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    I had a fleeting thought the other day. I thought it might be cool if Necro's had a little trick in their bag of spells to help fallen comrades. What if a Necro could raise the corpse of a dead group mate, causing it to run back taking the spirit shard with it to the revived player. I could imagine a player suffering revive sickness, looking up, to see his corpse running up to him to present a spirit shard to the player. Not sure if it could be used to ill effect, and it would give Necro's another role in a group if the priest was to go down. It wouldnt be a powerful thing, but would add a little more flavor to the class I think. Alas I'm sure such a thing could not be added to the game now. Was just wondering what you all thought about the idea.
  2. ARCHIVED-Aeriez Guest

    in later levels necros get a rez spell if thats what your refering to.
  3. ARCHIVED-VonDweller Guest

    No.....I had no idea that, that was indeed the case. Huzzah!

    Nice work SOE for giving us Necro's a little more flavor, and doing so right out of the box to boot.

    Thanks Aeriez for bringing this to my attention. :smileywink:
  4. ARCHIVED-Aeriez Guest

    its also a good thing we get an instaclick FD as well. only problem is the 15min recast time. thats pushin it a lil bit. 5 min i could handle but 1 min preferably. not 15 minutes =/ what if i stood up when i though aggro was gone only to find out aggro wasnt gone and i end up having to run newayz

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