Dragon Attack! - Feedback and Bugs

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Kaitheel, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. Kaitheel Developer

    Dragons are attacking the spires in Thundering Steppes, Everfrost, Loping Plains, and Nektulos Forest! Help defend the spires and build faction with the Quellthulian Portal Scholars found in Antonica and The Commonlands, while constructing permanent, impressive statues commemorating the 15 years that have passed since the Age of Destiny was ushered in!

    ALL NEW EVENT for '19
    • TLE servers:
      • Kaladim - No participation
    • Live servers:
      • Dragon Attack! Public Quests in Thundering Steppes, Everfrost, Loping Plains, and Nektulos Forest
      • Monument construction in Antonica and The Commonlands
      • New tradeskill missions to help the monument construction, offered by Efiusia in Antonica, and Banyun in The Commonlands
      • New items available for purchase, through earned faction, from Quellthulian Portal Scholars in Antonica and The Commonlands
        • Mount, illusion, and house items, including a new plushie and building block set!
    Heroes' Festival and Dragon Attack! are overlapping events, happening this year, in celebration of our anniversary. While, Dragon Attack! will start on the same date as Heroes' Festival, (11/7/19 at 12:01am), Heroes' Festival concludes on 11/19/19 at 11:59pm Pac time. Dragon Attack! will last longer, concluding on 12/5/19 at 11:59pm Pac time.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  2. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Small(?) brain dump so others are on the same page. I am not caffeinated yet. This is all at first glance, and there may be lots that I've missed, stuff that might or might not be intentional, and so on.

    • Fuel prices "should" be 1c and will be fixed in the next patch.
    • The monument crafting requires items that you get from the PQ.
    • The PQ is a level 110 epic x3, it is non-aggro until you attack. There is a warning in the zone a few minutes before the dragon arrives, saying that something large is approaching the spires in X minutes
    • While 2 110s didn't get killed by trying to poke it with a sharp stick, the mob could not be dropped below 100% with just the 2 of them no matter what attacks were used. Coordination with many will be needed. (Unlike the Mischeva puppets, there was no detrimental counter on you to show that you were actually accomplishing anything other than irking it.)
    • I did not poke much. I think it would be "good" if players who do poke check to see how easily the mob can be turned - the ones in LP and Nek, at least, spawn close to the spires and the one in LP definitely had a breath weapon that it spammed - we need to be sure that breath weapon can be pointed away from the spires so it won't hit lower-level players. (Many many many players travel to spires and afk while zoning. It may be traumatic for lowbies to turn into dragon chow due to an ill-timed afk and an unexpected mob.)
    • I'm personally not feeling warm and fuzzy about requiring drops from a 110 epic x 3 mob for the crafting part, as it would seem to exclude the large numbers of players that don't have 110 adventurers. (If 110s can't dent it, anything lower likely won't even be able to land a hit on it for kill credit.) I don't know, however, if this is the intent, or if the dragons will need tuning.
    • I missed any explanation of what the monument was for, why we were building it, etc. I will need to do more digging once caffeinated and all that.
    (P.S. Yes, folks I have preview screenies of the house items that I am working on, BUT until we can sort things out and actually kill the dragon - get the loot - do the crafting - to earn - the rep to buy the items - we can't placement test and the like. Yeah, feels like a song in the making when I put it like that)
  3. Dude Well-Known Member

    Will the dragon mount and illusion turn off indoors, like other mounts?
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  4. Chrol Developer

    Their attacks are percent-based, so it'd take a bit of time after zoning to actually die, regardless of one's level.
    As these are PQ encounters, they've got really high mititgations so everyone's on equal footing, as long as your adventure level is ~110. But we'll keep an eye on their HP and tune it if need be.
    Thanks for the feedback, Niami.
  5. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    We just killed Toyxca ... 12 characters beating on her, 11 were 110, one was 25 and got credit for the kill. (It was 5-6 actual players controlling those 12 characters)

    Like the Tinkerfest PQ, we were/are able to cycle alts through to loot for crafting parts after the dragon is dead, so that removes my concern about lower-level players not being able to do the crafting part :D
  6. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    so anyone lower than 110 still can come and help? or is that pretty much hopeless with a bunch of 20 somethings?
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  7. Erinna New Member

    On logging in to test, I wouldn't even know this Dragon Attack was happening, if I hadn't read about it on the forum. So... Is there going to be an in-game notification of the event? How will we know about it, where it is, etc, if we haven't read the forum?
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  8. Kaitheel Developer

    It is included in the in-game calendar. There are some announcements in zone. We plan on some social media notifications, too. It is our 15th anniversary after all!

    ~ Kaitheel
  9. Kaitheel Developer

    Yuop!! Come one, come all!

    ~ Kaitheel
  10. Erinna New Member

    Thanks Kaitheel! :)
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  11. Hartay Well-Known Member

    Might just be me but I can't seem to target anyone using the Darathar illusion almost as if they were static.

    Edit: Target them like mouse over and click.
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  12. Dude Well-Known Member

    Well, I hope the illusion turns off indoors. I just think it would be very weird to see a bunch of dragons inside.
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  13. Hartay Well-Known Member



    not targetable:
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  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    what are you doing to me I am going nuts already , I am looking forward to spring , .... o no summer when there are no more festivals .
    but than I will miss testing shish just can't winn.
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  15. Hartay Well-Known Member

    AFAIK it turns into wings on your back indoors or in zones with no mounts allowed.
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  16. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Graw Maul in Thundering Steppes is only level 110 Heroic ^ so dying way faster than any of the other dragons.
  17. Hartay Well-Known Member


    Ahh yes. I too love the Workbench zone. :confused:
  18. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    [Feedback] Periun Wehn (vendor for the CL crafting area) speaks Ayr'Dal, which seems a bit odd for someone standing that close to the Commonlands dock (the one in Antonica speaks Common) :D

    [Bug?] Monument build progress sign in CL displayed for a while earlier, then went back to nothing listed under the words "Monument Build Progress". I suspect it reset, though it is hard to tell from our end. Once I did a handin just now, it started displaying for everyone again.

    [Bug] Banyun (Monument Build Coordinator, Commonlands) goes through his dialog when you hand in, as if he was going to offer you the quest (you agree to help again, etc), but he does not give you the quest. You need to then do the same dialog you just did (i.e., go through it all twice), before he actually gives you his quest (at the same time he finally pops his feather for you again. So, hand in, click through several conversation bits ending with "I'll return with whatever I can make. Till then." Then hail him again, and go through the same dialog again, ending with that same comment, but getting the quest offered and the recipes granted. (hope that makes sense to the devs. If not, poke me) Effusia in Antonica does NOT make you go through this double dialog step before she offers you the quest again.
  19. Kasa Well-Known Member

    Thank you for this event!
  20. Kasa Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to a change in the Loping Plains Dragon HP, it's a real wrist killer LOL. :)

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