Double Status for Members: October 16-18, 2015

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    How's everyone enjoying the FALL FRENZY? We've got another bonus for All Access members this weekend!

    From 12:00PM (Noon) PDT on Friday, October 16 through 12:00PM (Noon) PDT on Sunday, October 18, All Access Members can get DOUBLE STATUS. The bonus will be available on all servers (including TLEs).

    Hop into game and enjoy the bonus! Remember, Fall Frenzy is leading up to Terrors of Thalumbra. Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?
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  2. Succulent Member

    I don't see it mentioned but does this actually include the tle servers as well. Wouls be a nice benefit for them
  3. I like bears Member

    Yay! I have needed this (╥_╥)
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  4. Myles New Member

    TLE Benefit for the weekend?
  5. Xianthia Well-Known Member


    So glad I held off turning in Newsies on some characters!
  6. Siren Well-Known Member

    Is this double guild status too? Or just personal status?
  7. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    While I'd love to see this on TLE, I'm not expecting it and would be very surprised if we do get it. This isn't a case of TLE players being excluded from subscriber benefits - TLE servers are a subscriber benefit, an alternate option for enhanced gameplay as a perk for paying monthly.
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  8. Almee Well-Known Member

    Please say our guilds will also get double status. Regardless I'm loving the Fall goodies.
  9. LordTiras Well-Known Member

    If the character has their status reward doubled, then I would expect that the calculation for guild experience would be based on the amount awarded total, and therefore the guild technically would be getting doubled experience (compared to the baseline).
  10. Aletheria New Member

    Yes, guilds also effectually get doubled status.

    I ground out a few guild levels the last time they had a double personal status perk, and my guild also received exp twice as fast as normal.
  11. Ursa Minor Well-Known Member

    Cool, one more ToV catalogue quest should top my guild out at 100. I even have a left over +50% status potion to make it sweeter.
  12. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    I wish this would have come before the double guild xp week....since an announcement didnt get released until after next one started I thought it was ending so I turned in all my newsies...45 million status lost...oh well.
  13. Dexella Associate Producer

    Hi all,

    This will be on the TLE servers. The bonus should kick on in about 40 minutes! :)

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  14. Awkk Well-Known Member

    Could be worse...I turned mine in when there was no status bonus at all.
  15. Kilrone New Member

    is it just me? I'm not getting a bonus......
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  16. Caela Well-Known Member

    I'm not getting double either on one of my toons.

    I sold one item to the guild hall merchant - and I'm pretty sure it was double. So I transferred all my items that give status to my toon that needs it - and she's not getting double.
  17. Feyhammer New Member

    On Stormhold (TLE) server, I am not getting double status for status items sold to the city merchant. I am getting double status for tradeskill rush order quests. Not sure if this is as intended or if they just overlooked status items....
  18. Kilrone New Member

    I've found the same thing on nagafen....double status for tradeskill writs, but not for selling status items
  19. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    I believe when its double PERSONAL status, its what's earned via kills / quests / tradeskills and not selling status items.
  20. Kilrone New Member

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