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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Atan, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. Atan Well-Known Member

    I remember Kander discussing an itemization pass would be done for DoV. And I can say after on night of raiding, I can see some changes that were done.

    However, there are still quite a few items that really don't seem to make sense:

    For example, these pieces seem to be missing several stats. I assume maybe dropped because of set bonus, but those set bonuses do not make up for several stats missing.
  2. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I m not interesed anymoe, so i did almost nothing in DoV instead i got the armor of maar for my Twink and i was planning to run the Bow HQ (raincaller), i wanted to do it around 60 but something happened (prob the x2 exp before RoK released) and I outleveled it ...
    But the few gear my Paladin got doing quest or PQ is horrible, sure potency is way higher but instead of up to 6 blue stats (sometimes it was even close to 7 since you had 6 + variousresue bonus), note that 6 was usually the price for no resist but that was for treasured, fabled/legendary had 5-6 + resist.

    So for anything else than pure tanking the DoV items are horrible, since paladins do not rely on dps to hold agro it's not so bad, but i don t plan to use the wardrobe .... On top, I have played too long to really want to spend time adjusting & reforging my gear ...

    There is also something fishy about player HP, my tank had like 50-60K but i remember that DoV was such a massive HP/MP increase that mana regen became irrelevant exeept for drain mana fights (and in such case what you needed was mana=heals .... ie manaflow -- and not simply regen.

    On live my forme stormhold toons have 140k hps ....

    May be i m confusing eras, i know that Tears of Veeshan was another massive increase in HP pools, and so we druids were kig since finally we had somethingto heal ... but i m quite sire that DoV was massive too.

    Anyway even for a tanl gear with + defense + mitigation and potency is something you look at and think ... woot that is cool
  3. Atan Well-Known Member

    Actually, after spending more time in expansion, looks like the entire thing is missing itemization. Heroic zones, Kael, everything I've pretty much done, the itemization isn't done and there are no upgrades from SF gear.

    It's sad really, they clearly stated (yet again) that an itemization pass would be done, and here we are (again) and no itemization (outside of some raid gear) is completed.
  4. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Itemization feels like it was before the three weeks later SF itemization pass was done. Every item (for the most part) needs 4-8 more blue stats on it to feel like the item is an upgrade.

    As it currently stands, I gain more from going to clear all of the SF zones hard mode, collecting HQ gear, running random SF heroics for the jewelry than raiding/doing heroics in DoV.

    It's pretty disheartening to see that my TSO charm's are basically best in slot until I get a few specific charms to drop from hard mode mobs and get the red adorn for it. Even then, the upgrades are fairly negligible.

    I have already plastered the forums with this for several expansions now but...

    Every item needs more blue stats.
  5. Kalika Well-Known Member

    Cannot edit my post ... last sentence should have been :
    " Anyway even for a tank gear with + defense + mitigation and potency only is NOT something you look at and think ... woot that is cool"

    They did that even in RoK then they fixed a bit a gear, mostly the Raid gear, faction gear which used to be a nice motivation (at least for non raider) was never fixed, each faction had a "top" which was cool instead all this gear was crap ... the reward for the long and fun "for a few plat more" serie was also very poor while on live it was close to T1 gear, famous items like the ring that dropped from Drusella Sathir (yeah 6% crit , all the wardens wanted it cause or mana regen worked only on criticals heals)
    were items you would disenchant while on live we all hoped to win one.

    As far as i remember after the first itemization correctioms the raid gear was ok ...but heroic gear was only very partiall fixxed.

    Probably they would do the same for DoV, non raiders will have to live with a broken itemisation (anyway the gear is enough to clear anything) and raiders will get revamped items.

    ps : like for RoK the gear is so bad that working on factions is pointless except may be for runes.
  6. Atan Well-Known Member

    More examples of broken DoV itemization:

    Hat off Kael Boss:


    Hat off random heroic named in SF (last expansion):

    Now, explain to me why someone should play DoV with the lack of an itemization pass?

    This is just one example, but I can literally post an example from every heroic drop I've seen in DoV.
  7. Atan Well-Known Member

    Oh I forgot to add, on the priest patterns from raid mobs, there is no pieces that can be worn by Channelers.

