Drunder EM two hander

Discussion in 'Coercer' started by ARCHIVED-ranga, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-ranga Guest

    I got the Drunder EM two hand staff the other day and rejigged my setup so I could use it, that meant putting the EM Drunder stein as my ranged and losing the em flail and drunder ranged wand - on analysing the individual items, it should have given me a small boost to everything except losing a little focus with the wand.
    My DPS seems to have dropped or stagnated though - anyone else find this? Is there a problem with 2 handers in general?
    Also, it PT now seems to avg around 4 shots per instead of the 6/7 I used to get on average. I rarely get anything above 10 and I spent a lot of yesterday beating on the dummy to check this. Anyone else notice this?

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