Dragon AA Line Self Ward Bug Testing

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Alarra, Nov 14, 2019.

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  2. Alarra Well-Known Member

    So my Findings so far:
    • If you change zone, it will recharge to almost full.
    • The regeneration value is changed by the amount of potency you have(turning on and off enchanted vigor gave a clear indicator, **sometimes had to change zones to see effect).
    • The Maximum Ward value is correct the % of max health.
    I believe it is working off of base health then adding a potency bonus of some kind for the regeneration.
    I couldn't work out the potency amount as the change in potency didn't calculate out for the change in ward given.

    I don't really know and I am just guessing at this point, but here is some workings to support my loose theory:

    So, for my character during this particular play session:
    Potency: 95,509
    Max Ward: 25%
    Ward Regen Rate: 33%
    Actual Max Health: 185,818,875 HP
    Max Health Percent boost: 2307.9 %
    Stamina: 70,552 (1 Stamina = 60 health)
    Stamina Converted Health: 4,233,120 (70,552 * 60)
    Stamina Bonus: 97,696,176 HP
    Stamina * Stamina Conversion Rate * Max Health Percent Boost
    70,552 * 60 * 2307.9%
    Base Health?: 3,818,307
    (Max Health - Stamina Bonus) / Max Health Percent Boost
    (185,818,875 - 97,696,176) / 2307.9%
    Refresh Rate = 513,903
    (Base Health * Max Ward Percent * Ward Regen Percent) + Potency Modifier
    (3,818,307 * 25% * 33%) + Unknown Potency Modifier
    318,192 + Unknown Potency Modifier
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    It's been broken for a very long time. At least the entire xpac. No many people noticed because the damage was insane for the longest time. Many of use put in bug and feedback and it was never fixed.

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