.
  16. Mandoblast Active Member

    It is always easier to nerf one class instead of balance the others but this brings us back to 1 OP class every single time.

    Here is a novel idea: Take the cap off WDB and CB. Lets see what happens.
  17. ethical New Member

    looks like summoner swarm pets got ninja nerfed 75%
  18. Rondo9 Active Member


    Its about time Wizard became the OP class!!!!
  19. -Soteria- Well-Known Member

    I imagine Pyrro the conjurer will somehow find a way to "deal" with summoners being op. But you know him, always bithcin... :p
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  20. Ratitz Active Member

    Stop spreading lies.
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