Dragon Maw (Rivervale) - Level locking crawling content...

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Dauvien, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Dauvien Member

    A level locking, content experiencing guild (primary play time prime time Americas time zones) looking for returning/new members.

    We are crawling dungeons, completing signatures, and doing HQs as a small 12-20 person fellowship.

    Currently we're locked at 50 (Prismatic Weapon Timeline, Court of Innovation, Icy Digs, Clefts and a few Sinking sands instances). We're trying to run content with mobs yellow to red to keep the challenge up, so we're running content currently with 0 AA (we'll add AA as its content appropriate). We're also running without familiars, later expansion buffs (house items, or illusions), or stat mounts.

    We're currently looking to add maybe 4-6 more to our roster (we don't want to get too large just enough for entertainment and chat). Low level part of Rivervale is pretty quiet so its rare we have to fight for contested targets in our runs.

    Look for us in game (Onodi/Keadil/Fiznic/Skek/Dauvien) if you want more details.

  2. Dauvien Member

    Reopening recruiting: we're also looking at locking AA based on the content (little like TLE: Kaladim but no forced content lock waiting 16 weeks between expansion unlocks).
  3. Dauvien Member

    Bumped to 30 tonight.. updated OP message
  4. Ahriham Member

    I am Curious is this guild still recruiting? If so you are level locked at 30? Do you plan to Raid in the Future? Would You accept a New level 1 ? Its on the Rivervale Server? I am Looking for a Progression Style Guild that i would not be to far behind in and also i play EST time don't know if this would be the right guild for me or not. I would like to do all Content City Raids, Shattered Lands, Desert of Flames and so on but every guild i have been in i always fall behind so not sure about this but it seems your guild might be appropriate.
  5. Dauvien Member

    Bumped to 35 today, OP message updated.

    Ahriham yes we are still recruiting, look for one of us in game to chat if you are interested in joining us.
  6. Dauvien Member

    Bump to 40
  7. Dauvien Member

    Bump to level 45 tonight...
  8. Dauvien Member

    Bump to level 50

    Starting the prismatic signature timeline...
  9. Vulaz New Member

    Oh fun, love this kinda stuff - I’ll be starting a toon or two for this tonight :). What does the guild lack most?
  10. Dauvien Member

    Bump to level 55, Prismatics are complete (still doing them for alts here and there)

    Into DoF now... including the Peacock Club Timeline
  11. Locke New Member

    Curious is AA still a no go? I would love to experience dungeon crawls but no As seems extreme lol
  12. Soulquake New Member

    Hello, this is something I would be interested in joining. are you guys still active and looking for memebers?
  13. Dauvien Member

    Its been fine... we're only going 0 aa at level appropriate content... at this point we've moved on to 60 so we're doing 50 points in the first AA tree.
  14. Dauvien Member

    TC had mentioned ya, been hit or miss lately (mostly miss IRL stuff oddly considering the global issues)... I'll keep an eye out for you.
  15. Dauvien Member

    Bumped to 60... starting to group with 50aa and starting the KoS content,

    We've also taken down Godking for those working on the Peacock timline. Should be 60 for a few more weeks...

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