Dumb fire Pets / non Scout pets still broken...?

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Deezknives, May 24, 2016.

  1. Deezknives New Member

    Our No fervor Item Necro noticed last night Dumb fire pets are still completely broken... awakened grave's rapid decay ticking for 250+million (under 50million ticks before).. 1.2billion soul burns ( never seen bigger than 400-500mil with the same gear.. same player).. his parse went from 300mill to 800mil with not an single item or stat change on several parses... Idk if they've been broken.. and you're working on it.. or they've been recently re-broke (he just noticed it last night)... but.. yeah..Seems broken.
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  2. Enigma Active Member

    dumbfire pets are now getting fervor so that's not surprising they are doing more dps and as for soulburn he got a myth crit with having his temps up at the right time..i have seen nearly 2bill soulburns.
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  3. Enigma Active Member

    that's including the fervor gained from the illy and the bard if he has the neck piece.
  4. sycla Active Member

    They dont look broken for me atleast..and why this post? you want to help your raid by nerfing your necro?
  5. Runamuck New Member

    if that what it takes to bring some sort reasonable balance then yeah..or should just raid with 16 summoners?
  6. Anzark Member

    They are not broken...
  7. Runamuck New Member

    his parse went from 300mill to 800mil with not an single item or stat change on several parses

    ugh if that's a FACT then something is wrong and broken in Denmark...
  8. Kaarkula Active Member

    I love these threads. .. thank god there is one every day.
  9. sycla Active Member

    they were broken when they were not getting fevor and group buffs..now that they are fixed you are seeing parses of what they should have been doing a long time ago
  10. sycla Active Member

    why 16 summoners...you dont have good locks/wiz/beastlords/sins/rangers .they will all do more if played to potential
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  11. sycla Active Member

    It should be your necro posting if he thinks its broken as you suggest..this just smells of incompetence and sour grapes
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  12. Runamuck New Member

    sarcasm - 16 summoners, 2 tanks, 4 healers

    because long ago .....there were some 'magical raids' where some classes did some amazing stuff --- a tale of 12 brigands; 8 guardians, etc...;)
  13. Ratitz Active Member

    Calling for nerf much? And if ur necro just noticed this last night, then he needs to pay more attention. Its been like this for about a week.
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  14. Deezknives New Member

    holy butt hurt...I was just asking if broken or if intended... and yes I looked at parses from previous week and he more than doubled his parse...good lord. Remind me never to post anything again the sodium is real! But incompetence and sour grapes, yikes? Big talk from Skyfire, I guess... smh. I mean it just seems like they need to be re balanced possibly..?. Unless 2.5X the parse with the same items seems intended.. then I guess sweet.. cuz he has like 42 fervor.. wonder what 150+ fervor necro would do...? The Necro isnt salty about this post.. why are all of you? :)
  15. Luciuz Active Member

    salt goes good on my popcorn reading all this drama *munch*
  16. strange New Member

    They should take a look at Beastlords also make them on par with ranger.
  17. Easiette Member

    Did you break down the parse?
    There are so many factors that can influence those numbers, of which the length of the fight is most determining, everyone is doing more dps now which shortens certain encounters considerably, those 250+ ticks and 1.2 SB's are usually Fabled hits if not Mythicals. a few lucky hits of those on a 1-2 min fight can make all the difference.
    On longer fights dumbfires are still upthere (and why not, it defines summoner class) but they don't account for that 500m difference you are seeing.

    You're obviously a scout that used to dominate mages for several expansions and us mages have always harassed u with calls for nerfs (nerfs? no stating that you are completely broken?) so its payback time rite? :p
  18. Yards Well-Known Member

    Summoner pets are completely broken, no one can deny that. Dbg has decided not fix them so that is on them.
  19. Arieva Well-Known Member

    Swarm pets on a 30 second reset summoner with a hammer is pretty stupidly OP, on a reuse time like they were originally given its more sane. But this is why a hammer that resets everything every 30seconds was a dumb idea in the first place and this could be extended to all classes. Abilities had varying reuse timers for a reason and that reason is balance. I personally think the few with the hammer are skewing the opinion of all that the class needs nerfing. Something needs to be done about this item in general then we can look at true balance
  20. Easiette Member

    Sorry but saying something is "completely" broken because summoners are topping the parse with dumbfires that are finally scaling like all other spells/abilities is "highly" exaggerated and not to be taken serious.

    If you, like the OP, seek balance (or seek to become king of ACT once again...) this is not the way.
    A tone down "may" be in order but definitely not based on 1 min fights (fluff parses if u ask me) or based on players wielding the highly coveted but kinda non existing hammer.