Dragon AA "Reprieve" not providing correct ward regeneration

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Llysandria, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. Llysandria New Member

    The Dragon AA "Reprieve" for priests does not seem to be calculating correctly, at least in low levels. I have purchased rank 10 of Reprieve, which states this:

    While the amount of the ward calculates correctly to 955 in my case, the regeneration of the ward is only 8 points (0.8%) every 6 seconds, which pretty much defeats the entire point of the AA.

    Server Name: Antonia Bayle
    Character Name: Succulent (level 47)
    Zone: All
    Frequency: Always
    Time of Occurrence: the time of this post
    Are you using a custom ui? No.
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  2. Llysandria New Member

    Update: On a trial level 100 channeler made with only the Reprieve AA invested, Reprieve provides a ward of 1,119,504 and regenerates at a rate of 99227 per six seconds or about 8.9% of the ward per tick, so still not full value.
  3. Alarra Well-Known Member

    What is your max health?
    As a mage (Coercer), we are also seeing issues with the dragon line self wards.

    My numbers:
    Rank 10 Effects:
    • Wards caster against all damage for 25% of the caster's maximum health
    • Regenerates 33% of the ward every 6 seconds
    Max Health: 187,731,558 (raid gear) (Level 110)
    Description based numbers (what should happen):
    Max Listed Ward: 46,932,889
    Regeneration rate per 6 seconds: 15,487,853
    Actual Numbers:
    Max Ward: 47,026,755
    Regenerated Amount every 6 seconds: 517,059

    We have a thread here (please like to increase both issues to escalation level):

    Purely speculative, but it could be doing the calculations from stamina as opposed to actual max health. Will have to run the numbers.
  4. Alarra Well-Known Member

    I have also seen with the mage wards that they only ward half the damage as opposed to all damage (this is without the bleedthrough mechanic).
    Please do some testing for Priests as well.
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