    So grats on having a class that is REQUIRED to raid with that can't get any loot. That isn't exactly going to work.
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  8. kitleez Member

    No point to do heroic zones, the gear from pqs is awful so people will only do it for other stuff, x2 loot is mostly trash, raid loot is mostly trash, I just don't get it. Quests broken, mobs bugged, no reason to do 90 percent of the content, id be surprised if people stay much longer if there are not changes on tuesday.
  9. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Pretty amusing that the only upgrades from raid are actually shoulders, forearms, hat, two charms from HM statue/Drunder, ears/ rings ( from drunder..). Nine items, five of which I can't even get until the six week mark with the current itemization.

    Even going all the way into the Plane of War loot tables right now, I can't replace any of my left side except the shoulders/forearms/hat because my SF pants have vicious focus which stacks with the other potency red adorn proc, and HQ gear is well, HQ gear. I am really only gaining an extra yellow adorn slot with the forearms/shoulders/hat.

    Even then, the upgrades are so negligible that I would see a 5-10% increase in character power?

    Heroic's are a waste of time, I can go solo or group some TSO instances and get seals and buy better armor/jewelry than what drops in the DoV instances.

    I'm a few days in to the expansion, I have entirely best in slot gear from all but a few hard mode raid encounters, all my red adorns that I need, all the faction, all the heroics done, and all the quests.

    What now? Do I wait until drunder to do all the heroics, rinse repeat failed itemization and log out?

    It kinda feels like you guys saw how much stats we had in TSO, decided it was too high, did a gradual increase into SF, then did a complete side progression/downgrade for DoV.

    Raids so far seem designed well, mobs don't have strikethrough, tanks can actually avoid hits for once, you still have to do scripts etc.
  10. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Ability mod, reuse, and crit are useless obviously, Plus the DoV hat has a cooler icon.
  11. kitleez Member

    Also why does most of the new stuff have no dps mod when every piece of sf gear had it. Sad
  12. Siren Well-Known Member

    Oh! Oh! Oh!

    The poor, helpless Discord Banhammer is whipping itself into a total frenzy right about now, as it is completely unable to stem the DoV tides after all! :p
  13. Okanagan Member

    Well we got 'itemization'.

    Unfortunately all of the terrible gear, got barely upgraded, (Added 1-2 more useless blue stats, not ones needed like reuse, crit, etc etc)

    Then to top it off all of the 'good' raid gear and things that were actually useful were gutted and nerfed leaving us worse off than we were yesterday.

    Band of the Rallosian Passions
    EM Priest Ring Prior: 10.5 Potency, 10.5 Casting Speed, 10.5 Crit Chance, 3.X Reuse
    EM Priest Ring Post: 10.8 Potency, 10.6 Casting Speed, 5.6 Crit Chance, 0.4 Spell Double Attack

    So Priests lost crit (Needed) and Reuse (Needed) for .3 potency and Spell Double Attack (Not Needed)
  14. Nimbrithil Member

    Looks like they used a really badly configured auto updater to add stuff to everything with plus defense

    I would say something in Discord but the Ban hammer got me
  15. Atan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, from what I can see this itemization pass actually made the gear even worse.

    If we don't get some acknowledgement and commitment to address it, FG is done. I'm barely able to hold 2 of the 4 raiding guilds together right now because of how bad loot is, and releasing an update that made all of DoV even worse is pretty much pouring gasoline on the bonfire that is FG.

    I love that all you folks thing they're suddenly going to do all this right with the new servers.
  16. kitleez Member

    Mage gear now has block and riposte, feelsbad. All the raid gear we got last night, besides 1 piece got significantly worse
  17. CronosOfAvery New Member

    Have to keep remembering this is a subscription server....
  18. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I look at it more as, they will keep getting this wrong until they don't. So I will continue to try out each new TLE server as they release until they get one right, or they stop making them.

    and I will take Kaladim's 8 months of Vanilla/DoF over Fallen Gate's Channelers, Familiars and Ancient Spell Research.
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  19. Seth Active Member

    well its not like we did not expect it. they are trying to kill FG so its 1 less server to worry about Even though what killed FG in the first place was the fact that they announced two new servers. They also quite probably dont have the staff for all of these servers that now have about a 15% population on each of them. Take out the new TLE, kill naggy ( we all know it will fold within a good month or two) Merge Antonia bayle considering how its got next to 0 population. Give correct itemizations and not hate and mit on every single thing. it sucks since there is no variety it's either rubbish or even worse.
    So much more can be said to be honest. but like my post about getting banned from discord. I am sure this will follow suit and get deleted to.
    Im not a games designer nor developer but I can definitely tell when something dont feel right. And I am sure a lot of you will also agree with me.
    I even went on live and realised that a lot of items in DoV have more stats than the DoV that we have on FG. which definitely seems a bit weird.