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  1. Gninja Developer

    I did look at the transfiguration buff hitting dead tanks and I left that in. After all it has a small pool of tanks to work with anyway and if you are letting your tanks die then there is a problem to begin with. I left transfiguration hitting dead tanks on purpose. If the tank is dead then its a failure condition.

    I fixed many of the luck factors in this fight and took as much risk as I could without risking completely breaking the fight again.
  2. Uncle Active Member

    also happens with 2 soul well as well.. our force pulls red and green
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  3. excalibur84 New Member

    We tried the first soul well (frontal aoe tank joust) last night. Bottom encounter was flawless. Top encounter was flawless until he hit 35% at which point he started hitting our tanks for 350k damage flurries. We pulled him 3 times and he did the exact same thing each pull. Is this large spike in damage intended?
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  4. slippery Well-Known Member

    You mean that would work fine until the time the tank had to have the mob and that 5 second after he got the buff lined up and completely slaughtered your group for the next 30 seconds.
  5. Crychtonn Active Member

    Then just have it unable to land on tanks.
  6. sixx76 New Member

    We killed him Tuesday night using those same two soulwells and he memwiped between just the two tanks after reaching the top, easy enough. We did the zone again Sat night and Drinal memwiped all over the raid, not so easy since it seemed to be a shuffle as opposed to a simple memwipe.
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  7. Uncle Active Member

    i dont know all i know is we got the non stop version ever since it was patched
  8. Thorine New Member

    We had the same problem with memwipes on saturday. We left Red and Green soulwells up. First 50% worked as usual but when we got up on top, he memwiped all over the raid. It also happend he casted his cone while the elevator was moving up.
    After a few wipes we realized he was bugged and tried just with leaving one of the soulwells up. Even with only leaving green or red soulwell up, he kept memwiping at the top.
  9. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    Killed 3 Soulwell on Thursday, killed all but Exhaustion.

    9 times out of 10 Script went off perfectly, odd occurences we had:
    • Random Memwipe at top of lift. Only happened on few pulls
    • Tank Switch Mechanic still going on lift while Drinal in Bubble (Tank unable to grab aggro due to being in his bubble)
  10. Estred Well-Known Member

    Have that tank stand nearest him, the raid stand back. Even in immunity stage he will "target" the closest player, that helped us and we had 3 well down in the 20% range before he started chain-memwiping as others here have stated.
  11. scousetroub Active Member

    Shadow of it's former self :(

    If the bugs was not in from the start it would been one the coolest fights in eq2

    Edit : No broken script from what I seen
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  12. olleran Active Member

    Can we assume that these random and continous mem wipes are " working as intended " ?
  13. Holyduke Member

    Same here, and he still falls through the floor, Kills 1/2 the raid before he comes back up. We cannot attack him when he falls through the floor.
  14. Gninja Developer

    Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot I can do about him falling through the floor at the top. What I have seen work is as soon as you see him start to go through the floor have your tank back up a few steps and he should move back up with minimal issues. I will try to get the aggro drop removed from 1 and 2 soulwell with GU66 release.
  15. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    Any chance the fact he often goes invisible from different pulls can be addressed? Happening to multiple people in the raid, and toggling Soga on/off makes no difference at all.
  16. Gninja Developer

    I've seen this happen a few times myself. I have no idea what causes it but its also something we have yet to be able to reproduce internally so we can debug it.
  17. Lordebon Active Member

    From what I've seen there's a combination of effects that renders him invisible. First you get the usual elevator bug, which you can normally fix with toggling soga. But you can also get the old EQ2 height bug where the game thinks he's at the top of the elevator and doesn't render him at the bottom even if you toggle soga.

    When this happens to you, it's easy to check: just have someone that can see him and target them, you'll see your range to Drinal be something like 200m instead of the ~20 it should be, showing that your client clearly thinks he's far away (at the top) and preventing you from casting until he gets pulled and his position updates properly for you to the bottom.

    I had a hunch that it might be related to how quickly people revive, given how unusual the post-wipe process on the mob is and how it's been changed over time, but I've only had the issue a few times so it's just an idea, no real data to back it up unfortunately.
  18. Uncle Active Member

    this bug has also happened for years now in trakanon's lair and is 100 percent reproduceable..
  19. Gninja Developer

    100% reproducible as in every time you pull him he disappears completely? I have never seen it happen outside of being in a full raid on live servers. I don't remember ever seeing this on mobs in Zek nor on Trakanon and I have fought both as a player.
  20. Estred Well-Known Member

    - Deathfist Citadel, if you fought Prince Gluntok on the elevator it could have him glitch and disappear entirely, you could still hit him though.
    - Trakanon if the fight drags on too long the platform begins to sink into the lava, during this time Trakanons virtical positioning can be miscalculated and he appears to be invisible, you can still hit him though.
    - Drinal during the top phase he can bug and be at the bottom of the elevator, can't be hit due to LoS issues. If he vanishes on the bottom usually forcing him to move fixes the issue.

    Hope that clarifies a bit by what was mentioned before. Mobs vanishing is not new and almost always happens during elevators. One fight that actually managed to avoid this issue was Gloom Chevalier Faris inside Erudin Palace.