Double ethereal coins on Friday???

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by EmJay, Jun 24, 2021.

  1. EmJay Well-Known Member

    There's all kinds of talk in game about this and I can't find anything official stating this is in fact what is planned. Is this true? Thank you!! :)
  2. Bludd Well-Known Member

    its buried in the scorched sky announcement
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  3. Accendo Community Manager

    You can find the details here:

    Also, as I just shared on Discord and since there's been so much discussion about Scorched Sky and double Ethereals, here's an update: If you're a non-member and do a quest that earns 1 coin, you'll receive 2 during the event. If you're a member and do a quest that earns 2 coins, you'll get 4.

    Important reminder: You must pick up and turn in quests during the event in order to receive your extra coins. If you have active quests before the June 25 start and are waiting to turn them in, you won't receive bonus coins after Scorched Sky has started.
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  4. yerbo Member

    Can someone tell me please...I assume week one of the ethereal summer started on June 22. So when will the 2nd week start? If it's June 29 then won't the 2x ethereals be irrelevant for people who already had their 200 coins for week 1? Or is it now week 2 since that is when the next series of heroics became available? Thanks. This has all not been very well explained if you ask me....