DoV - high level only?

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  1. ARCHIVED-ET3D2 Guest

    I'm an occasional player. I like EQ2 but I rarely play. I have a level 30 character and a level 20, that's what I got since EQ2X was first released. So I will not likely reach even level 60 in the next couple of years.
    I bought AoD, and that gave some things which are usable for low levels, but from what I've read DoV looks like it's purely for high levels. I just want to make sure if this is the case (considering also the planned expansions to DoV). The current sale has DoV at a very attractive price, so I find it tempting, but I bought Sentinel's Fate on sale when I started with EQ2X and that was somewhat of a waste (not complete because it came with some SC), so I don't want to repeat that.
  2. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    Unless you have either an adventurer or tradeskiller close to level 90, then there isn't really anything I can think of that you could use DOV for.
    In a couple of years I would guess that it would be added to the free stuff and a new expansion would be out that wouldnt be available for free.
  3. ARCHIVED-ET3D2 Guest

    Thanks. I'll save the SC then.

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